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Jounetsu Jump 4/?

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: hikabu
Genre: au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove. I hope this works. You asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1
Jounetsu Jump ch.2
Jounetsu Jump ch.3

Hikaru stood on the roof of Yabu’s building, his clothes reminiscence of a far earlier era.

Yabu watched as Hikaru’s body shimmered slightly; fur-tufted ears and a bushy tail appeared. Hikaru looked so good when he was in this form…

Hikaru blushed, “Shush, I’m trying to concentrate.” He closed his eyes, Miyagi prefecture desperately needed rain. He moved the clouds of that part of the island and changed them to storm clouds. He had to be very careful; if he accidentally injured or killed Trees he would have to deal with Chii or Takaki’s wrath.

Yabu could see the power radiating off his lover, the faint flicker of electricity and the soft hum of faraway thunder. Hikaru was one of the most powerful magical beings left from ancient days. He couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have his love…

Hikaru controlled the storm closely; he had to exercise his powers one a week to make sure he wouldn’t lose control. It was frightening enough to have his tail and ears become visible, Keito often had to make people forget what they had seen. It was hard to explain them away, it was best to have it forgotten.

Yabu waited until Hikaru opened his eyes, the flicker of lightening and the hum of thunder was gone. He opened his arms, “Come here.”

Hikaru stepped into the embrace, “Kota…”

Yabu scratched behind Hikaru’s furry ears listening to his moan, “You’re so sexy when you do that.”

Hikaru rubbed himself against Yabu’s thigh blushing, “Oh…”

Yabu moved his hand on Hikaru’s tail the way he would stroke his lover’s cock, “I love it when you have your tail…”

Hikaru buried his face in Yabu’s neck moaning, “Kota…”

Yabu untied the pants of Hikaru’s outfit, he reached for him, his hand wrapping around Hikaru’s swelling member, “Hika…”

Hikaru unzipped Yabu’s pants, freeing him then he stroked his lover. He felt Yabu harden…he loved this intimacy they had.

Yabu pulled Hikaru closer; he could feel how close Hikaru was, he whispered into the furry ear, “Come…”

Hikaru came with a cry, his hand squeezing Yabu’s member as he sprayed Yabu’s shirt with seed.

Yabu used the cum to prepare Hikaru, when he felt Hikaru was ready he pulled his lover into his lap and thrust into Hikaru’s body.

Hikaru gasped, clinging to Yabu, “Kota…oh…”

Yabu stroked him faster smearing Hikaru’s cock with stickiness, “You look so good when you have just come. “

Hikaru blushed moaning, “Kota…”

Yabu thrust into his powerful lover’s body, “Yes…so tight…so warm…” he came with a loud moan into a hard kiss.

Hikaru felt warmth fill his body and came splashing Yabu’s shirt with more white, “Kota…Kota…” he cried out, this was so amazing, Hikaru had found someone very special…

Yabu fixed their clothes and half-led, half-carried Hikaru back to his apartment. Lazy summer days making love was the highlight of the year…
Tags: au, fairies, hikabu, hsb, hsj, jounetsujump, mermaids, thundergods, watergods

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