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Ima Susumou ch4

Title: Ima Susumou
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Fandom: Ya3, Hey Say JUMP, Hey Say JANE, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8
Notes: An AU fic by Takaki Yuya [I wish] of what could have and should have happened in Johnny’s Jumisho if Johnny wasn’t in charge anymore. Credits to Cashes for Hey Say Jane plot and for Beta-ing; for Kasani and Tarryn- they get their favorite pairings. This story is a conglomeration of like three of my Fics and my well-known randomness. Real men are BI.
Warning: Multiple Het, Member-ai pairings

Ima Susumou trailer
Ima Susumou prologue
Ima Susumou ch1
Ima Susumou ch2
Ima Susumou ch3

December 15th - after Shounen club’s January 13th, 2008 show filming

Hikaru sat in Yabu’s lap straddling him as they made out, it was fun…they had gotten quite close being debuted twice together.

Having girlfriends didn’t really matter; getting debuted made them all a lot closer.

Taiyou turned up his MP3 player ignoring them as he tried to study.

Shoon sat waxing his surfboard day-dreaming about and silently planning their future pretending he didn’t care as they made out.

Yabu opened his eyes as Hikaru bit his tongue and shoved him to the floor.

“Eeehh…nani…” Hikaru snapped.

“You…you ruined the moment. You’re just too aggressive…” Yabu whined, losing leadership of Ya-Ya-Yah and being debuted twice in less then six months had turned him in a HUGE girl sometimes.

“Well it’s not my fault you’re such a girl.” Hikaru glared.

Yabu flailed to his feet with his hand on his hips replied, “Well at least I’m still a lot taller then you.”

Hikaru jumped up, staring Yabu in the eye smirking, “Oh yeah? I wouldn’t be so sure of that if I were you.” For once the baka co-leader of Hey Say JUMP wasn’t slouching.

“Iie…Iie…” Yabu screeched, “It can’t be true…you’re supposed to be shorter by a lot…you’ve always been short. When the hell did this happen…”

Shoon wakes from his reverie, “Come on Yabu, Hikaru’s been growing since our Hokkaido con in October. Why do you think he started slouching again…”

Taiyou tugs out his ear buds and yells, “You’re all short so shut up. I’m trying to study which you two should be doing. Especially you Yabu; you’re the third year. You should be setting the example for us instead of me since I’m the baby.”

“Well you’re just too smart…” Yabu whined still glaring at Hikaru, “I’m still your leader. You’re supposed to do what I say so stop growing since I can’t make you shrink.”

“Yabu you’re completely baka, like that is ever going to work. Come on, even you aren’t that baka so give me a break.”

Yabu ran over to Hikaru and started beating his chest.

Hikaru laughed and looked at Shoon, “Is this supposed hurt…”

Shoon shrugged and Taiyou rolled his eyes, those two had gotten so weird since JUMP debuted.

Yabu collapsed with a wail and began to pout.

The dressing room door opened and in the door way stood Kei-chan, Tesshi and Nakamaru.

Kei-chan roared, “What the hell is the problem now…”

Maru laughed, “You two fight worse debuted, then Kame and Uebo before we debuted.”

Tesshi covered both their mouths with his hands, “At find out what the problem is before you two say another word and cause another fight.”

Hikaru snickered, “Yabu is pouting because I bit him and I am taller. Shoon thinks we’re insane and we probably are since we are both double-debuted. Taiyou is trying to study for yet another test.”

“Hey Hikaru they are the same tests you should be studying for. Don’t you dare use Hey Say JUMP, our concert tour or our TV show as an excuse not to study. WE are in the same class you know; at least I know I am going to University.”

“College, schmallege, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I don’t even think I want to go. Two bands are too stressful to add Uni to the mix.”

“Iie, bakayaro,” Kei-chan pulled away from Tesshi and shoved Hikaru to the wall very disappointed, he didn’t often lose his temper with one of his favorite kouhais, “University is important, even Jin is going. Though I think he is majoring in girl-watching and flirting rather then a real subject. Nearly all of NewS is in Uni minus Ryo and Uchi. Hell, Shige and Tesshi might even graduate early. Besides Tesshi and Notti are double majoring.

