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AU HSJ fic ch.8

Title: For Love and for Blood, ch.8
Pairing: nikahasshi
Genre: AU
Fandom: HSJ
Warning: can get bloody...and sexy...  

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.7 NC-17

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Hasshi awoke starving; the sight of the scars he left on Nikaido’s neck turned him on. “Nika,” he breathed, “Are you really mine or did I dream it all…”
Nikaido frowned, “You’re not going to ask me this every morning are you? Come on, we’re not receiving guests this way, especially not hungry and naked.” Nikaido dragged Hasshi in the direction of his shower.
Hasshi pulled the older teen inside with him, when he turned it on he noticed the absence of water, he glanced at his mate, “What no water…”
Nikaido shivered, “Water…I can’t stand moving water. Regular showers have that; we full-blooded vamps prefer sonic showers. An invention that our current leader Kato Shigeaki of the VC, I mean Vampire Commission designed. It has made our lives easier…I certainly don’t miss the old showers.”
Hasshi thought Nikaido’s fear of water was cute, “So vampires really are scared of moving water…”
“We’re not scared,” Nikaido protested, “We just break out in painful hives that make us want to die. The sunlight’s worse, we get third degree or worse burns the moment sunlight touches us. Any full-blood vamp knows better then to take chances like that. You’ll either turn out to be a half-breed or a hybrid.”
Hasshi stared at him, as the silent shower seemed to do its job, “What’s the difference…”
Nikaido licked his lips, eyeing the scars that his teeth left on Hasshi’s beautiful throat, “Half-breed would normally imply that one parent was human, but sometimes they aren’t…sometimes they are bitten long enough to turn completely. A hybrid is only drawn to blood, it isn’t as necessary to maintain a healthy life but to calm the nerves. Too much stress can make you attack to satisfy your bloodlust.”
Hasshi pinned Nikaido to the wall, “You said next time it was my turn…I’m calling it now.”
Nikaido whispered, “Don’t just bite me…blood tastes better if your donor is sexually aroused. You have to make me want it…if we’re mated then we have to make sure the other enjoys himself just as much as we do.”
Hasshi grinned as he reached for the part of Nikaido that brushed hard against his thigh.
Nikaido leaned against wall, groaning, “Hasshi…Hasshi…oh god…don’t stop.”
Hasshi gripped him hard and sure as he plunged his hand down Nikaido’s quickly hardening length.
Nikaido reached for Hasshi, he felt the soft flesh beneath his fingers as his hand moved.
Hasshi’s moans blended with Nikaido’s, “Fuck…Nika…”
Nikaido could only manage an “Mmm…”
Their fangs appeared at the same time they both went for each other’s neck, knocking heads.
Nikaido whispered hotly in Hasshi’s ear, “We both need it…your wrist would work as well as your neck.”
Hasshi was too far into the bloodlust to care, he could only offer his free wrist to his lover.
Nikaido’s fangs left a new set of marks on Hasshi’s beautiful body as he drank slowly.
Hasshi began to drink the blood that filled his mouth; he didn’t understand why people were afraid of vampires. He loved this closeness; it was a thrill beyond what he’d ever experienced.
They came almost together as they both were nearly full.
Nikaido quickly cleaned away all traces of their bloodlust. He pulled Hasshi in the direction of their room, it sounded strangely familiar when he thought that. He handed an outfit to his lover before dressing himself. They entered the living room in time for the door to ring. Nikaido grabbed their discarded clothes from last night and threw them in the bedroom; he called out, “Coming.” He opened the door to allow the co-heads of security to enter his apartment.
Shoon did a double take, “What in the world is Hashimoto Ryosuke doing in your apartment? He’s human…”
Daiki stared, “Hashimoto? As in Hashimoto Kouichi who helps Taiyo run the resort upstairs? This can’t be good.”
Nikaido pulled Hasshi into his lap as he sat in an armchair, “Yes, this is my Hasshi. He would be Chinen’s 16th victim, not that either of us are complaining.”
Shoon swore.
Daiki rolled his eyes, “I was sure that brat was playing us…what happened.”
