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Ima Susumou ch6

Title: Ima Susumou
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Fandom: Ya3, Hey Say JUMP, Hey Say JANE, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8
Notes: An AU fic by Takaki Yuya [I wish] of what could have and should have happened in Johnny’s Jumisho if Johnny wasn’t in charge anymore. A Ya-Ya-Yah and Kisumai debut fic. Credits to Cashes for Hey Say Jane plot and for Beta-ing; for Kasani and Tarryn- they get their favorite pairings. This story is a conglomeration of like three of my Fics and my well-known randomness. Real men are BI.
Warning: Multiple Het, Member-ai pairings

Ima Susumou trailer
Ima Susumou timeline
Ima Susumou prologue
Ima Susumou ch1
Ima Susumou ch2
Ima Susumou ch3
Ima Susumou ch4
Ima Susumou ch5

June 2008

The long awaited Summery of Johnny’s world is scheduled for August of this year. According to a spokesperson from inside the Jumisho the recently debuted groups Ya-Ya-Yah and Hey-Say JUMP will be hosting it. Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru are rumored to be present as members of Ya-Ya-Yah. Since the two groups will be busy with Summary there will be no summer concert tours for either group.

A.P Lisse Cashell

August 2008

Yokoyama Yu, the black ranger entered the stage looking around wildly, “Red…where are you…”

Baru popped up across the stage, “What…”

Yoko stammered excitedly, “I found Pink.”

Baru blinked and the audience screamed, “Pink? He’s been missing for a long time. I almost forgot about him.”

Ryo ran in his helmet falling off his head, “Pink? What about Pink…”

Yoko sighed, “I found Pink. He was kidnapped.”

The other four rangers; Hina in purple, Maru in Orange, Yassu in blue and Ohkura in green show up.

Yoko was about to tell more when Kansai Junior Nakata Daichi showed in a villain costume.

Daichi snickered, “I kept him as my prisoner for four years. You’ll never find him.” He disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Baru stared at the smoke.

Yoko started trying to convince the Eito Rangers they must go rescue their friend.

Ryo was the first to agree.

Yassu and Maru were excited.

Hina worried it might be dangerous.

Ohkura was silent as usual.

Yoko whistled and a light shone on a set of recently appeared motor bikes. The rangers ran for their bikes.

Baru followed them, “Pink…we’re coming…”

The fans saw a light appear on a cage; Uchi the Pink Eito ranger was locked inside. His uniform was dirty and torn.

Daichi laughed, “Your friends finally have decided to search for you. Perhaps they care after all.”

Uchi whined weakly, “I knew they would come…”

Daichi ate a hamburger in front of Uchi, “I’m not going to let them have you. The Eito Rangers are nothing without you. They will stay that way.”

The sounds of fighting are heard nearby.

Daichi stalks off his cape swirling behind him, “I have company.”

We see across the stage; Eito rangers fighting with B.A.D. OSSAN and BOYS.

Yoko yelled, “We have to save him. Pink is counting on us.”

Baru sends Yassu to rescue Pink.

The others keep fighting.

Uchi and Yassu return.

The Eito Rangers stand together as one, as they use their strongest attack. Uchi barely has the strength to help them.

Daichi is destroyed and his minions scatter.

Uchi falls to the ground very weak...

Ryo and Yoko rush to his side, they help him up.

The skit ends.

During the encore all eight members return wearing ‘All the members assemble’ tour shirts.

Yoko screams as they stand together, “Eito Rangers. Eito Rangers. Eito Rangers.”

The crowd starts screaming with him.

The other members join the Ranger call.

Ryo takes Uchi’s hand and all eight members raise their joined hands.

Yoko shouts, “Eito Forever.”

Uchi breaks out into tears as his friends hug him. He gives a tearful apology and says loudly, “Tadaima.”

Everyone, Ryo loudest of all scream, “Okaeri.”

Ohkura is the only one who can still talk clearly, “This Fall Baru, Uchi and I will have solo concerts. We hope to see you there.”
Johnny was angry; his sister, his niece and Tackey have turned against him. Mary, that women would do anything to make him angry. How could Tackey, his golden boy disobey him? He’d show them. He’s going to have one last splash. He would embarrass them all…

There was a knock on his door, he yelled, “Let them in.” his nurse wasn’t happy, he ignored her. He had wanted a cute male nurse but he’d been overruled. He was stuck with a large foreign woman with a temper, she wouldn’t put up with his temper she ignored him. An oxygen bottle and mask was partially hidden behind his chair.

Ten bewildered females were shoved into his living room; he had been expecting them.

He spotted his worst enemy, “Ah Cashell my dear, how nice of you to visit me.”

Cashes glared, “Cut the crap Johnny. What the hell are you doing? You send your goons to kidnap me? I’ll sue you.”

Johnny coughed as he tried to laugh, “I have something in mind you wench. You are all now under contract of the Jumisho. Introduce yourselves little ones. You are Hey Say JANE.” He smirked, a private joke; one last laugh at Mary’s expense. JANE would never work, they were female; they had no talent, they had no experience and in short they were perfect victims for his last laugh.

Cashes was furious, “I wouldn’t work for you if it was my last job offer on earth.”

Johnny snickered, “You will. You already have recording time scheduled and promotional events. You aren’t afraid are you…”

Cashes glared, “I’ll see you rot in hell.”

Johnny coughed, “You’ll join me. We are very much alike, birds of a feather.”

Cashes spit on him, “I am nothing like you…”

“You will do this. Why? Because I am handed you it on a silver platter; so prove to me that girls are worthy of being Johnnys. You like challenges…I dare you to make JANE work.”

Cashes glanced at the bewildered girls, what the hell was she going to do…

Rory watched the by-play between the infamous Johnny Kitagawa and a slightly familiar girl. She finally realized who the girl was…she blinked, “Cashes? Oh my god…” it was the girl from the JE-friending meme. She glanced at the others and then at Johnny, “You creepy perverted bastard.”

Cashes stared at the girl, “You know me…”

Rory grinned, “Its rorychan….”

Cashes blinked, “The friending meme…” she glanced at the other girls, “I think we need to talk.” She flipped Johnny off, “I’m not agreeing to anything…”

“You will…”

Cashes led the girls away unconsciously slipping into the role as their leader, that bastard! Why didn’t he die already…? --
Tags: au, h!p, hs jane, hs jump, hs7, hsb, ima susumou, je, juniors, ya-ya-yah

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