Hikaru’s jaw dropped, he’s never seen Kei-chan so mad. “But Ryo and Kame didn’t even graduate High school”

“Baka don’t even go there, even Ryo knows the importance of education. When we go suspended he went back and got his diploma. I don’t know about Kame but he might go back to school eventually.” Kei-chan snapped and backed up, he sputtered, “Kuso…Hikaru is taller then Yabu…”

Maru shrugged, “He’s been getting taller for months, he has to be as tall as Shige now or taller. Yabu is the same size as Uchi maybe Junno; I don’t really care.” One on One started playing out of nowhere. “Oh it’s Koki…”

“Maji de, can I talk to him.” Tesshi squeals.

“No, he’s texting.” Maru paused, Maru, gomen you can’t come over tonight. Mary’s got me altering Ya-Ya-Yah, Hey Say JUMP and Senga’s costumes. She refuses to do them anymore because they keep growing too fast.

Maru called Koki and hears One on One coming from down the hall faintly. He leaned against the door, “I can’t come over at all? You’re still going to need to shower. We both know you can’t wash your own back.”

“Nani …a shower…” Tesshi ignored the still pouting Yabu to hang on Maru.

“Can you back off a bit? I’m talking to Koki…I can’t think when you’re clinging…”

“Hai…” Tesshi pouted as he backed up.

“Where are you…” Koki asked struggling with an armful of costumes but was drowned out by Kei-chan resuming his rampage.

“Damn you Kouhais are all like giants now towering over your poor sempais. First Taiyou and Yabu, now Hikaru; who is next Yuto…”

“Hey…” Yabu shouted, “What about me? I’m still taller then baka Hikaru.”

Hey Say JUMP burst in.

“Hey! Insulting your favorite kouhais isn’t nice Kei-sempai,” Chii pouted. “What did we do…”

Kei-chan turned to yell at them, “You want in on this? Fine, Yuto and Takaki are too tall. They need to stop growing too…” then he whirls back to insult Hikaru but he had vanished.

Hikaru was almost nose to nose with Yabu, “Yabu who are you calling baka? At least I study more then you do.”

“Yeah well you don’t even know if you are going to Uni Hikaru.”

“Neither do you, Yabu.”

Shige appeared out of nowhere carrying a foam sword and smacks them both in the head with it. “Baka, Uni is important. I can’t believe you two. Especially you Yabu, you were supposed have start Uni testing by now. You’re less then four months from graduating and you haven’t given any thought to Uni? You’re worse then Kei-chan and Yamapi at they shaped early in their second year. Kei-chan already graduated; the first NewS member to finish Uni. Yamapi and Jin are next; if Jin stops getting distracted by girls and focus on school that baka. Hey Tesshi are you graduating early or not…” Shige snapped still smacking Hikaru and Yabu.

“I don’t know yet…” Tesshi starting flirting with Ryosuke, “Yama-chan….”

“Neither do I, but that isn’t the point. The point it you two look pathetic next to Taiyou and Shoon.” He glanced at Shoon, “What’s your major…”

“What? I’m attending your university, Aoyoma. You’re tutoring me in International law.”

“How did I forget that since it’s my major too? Taiyou probably majoring in Mathematics or Physics. Seriously, I would have thought yours would be obvious, Yabu. I thought you would have wanted to be a lawyer like Shoon. You two have a lot of things in common. Besides it would be fun to open a law firm with you two.”

Hikaru pouted, “What am I? Not important…”

“Why don’t you go to Meiji and study History like Kei or since you love to write so much why you should consider majoring in Japanese? You could write like Kato Kan. If you want to go you two still have time to buckle down and work hard. Yabu, you may or may not be accepted for the spring semester but you still should go to Uni.”

Yabu pouted and flailed to the ground as he got smacked with the foam sword, “But I’m already going crazy with two bands…”

Tesshi said quickly, “Why don’t you do what I do? You can take most of your classes online and do the work between shoots, filming, cons and traveling.”

“Gomen Shige-sempai.” Hikaru bowed in apology just in time to avoid being hit with the sword again.

Koki finally entered and at the aura of chaos that pervaded Ya-Ya-Yah’s dressing room. He was quickly glomped by Maru who made him drop half the costumes, “Baka, you made me drop them.”