Nikaido pressed his forehead against Hasshi’s back, “I came back with Chinen’s blood to find the door to his suite open and him gone. I dropped off the case and took off for the elevators. I called a friend in surveillance to track his movements, I found out he was on level four. I entered my security code bypassing normal operation and headed after him as quick as I could. I arrived too late to stop Chinen from attacking him but probably in time to save his life. Chinen had him for about ten minutes before I decked him and knocked him out like a light. I barely had time to lock Chinen in his suite and bring him up here before Hasshi turned.”
Daiki was furious, “Dealt with a turning all by yourself…do you know how dangerous that can be? You could have got yourself killed.”
Nikaido was exasperated, “So…I’d be a dead vamp. There’s not much difference between a dead vamp and a full-blood. I said I didn’t have a choice, he turned faster then most because of how long Chinen’s attack lasted. I wouldn’t have had time to get assistance and it probably would have done more harm then good. I’m fine, he’s fine, we’re both still here.”
Shoon noticed their possessive behavior, “What the hell happened last night, Nika…”
Nikaido grinned, “You could say Hasshi proposed.”
Daiki groaned.
Shoon stared, “Hasshi proposed…on a technical first date? How the hell does that work…”
Daiki shook his head, “I didn’t think you worked that fast, Nika.”
Nikaido glanced down into Hasshi’s eyes as his lover leaned against his shoulder, “Neither did I, but there is something hot about having someone say they prefer you to a bottle and only wants you.”
Hasshi nodded air biting as he looked up at Nikaido.
Shoon scratched his head, he was still confused, “I still don’t get it.”
Daiki sighed, “You know how precious blood is to us vamps, well if someone decides that yours is the only blood they want for the rest of their life, then you are bonded. When you agree according to the VC you are married, regardless of gender you are married. In a bloodpact, you agree that each other’s life, their blood is yours. Your bodies belong to each other; you become one with each other, gaining a bond, a closeness that many couples would envy. Because of Inoo-sama’s blood bank, many have forgotten this because they don’t need it but there are still a few who prefer the traditions.”
Shoon nodded, “That makes sense, thanks, sometimes it sucks to be the only human in the room. I don’t always understand the customs of the vamp community.”
Hasshi piped up in a small voice, “Can I move in here? I don’t think my living upstairs with my parents would be all that great an idea. I think with Nika’s help I can learn how to exist in this new world of mine.”
Daiki looked at Shoon, “I don’t see why not…we’ll have to tell Inoo-sama before he finds out on his own.”
Shoon nodded, “I agree, I think we should give Nika a few days off to help him with Hasshi.”
Daiki sighed, “Let’s go…”
Nikaido called out after them, “You guys still need the passcode, wait.”
Daiki gestured for Shoon, “Get it.”
Nikaido whispered it in the older man’s ears.
Shoon thought about it, the code wasn’t too hard
Hasshi grinned, “They’re both gone, and they gave you a few days off to spend with me. I guess that makes you mine for a while.”
Nikaido nodded, “Only if you’re equally mine.”
Hasshi pulled him towards their bedroom, “Always.”

FLFB Ch.9 NC-17

Really…truly…madly: my first Kis-my-ft2 fic pt.2

Title: Really…truly…madly
Rating: R- I swear it's R this time...
Fandoms: Kis-my-ft2
Pairing: Nikaido x O.C.
Notes: this is a fic for my dear friend Nana...I decided to post it anyway... I hope you like it. the juicy stuff will be up tomorrow.  this is a  product of my imagination. this has NEVER happened. I own nothing and no one. other then yoko-yeah in my dreams which get really juicy at times. not on to the fic.
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Really…truly…madly, my first Kis-my-ft2 fic

Title: Really…truly…madly
Rating: PG for now…that isn’t lasting long.
Fandoms: Kis-my-ft2
Pairing: Nikaido x O.C.
Notes: this is a fic for my dear friend Nana...I decided to post it anyway... I hope you like it. the juicy stuff will be up tomorrow.  this is a  product of my imagination. this has NEVER happened. I own nothing and no one. other then yoko-yeah in my dreams which get really juicy at times. not on to the fic.

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