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Ima Susumou ch5

Title: Ima Susumou
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Fandom: Ya3, Hey Say JUMP, Hey Say JANE, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8
Notes: An AU fic by Takaki Yuya [I wish] of what could have and should have happened in Johnny’s Jumisho if Johnny wasn’t in charge anymore. Credits to Cashes for Hey Say Jane plot and for Beta-ing; for Kasani and Tarryn- they get their favorite pairings. This story is a conglomeration of like three of my Fics and my well-known randomness. Real men are BI.
Warning: Multiple Het, Member-ai pairings

Ima Susumou trailer
Ima Susumou timeline
Ima Susumou prologue
Ima Susumou ch1
Ima Susumou ch2
Ima Susumou ch3
Ima Susumou ch4

January 3 2008-

“Jin….” Notti whined, “You think I will ever get English…”

Jin sighed, “Three weeks in America and you will be speaking like a native. My English improved dramatically when I was in L.A.”

Notti sighed, “I’m leaving this week.”

“Are you still you not telling NEWS you’re going…” Jin asked, “You know Kei and Shige are going to be furious and Yamapi is going to worry.”

“If I tell them they will worry and tell me not to go. I need this.”

Jin sighed, “Fine. I’ll take you to the airport on Wednesday.”

“Yay New York here I come. You sure Jimmy said I could stay.”

“Yes so stop asking dumb questions.”

February 2008

Aya showed up at Hikaru’s house, she was shaking…

Hikaru led her back to his room, he hugged her, “It’s okay…”

She looked at him, her eyes red from crying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do…”

Hikaru blinked, “What’s wrong…”

“I’m pregnant…”

Hikaru froze; he had heard those same words not long ago from Tsuki.

Aya started to cry, “What am I going to do…”

Hikaru rocked her, “It will be okay…I’m here. You aren’t alone…” he didn’t know how he was going to explain this…Tsuki was due in two months. He was losing control….

April 2008

Matsujun shifted nervously.

Nino pinched him, “Jun calm down.”

“I don’t know…I should have done this before.” Maoh was five months pregnant and glowing, “She’s gorgeous.” He couldn’t imagine being any happier then he was right now.

Nino whistled, “Lucky…I hope Masami looks that good.” They’d been engaged for years

Arashi, Tackey, Tsubasa, NEWS minus Notti and KAT-TUN showed up for the wedding. A few of their younger kouhais did; Hikaru definitely attended his cousin’s wedding. He’d been bragging for weeks that he was going to be related to Arashi, Chii was furious with him.

Masuda Shota, Abe Tsuyoshi and Oguri Shun showed up since they were good friends with the couple. Everyone was shocked when Shun showed up with a pregnant Suzuki Anne, Ryo’s ex on his arm.

Jun and Shun got drunk celebrating they were going to be fathers at the same time. Anne and Maoh had to drag them home.

April 3rd, 2008

Tsuki screamed so loud that JUMP, Shoon, Yabu and Taiyou could hear her,

“Hikaru…I hate you…”

Then a welcome soft cry...

Hikaru stumbled out in shock, “It’s a girl…” he fainted in Taiyou’s arms.

May 2008

Aya called Hikaru in tears, “I lost it…”

Hikaru felt his heart break at those words; he said quickly, “I’ll be right there…”
Tags: au, h!p, hs jane, hs jump, hs7, hsb, ima susumou, je, juniors, ya-ya-yah

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