Maru laughed and slipped an arm in Koki’s, “Wouldn’t you rather hold me…” he whispered in Koki’s ear as he slowly nudged Koki with his hip.

Koki blushed and took a fist full of Maru’s long-sleeve shirt, “Yuichi…we’re in public…” Koki stammered as he tried to loosen Maru’s grip on his shirt.

“Well…would you like to go somewhere a little more private….” Maru asked at he played with the hem of Koki’s t-shirt.

“On one condition, you carry these.” Koki shoved half the costumes into Maru’s arms.

Maru pouted, “Why is it that I always get suckered into these things…” Maru asked at Koki pushes him out of the room leaving the others to take in the rather obvious show of affection.

Kei-chan laid his head on Shige’s shoulder, “Why don’t we go play to…I think these bakas get the picture.”

Shige looked thoughtful, “I thought I would steal you form Julie for a little while. Seriously the juniors see you more then I do…”

“You’re whining again and talking in that sexy Kansai-ban accent again…you should get angry more often. It makes you slip…I love it when you do its chokowaii.”

Shige covered his mouth with his hand blushing, he hadn’t noticed.

Kei whispered in his ear…

Everyone watched as Shige turned deeper shade of red.

Kei threw an arm around Shige and led him from the room.

Hey Say JUMP and Ya-Ya-Yah stood jaws dropped in shock. They rarely saw their sempais that blatant in their affection.

Tesshi looked at them and laughed, he had seen it many times. He threw an arm around Yamada’s neck, “Yama-chan…lets go play too…”

Yamada jumped away from him, he grabbed Yuto and Chinen and ran far away from the lecherous Tesshi.

Tesshi pouted, why did Yama-chan have to be so kawaii…

Takaki’s phone rang, he heard the familiar voice of his girlfriend Kato Rubi screaming at him, “Yuya….I hate you….mom it hurts…I’m in labor…If you are at the hospital I’ll kill you myself…” He stammered, “Rubi…you’re in labor…I’ll be right there…” the shocked faces of the other JUMP and Ya-Ya-Yah members revealed they hadn’t known; he didn’t care he was going to be a papa…he ran towards the hospital.

Daiki and Inoo trailed after him, they were his best friends. Why hadn’t they been told?

Tesshi was a little in shock, he tried to keep well-inform of the latest Johnnys gossip but he hadn’t had a clue. He shook his head and left to find more interesting things to do. “Kouhais are just no fun…”

Hikaru was dumbfounded; Takaki had a pregnant girlfriend too? Taiyou’s dad tried to make him quit and when that work he tried to get them both fired after he found out Hikaru had gotten his little girl pregnant but Julie refused to allow that. After all the trouble she had gone to, to get them this far she wasn’t losing Taiyou now. A contract was a contract; and even Taiyou’s dad understood that... he grabbed his black pirate hoodie Tesshi bought him in Monterrey that read, ‘bad boys get all the booty’ and stalked out still lost in thought.

Shoon chuckled wickedly and followed him.

Yabu was still pouting on the floor and in shock about everything that had happened in the last few minutes.

Taiyou put his ear buds back in and tuned the crazy world out….
Hikaru stood just out side the back door to NHK studios; he pulled out his pirate light and Dreams Belgium blend cigarettes. He took one placed it in his lips and lit it. He took a long drag and sighed, he rarely got much of a chance to smoke since it was illegal but he had been smoking for years since he was 13. He leaned against the wall trying to stay out of sight…he didn’t need anymore trouble. Why did Yabu have to be such a drama queen? Losing the leadership of Ya-Ya-Yah wasn’t that big a deal. He didn’t understand that being the leader of Ya-Ya-Yah had been a part of Yabu’s Identity and losing made him feel lost. The unwelcome leadership of JUMP ate at the older guy’s ego. He was so lost in thought he didn’t hear his leader sneak up on him….

Shoon laid his head on Hikaru’s chest, his hand slipping under Hikaru’s shirt and hoodie. He was the shortest by a lot now…he didn’t care about that. Being leader made things interesting…he teased whispering, “Do you know how hot you are when you smoke…”

“Eh…nani kore…”

“You forget I can’t resist your obvious sexiness when you’re smoking… or writing a Ya-Ya-Yah song…or playing strip poker. How could you…”

Hikaru shifted nervously…

“I know how kinky you are, have you ever made out naked in a car in December…” Shoon licked his lips…

“No but Massu can eat ice cream in 10 degree weather wearing sleeveless shirt I could. At least it’s worth the experience…” Hikaru tried to look interested but he just wanted a quiet moment to smoke and think. “It’s not really that cold anyway…Hey…” Hikaru glared as Shoon stole his cigarette.

