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Jounetsu Jump 2/?

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: dainoo
Genre: au, fantasy
Rating: NC-17 in places
Notes: Present for daichanlove. I hope this works. You asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1

Daiki took Inoo home with him Sunday afternoon, he didn’t live far from the sea but the sadness in Inoo’s eyes as the sea got further away worried him. He held his hand, he knew why Inoo was here and he wanted to help him. Inoo talked more normally now he still worried about him. He would have to go to school; he didn’t want Inoo to be alone. They got home and he made something to eat.

Inoo wandered the house and looked around, it was a strange place. He was far from the sea…how could he live here?

Daiki felt Inoo’s skin was dry, he set the snacks down on his desk and led Inoo to the bathroom, “It isn’t the sea but it will have to do.” He filled the bathtub and helped Inoo into it. He held the boy until he felt him strengthen; he would take his friend to the sea every weekend. He didn’t want to lose him, he was truly falling in love with Inoo but how could he love a guy?

He spent a week teaching Inoo the things he needed to know Inoo was a fast learner and learned math, history, Japanese and English quickly. He made sure the boy also learned sports; he worried about teaching Inoo swimming. If his friend was in water too much he retained his tail.

Inoo spotted a pool once and begged to be allowed to swim. He dove into the water with no real training but he cried out with pain as he slipped into the pool water.

Daiki dove in and helped Inoo out, his friend’s skin was red as a lobster. The chlorine had burned him. He took Inoo home and helped him take a bath. His soapy hands caressing the soft skin, he liked touching him like this.

Inoo cried, “Why did it hurt…” he clung to Daiki, the water wasn’t natural…

Daiki rocked him, “I don’t know.” He kissed his cheek, “I think you could go to school tomorrow.” He’d come up with some excuse…

Inoo grinned despite his tears, “I get to meet the friends you talk so much about finally. That sounds nice…”

Daiki’s hand lingered on Inoo’s cock, for a merperson Inoo had a well-developed body; he was beautiful...

Inoo moaned pressing into Daiki’s hand, “Daiki…” it felt so good…

Daiki started to stroke him, they had only known each other for a week but he meant so much to him already. He knew he loved the boy, he couldn’t help it.

Inoo had never been touched this way, Daiki had helped him discover the wonders of this body. He wasn’t as comfortable in it as he had been with his tail but being with Daiki was amazing, he’d taught him so much. He didn’t want to leave. He missed his friends but he would miss Daiki most.

Daiki started to stroke them together, his hand moving quickly of the warm pulsing flesh.

Inoo moaned louder, he was so hard and their strokes made him feel good.

Daiki kissed him as he felt their bodies arching into his touch, “You’re so beautiful Kei…”

Inoo blushed, “Daiki…more…show me more…”

Daiki spread his legs; his fingers teased Inoo’s entrance, “So perfect…mine…no one’s ever touched you like this. I’m glad…” he memorized every inch of Inoo’s body, how he wanted to draw him and paint him…

Inoo cried out rubbing himself against the questing finger, why was he being touched there? His breath caught as he felt a slippery finger slowly push inside him.

Daiki thrust his finger in deep, it was so warm and tight he was already craving it. He had read about this when he realized he wanted more from his friend. He prepped him gently but quickly, he spread Inoo’s legs pulling him closer. He kissed him as he pressed his member against Inoo’s hole.

Inoo gasped moaning into the kiss, his first real kiss as he felt Daiki’s hard cock push into his body. It felt weird, it hurt some but when Daiki moved he cried out with pleasure, “Daiki…”

Daiki stroked Inoo faster as he kissed him deeply his cock rocking into the tightness of his lover. He loved Inoo with all his lonely heart, “Kei…Kei…”

Kei came hard clinging to Daiki.

Daiki let the water out and dried them both, he carried Inoo to the bed they shared and curled up with Inoo. The warm body of his friend, he had gotten so used to feeling him there he wouldn’t be able to sleep without him.
The next morning…

They woke early, Daiki sent Inoo to take a bath while he made them breakfast and bentos.

Inoo dried off and dressed, he didn’t understand the purpose of clothes but he knew he must wear them. He realized something, they were always alone…he tapped Daiki on the shoulder, “why haven’t I met your parents…”

Daiki stiffened at the question, “I don’t have any…not anymore. They died; they let me stay alone here. I have enough income and I’m a good student. I stay out of trouble…”

Inoo hugged him, “Its okay…you have me right…”

Daiki hugged him back, “Yes...I do…”

They ate still holding hands; then Daiki took his friend to school. He convinced them Inoo was his cousin and that he had been home schooled before his parents died. Perhaps they could let him officially start the second semester and if he could keep up then he could stay. They agreed, Daiki led his friend to his class and introduced him to the teacher, “This is Inoo Kei…my cousin…”

Inoo sat nervously in the back, this was like no school he had even seen or heard. He had to tune them out; it wasn’t hard they thought on a different wavelength then species in the sea.

