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Jounetsu Jump 1b/?

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: dainoo
Genre: au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove since she won the hsj-athon. She asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid. Read for au cracktastic blending of Japan’s past and present; features supernatural creatures such as mermaids, gods and fairies/spirits.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1
Jounetsu Jump ch.2
Jounetsu Jump ch.3
Jounetsu Jump ch.4

Inoo walked from the bathroom water dripping from his thin but surprisingly muscular frame. He slid up behind his boyfriend; he shyly kissed the back of Daiki’s neck, “Hey…”

Daiki turned grinning, he kissed Inoo deeply as he pulled him closer, “Kei…” he broke the kiss to lick his lips, “god you look good like that…”

Inoo shivered as he felt Daiki’s body warm against his own, “I was hoping you would join me…I waited…”

Daiki laughed, “I was making you breakfast…”

Inoo blushed, “You know you don’t have to cook it. I’ll eat it raw…”

Daiki kissed him as he turned the stove burners down, “I know…but I don’t always like my food raw. I do like you wet…so sexy…”

Inoo buried his face in Daiki’s neck, “Daiki…”

Daiki slid his hands up Inoo’s thighs, his thumbs drawing circles of the pale flesh, “Beautiful.”

Inoo spread his legs, he was already nearly hard, his body aching to be touched, his hole wanted to be stretched tight and filled. He wanted to feel the strength of Daiki’s love…

Daiki spread Inoo’s legs more, he stroked him slowly as he caressed Inoo’s hole, “Baby…so perfect…”

Inoo leaned back against the kitchen table; he moaned softly, his breathes coming faster…

Daiki knelt between Inoo’s legs; he stroked him, kissing him and rubbing his cheek against Inoo’s cock. He licked it lightly, “I love you…”

Inoo’s eyes filled with tears, “I love you too…”

Daiki felt Inoo grip the table’s edge tightly as he released painting his chest white. He covered his fingers with the sticky substance and rubbed it into Inoo’s hole as he licked Inoo clean.

Inoo moaned at the double stimulation, “Daiki…oh god…please don’t stop…”

Daiki slowly wiggled a finger into Inoo’s hole, he was tight…but that’s how he liked him. Then again making love to Inoo when he was in his real body was sexy too. He’d been attracted to Inoo since his first dream…

Inoo arched back against Daiki’s fingers, there were now two stretching his tight hole. His body flushed with pleasure and lust, “Daiki….take me…”

Daiki grinned kissed him, he lifted Inoo’s legs and wrapped them around his wais. He entered his beautiful lover groaning at the tight embrace of Inoo’s body, “Kei…”

Inoo cried out, he gripped the table his hips rolling back as he felt Daiki thrust in deep. His eyes closed his voice high pitched as he felt Daiki’s hand on his hard cock.

Daiki kissed Inoo, deep thrusts and quick strokes bringing them both closer.

They came cries of pure pleasure mingling…

Daiki’s knees gave out and they sunk to the ground together. He rocked him, he could feel his cock sinking in deeper.

Inoo clung to Daiki, he sighed. This was a wonderful way to start a morning…

Daiki kissed him softly, he played with Inoo’s hair, “You’re so beautiful…my mermaid…”

Inoo blushed, “I’m…”

Daiki grinned, “I know you aren’t a girl…” he pointed at a painting leaning against the wall.

Inoo gasped, it was him…his hair floating in the water. A familiar coral reef teeming with sea life surrounded him. He was lying on a dolphin’s back, it looked like Jam. He loved Daiki, he made him look beautiful. His eyes filled with happy tears, “Oh Daiki…” he buried his face in his lover’s neck, “I can’t believe you made that…”

Daiki kissed that long, soft, beautiful hair, “That’s what I see…” if you didn’t look you would never guess Inoo wasn’t a girl. He was so beautiful…his mermaid…his Kei…

They lay there holding each other and reveling in the bliss of the afterglow of their love-making.

Inoo closed his eyes, “Of all the people I could have met on that beach I’m glad it was you…”

They would eat later but for now they were just content to hold each other…
Tags: au, dainoo, fairies, hsb, hsj, jounetsujump, mermaids, thundergods, watergods

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