“Jeez where do you find these…I can’t ever get them…” Shoon took a drag, these were amazing.

Hikaru tried to get it back but Shoon was faster, “It’s called the internet…now give it back…”

“What would you do to get it back…”

Hikaru grabbed him by the hair, shoved him against the wall and kissed him hard.

Shoon stood on his toes to kiss him properly; sometimes being short was a pain. The kisses were getting deeper and they were getting hornier…

Hikaru backed up, “Forget the car. Let’s go have fun with Yabu and Taiyou. There was a reason we installed a lock on our dressing room years ago.”

“Sure Yabu needs some cheering up and Taiyou is studying too much again. I’ll take Yabu home.”

Hikaru nodded, “Taiyou is going to my house; his apartment is like a war zone. He hasn’t been home much since they fought…” he felt awful about that…
Tesshi paced in front of Yamapi’s couch.

“Can you stop that? You’re going to wear out my floor.”

“Gomen Yamapi. No one wanted to have fun today.” Tesshi flopped on Yamapi’s couch and leaned on his leader’s shoulder.

“Fun huh? I was thinking of throwing a Christmas party. Only not here; the last party was insane. Too many people.”

The door opened.

Tesshi leapt off the couch to glomp Pi’s visitor, “Ryo-anaki…”

“Eh Tego-nyan? What are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me you had company…” Ryo asked slipping gout of his shoes.

“He just showed up not to long ago, completely unannounced.. Oh I want to throw a Christmas party but I need a bigger place. Any ideas…”

“Hmm…a bigger place huh? How big…” Ryo asked thoughtfully as he sat in a chair.

“Big enough for our favorite kouhais and most of our sempais…”

“Oh that kind of big, I can only think of one place that big.”

“Yamapi knew exactly what Ryo was thinking, “Iie, not that big.”

“You said big. What is wrong with Tat-chan’s house? He lives in a huge house and it will be free his parents are going to Guam for Christmas. It will be free and nothing is better then free.”

“That would mean he would want to micromanage everything.” Yamapi moaned.

“So what? Donkey-face would do it if I asked him. We’ve been on good terms lately.”

Tesshi sat on Ryo’s lap, “Why do you call him that? It’s not very nice.”

“Tat-chan knows I mean it as a term of affection. Shall I call him or find a better way to convince him? By the way when is it…”

Yamapi stroked his chin, “How about Shoon’s birthday on the 20th? It’s not too close to Christmas and everyone should be free if Kanjani8 doesn’t have a concert.”

“We don’t. Tego-nyan you are doing anything that day with that girl of yours are you….”

“Why are you jealous…” Tesshi laughs.

“Of course not! I’ve had plenty of girlfriends.” Ryo glared.

Yamapi tried to get Tesshi attention.

“Oh really? The last on I remember was that Leah Dizon you were crushing on forever. Before that was Aya.”

Yamapi smacked himself in the head.

Ryo jumped up shoving Tesshi to the floor and left quickly.

Yamapi sighed, “Tesshi that was number one on the dumb moves list with Ryo. You never mention Aya to him. He won’t speak to you for days now; probably not until the party.”

“Eeehh? Nani…”

“I’m his best friend and I don’t know what happened between them. They were together one day and the next Ryo couldn’t stand to hear her name mentioned.”


“Hontou daiyo. You’re the first one dumb enough o mention her to him in six months. Talking about that makes me upset, let’s get back to playing the party.”

“Young master, you have a visitor.”

Ueda heard a voice snap, “Stop doing that. I don’t need to be announced. I can do it myself. He knows who’s here.”

He sighed as played Rhodesia on his guitar, “Ryo-chan, do you need to be that loud…”

Ryo flopped on Ueda’s bed and glared at the ceiling.

“What wrong with you? You’re more grouchy then normal.” Ueda snickered.

