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Lonely Hearts medley

A love that one shone bright,
Alone I lie, missing you

The smiles in my dreams, the unforgettable tears
I gaze at you and want to hug you

Afraid to sleep afraid to dream
I close my eyes and I still feel you

Alone in the darkness of sleep, I'm aiming for the light
You are smiling at me and calling my name

I open them and you’re not there
Yet my hear insists I could touch you

If the moon disappears from the gap in the curtains
This one lonely heart on the bed will freeze
Only my emotions will burn

If I removed the distractions
I’d be alone with my memories

I'm unable to touch you, unable to do anything
Tonight I fall into my dreams alone again

Alone once more, yet still with you
A conundrum that makes no sense

You don't come smiling, you don't come to me in my dreams
Even though I know that, even though it's hard

I saw your tears in my dreams once
I wanted to take you in my arms

I'll still stretch out my hand
Please don't disappear...

You ran from me and disappeared

The light in my dreams, the sadness I'd forgotten

I stood there wishing to disappear

Even if I see you around town, you don't catch my eye

Now I miss you so much I’d give anything
To wake in my dreams to see you

If I was told that I'd never see your smiling face again
I would be happy if tomorrow never came

Yet I can’t sleep my life away
So I hide from my dreams

I won’t hide anymore
I welcome my dreams

I'd want to hug you, even if it was just in my dreams