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Jounetsu Jump 3/?

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: dainoo
Genre: au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove. I hope this works. You asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1
Jounetsu Jump ch.2

It was finally summer vacation; Inoo had insisted they finish their homework early so they could spend the whole time at the sea.

Daiki had agreed so they could spend more time to get to know each other better. He signed up for diving lessons so he could spend time in the water with Inoo, he knew if they weren’t making love on the beach they would be swimming.

Inoo stripped naked and dove in calling for Jam and Ann while he waited for Daiki to get ready. That wet suit and tank looked so funny and heavy he was glad he wasn’t human.

Daiki dove in and called out to Inoo, “Kei…where are you…”

Inoo swam beside him and took his hand; he led Daiki to the prettiest places he could remember.

Daiki felt the familiar warmth of Inoo’s hand and relaxed, it was peaceful here. He stopped Inoo and pulled him close, his hand reaching down to touch Inoo’s tail. It was softer then he expected. When he touched where Inoo’s cock would be, he felt Inoo shiver beneath his hand, it was bigger and harder then he would have expected it to be. He pulled out his mouth piece and kissed him, “I love you…”

Inoo blushed; Daiki was still touching him and wanting him even though he looked like this. He kissed him back; he wished the wet suit would separate them so much.

Daiki broke the kiss and replaced his mouthpiece; he led Inoo back to the surface. He carried Inoo to the blanket and laid him down; he stepped out of the wet suit and lay beside him. He caressed Inoo’s body, kissing him, waiting to see how long it would take for the tail to vanish though he could already see how hard Inoo was. Inoo with a tail was hot…he knew what his lover looked like naked but he did think Inoo was sexy like this. He was amazed that Inoo had more of a dolphin’s body then a fish’s. He stroked Inoo’s cock and teased his hole.

Inoo pulled Daiki close, “I’d like it if you took me now…please…”

Daiki lay on top of Inoo and thrust inside him, it felt a little different as he entered. Inoo was looser and wetter.

Inoo moaned, “Daiki…” it felt so much more special to fell Daiki loving him this way. This was who he was and knowing Daiki still wanted him meant a lot.

Daiki stroked Inoo as he thrust in deep; he barely noticed when Inoo’s body changed back into his human form. Inoo felt harder but a little smaller in his hand. His hole was tighter; he didn’t mind making love to Inoo when he was like that. Inoo was sexy when he had his tail, he was sexy without it…

Inoo felt his body shift, he pulled Daiki closer kissing him, “Daiki…”

Daiki groaned as he felt their bodies press closer together, “Kei…my Kei…”

Inoo came clinging to Daiki, his body shaking with the strength of his orgasm.

Daiki came his seed exploding into Inoo’s now tight hole, “Kei…” he could hardly breathe…

Inoo blushed; he could hear Jam and Ann giggling at them. He snipped at them, “You two do this all the time…sometimes even when I am trying to sleep.”

Daiki kissed Inoo’s neck, “Are they laughing…”

Inoo nodded, “Yeah…”

“At us…”

“Mmm…I told them to be quiet. They do stuff like this a lot…”

Daiki’s jaw dropped, “Dolphins are gay…”

Inoo kissed him, “I spent a lot of time with them; I was very much exposed to various forms of sex play.”

Daiki laughed, “I should have known you were no innocent…”

Inoo blushed hiding his face, “Daiki…”

They lay beneath the sun cuddling, it was warm and they were mostly alone. Only the teasing chirps of birds and other coastal life also filled the silence that was also broke by the sounds of their love making.
Tags: au, dainoo, fairies, hsb, hsj, jounetsujump, mermaids, thungergods, watergods

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