“Don’t you do anything that isn’t related to that damn thing, donkey-face.”

“You know I hate it when you call me that.”

“Only when I don’t follow it with one of these,” Ryo takes away Ueda’s guitar and kisses him hard.

Ueda shoves him off, “What the hell Ryo? First you’re grouchy the you’re horny. Make up your mind.”

“I have now be a good boy and let me kiss you.”

Ueda forgot to be upset; Ryo was a damn good kisser.

Ryo broke the kiss to tease, “Tat-chan…”


“Can I ask a favor…”

Ueda cursed, “I knew you wanted something…” Ryo was only nice when he wanted something.

“Pi and I wanted to throw a Christmas party. We thought we would have it here. Your house is big enough.”

“Shit Ryo what do I get out of it.”

“I knew you’d say yes.”

“Wait! When did I say yes…”

Ryo teased the front of Ueda’s silk boxing shorts, “Are you going to say yes now…”


“Good. Thank you.“ Ryo kissed him and got up to leave.

“What are you doing….”

“Leaving. I’m supposed to be home. I have to go to Osaka tonight.”

“I hate you, you know that…”

“I know. I love you too.” Ryo blew him a teasing kiss, “By the way the party is on the 20th, jya ne.” he left.

“Damn him. Snarky, sneaky bastard.” He pouted, Ryo was always conning him.
Ryo called Pi, “It’s a go; Tat-chan said so.”

“Oh hi Ryo, Tesshi and I were uh…planning the party.”

“Yeah Like I believe that. I’ll let you get back to planning…” Ryo snapped his shut and caught the bus. Since his accident that was his fault he had voluntarily stopped driving. He probably should call Hina, it was the best way to get a hold of everyone. He pressed his speed dial 6.

“Yo Hina desu.”

“Moshi moshi, its Ryo.”

“What’s up,” Hina hollered through the phone.

“Jeez Hina, do you have to be so loud? I was calling to let you know News and KAT-TUN are throwing a Christmas party. They are inviting us and our kouhais this time.”

“About time they learned to include us. A party isn’t a party without Kanjani8. We’ve been awfully nice about sharing you and Uchi with them when Uchi comes back.”

“Okay my ear huts. The party is the 20th, don’t forget.” Ryo hung up his phone, damn Hina was always so loud. He shouldn’t be allowed to use a phone but he was the fastest way to get a hold of everyone. He was tired. Uchi’s place was closer to the train station. He’d try to crash there.
The next day….

“Taachan, do you like this one….” Yassu asked modeling yes another t-shirt.

“’It’s alright…” Ohkura said glancing at it.

“You didn’t even look at it…” Yassu pouted.

“Yes I did Yassan.” Ohkura’s phone starts play Obachan rock loudly.

“Can’t you turn that damn thing off once in a while…”

“Shh…it’s Yoko.” He ignored Yassu, “Moshi moshi Ohkura desu.”

“Yo Ohkura, did Hina call you yet.”


“Yatta, I beat Hina. KAT-TUN and NEWS are throwing a party. They are inviting us this time. I hear Takaki is going so I’ll probably bring B.A.D. They adore the kid. It’s Shoon’s Birthday, on the 20th at Ueda’s.”

“Okay, jya ne.” Ohkura shoved the phone back in his pocket.

“Taachan, what did Yoko want…” Yassu dove into an aisle of pants.

“He said there is a Christmas party and we got invited.”

“A party.” Yassu started jumping up and down.

“Taachan is that you…”

Ohkura spun around and gets glomped. He looks down at a vaguely familiar female.

Yassu turned at the voice, “Aya-chan.” He turns around and runs back towards them.

Ohkura picked her up and started at her, “It is you. What are you doing here…”

“Shopping, you can put me down now Taachan.”

“But this is a guy’s shop.” Ohkura stammered as he set her down.

“So what? Did you forget I wear guy’s belt?

“I guess I did. I haven’t seen you since…the commercial I think.”

“You mean since Ryo and I broke up, right? That’s what you were going to say, huh.”

“Yeah…I try not to bring it up…” Taachan scratched his head nervously.

“Why not? That jerk must have had a ton of girlfriends after me. He is such a play boy. He has a piece of ass for every personality he claims not to have.” Aya shrugged.