At lunch Daiki led him outside to the soccer field they shared with the high school next door. He spotted his friends and waved, his hand applied gentle pressure to Inoo’s back.

Inoo nervously looked at the ground as they neared them, would they like him?

Daiki introduced Yabu-sempai, Takaki-sempai, Hikaru-sempai and his kouhais Yuto, Yamada, Chii and Keito.

Inoo stared at Hikaru, he grinned; it was Hikaru. He tapped him on the shoulder, if he was right Hikaru was the son of the thunder gods.

Hikaru looked at the face, the familiar girly face. He blurted out in Oceania, “Inoo Kei what are you doing here…”

Inoo replied without thinking, “It’s my journey year…” he didn’t know what Hikaru would remember…

Hikaru nodded, “I was sent to learn to live with mortals too; we have to spend more then a year.”

Inoo hugged him, “It’s nice to meet an old friend.”

Daiki was jealous, he saw a spark in Inoo that he had only seen their last morning at sea when he had found his friend swimming with his dolphin friends.

Inoo turned remembering Daiki, “I’m sorry, I met Hikaru when I was a child. I haven’t seen him in years.”

Daiki nodded, “Oh…” he handed his friend a bento.

Hikaru ate and continued to speak in Oceania, a language that was silent and moving. Lies were impossible, “I think you should meet Chinen Yuri, he is a magical creature like us.”

Inoo didn’t even let him finish, “Really…” he glanced at the small boy, “What are you…”

Chii didn’t understand Oceania; he glanced at Hikaru for translation, “What did he say…”

Hikaru laughed, “I forgot you speak different languages…”

Yabu poked Hikaru, “You’re being rude. Explain…”

Hikaru blushed, he kissed Yabu’s cheek, “Gomen…you know what I am right…”

Yabu snorted, “Yeah an extremely powerful being in love with a human…”

Hikaru whispered in his lover’s ear, “Inoo…is a merperson…”

Yabu blinked, “A merperson…is that like a mermaid…”

Hikaru nodded, “He is.”

Chii interrupted, “Where is his tail…”

Hikaru laughed, “Same place your wings are…”

Chii blushed, “Don’t be mean…”

Hikaru told Inoo that Chii was a tree spirit, a fairy. Takaki was one too but Chii’s tree was the more beautiful one…sakura trees are prettier then willow trees.

Inoo grinned, “Really…”

Hikaru pointed at Keito, “He is a crane spirit; his father is the river god. Everyone here knows his dad as an environmental lawyer. Keito’s dad insisted he have a real education. He and Chii had tutors when they were younger.”

Chii teased Keito, “Hikaru is talking to a merperson. He speaks something different then when they talk.”

Keito listened in on the silent conversation, “It sounds a little like Mizuki-ben, the sounds are similar but the meanings are different. It is different from Ki-ben.”

Chii nodded,”I have a hard time understanding him…”

Keito’s phone rang with a mail, he glanced at it, he spoke aloud,”Ryu-chan is worried. He got in another right.”

Hikaru cursed, “He knows he shouldn’t.”

Yabu knew what it meant if one of them lost his temper, Hikaru losing his temper was bad. He tended to have his tail and fox ears return; he thought Hikaru looked sexy with them. Hikaru got really embarrassed when it happened…

Keito sighed, “We better go get him. You know how he is.”

Inoo asked softly, “What happened…”

Hikaru grinned, “When some of us lose our tempers we tend to revert to some of our forms. You’ve seen me in my power form, with my ears and tails.”

Inoo nodded, “I remember.”

“Ryutaro is a hamster spirit. He has a small tail and ears that appear when he gets too upset.”

Inoo knew what a hamster was, but a hamster spirit. He giggled…

Hikaru glared slightly, “You can’t tell. He doesn’t want the others to know. Chii, Keito and I don’t tell either. Yabu is the only one who knows about all of us. He caught me making a storm once. He senses us…”

Daiki asked, “What is so funny…”

Inoo looked away embarrassed, “Nothing.”

Hikaru stood up, “Come on Keito, we better hurry.”

Yabu reached for Hikaru’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Daiki stared after them, “Why do they always leave when they have a fight it is rather weird…”

Chii blushed and grabbed his stuff, “I don’t want to be late to class.”

Yuto watched as Keito walked away, he looked like he felt as if something was being hidden from him and he didn’t like it.

Daiki packed away their bentos and reached to pull Inoo to his feet. He felt his lips brush Inoo’s and blushed, “Sorry…”

Inoo stared at the ground, “I liked it…don’t be sorry…” they had done more then kissing last night. He couldn’t wait to do that again…

Daiki smiled and led him back to class.
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