“Actually…he only had one. That Leah Dizon chick he was crushing on forever.”

“Oh really…”

“Yeah, right Yassan.”

Yassu glomped Aya, “Hai.”

“No way…” Aya looked thoughtful, “Never mind him; I heard something about a party.”

“Yoko said NEWS and KAT-TUN are having a Christmas party. I guess we crashed enough of their parties to deserve an invite this time.”

“Cool, think I can come Taachan.”

“I don’t see why not. Kanjani8 was invited and you are practically a member anyway according to us.” He knew very well how Ryo felt about Aya, the guy loved her. He just never apologized; he was a jerk at times.

“So when is it…”

“The 20th at Ueda’s.”

“So it’s on Shoon’s birthday. I’m definitely going. Just don’t tell that braggart. I want to stir him up a bit.” Aya was already scheming.

“Okay, we’ll all probably take the 4’oclock train from Osaka. If you are waiting for us you can jump into our cab. We’ll take our own. You can’t fit all eight members in one cab.”

“Haha I’ll see you then.” Aya dashed off.

“She hasn’t changed a bit. She’s just like Ryo, one-track mind.“ Ohkura laughed.
Aya was wandering around the mall when she pulled out her phone and called her pet.

“Hikaru desu.”

“Hachibee…how is my little pet…”

“Aya-sempai? It’s been a while. I haven’t seen you since we filmed the Soranbushi episode for Kinpachi-sensei season 8.”

“Hai, I missed you and I was wondering. Did you get a call about a party…”

“The one on Shoon’s birthday at Ueda-sempai’s…”

“You’re going right….”

“Of course, I didn’t miss Yamapi’s last party.”

“Great. Meet me at that little restaurant we all hung out at during the filming of the Soranbushi episode.”

“Sure, why…”

“Strategy my pet, strategy…”
Hikaru stares at the phone, what was that about? Which place is she talking about? I’ll remember when I get there….
“Golf, stop playing with that damn keyboard.”

“Shut up Mike. I’m trying to think.”

“Well can’t you learn to think more quietly...”

Daite Senorita and Fever to Future start playing.

“Hey Pi, what’s up? I haven’t heard from you in months.”

“Hey Golf. What are you doing on the 20th…”

“I don’t have anything planned.”

“Great. I’m having a Christmas party. You are coming right…”

“Sure you always throw great parties. Wouldn’t miss it “

“Then I’ll see you there.”

“Later Pi.”
“Yo it’s Mike.”

“Hey Mike. It’s Hikaru.”

“Hika-chan. I haven’t heard from you in ages.”

“I was just calling to tell you about a Christmas party. I’m sure you’ll hear about it from Yamapi but I thought I’d let you know I was going to be there.”

“Cool. I haven’t seen you since I was in Japan for Nippon ai ni iku yo. You like being debuted? I heard you have two bands like Ryo-sempai.”

“Yeah I hardly have any free time. The debut con is coming up. I’m glad I already have a concert tour under my belt. I feel sorry for the others.”

“I liked Inoo. I hope you two have a lot of fun together. So when is that party.”

“The party is on the 20th. Are you free…”

“I think so. I’ll have to ask Golf. He keeps our schedule.”

“Great. I have a date. So I’ll talk to you later.”

”Wait…who is the date with? Anyone I know…”

“I’m not sure. Have you seen Attention please or Kinpachi sensei seasons 6 or 7…”

“I’ve seen Kinpachi. Is it the girl your character liked.”

“…no it’s Nao.”

“Nao…the one Yabu liked…”

“Yeah. She called me a few minutes ago when I was about to call you.”

“Isn’t she too old for you…”

“…four years isn’t too old. Besides, I’ve been seeing her off and on for years. She calls me her pet.”

“Golf would kill me if I tried to date someone older then he was.”

“Well, my sister doesn’t care. As long as they as they aren’t older then she is.”

“I wish Golf was more like that. He doesn’t even let me date. He wants to keep me safe from girls who want to date me for my money or my fame.”

“Well I still have to find the place I’m supposed to meet her so I’ll call you later with directions to Ueda-sempai’s unless Pi gives them to Golf.”

“I’ll talk to you later…” Mike closed his phone; it had been nice to hear from his friend. It gave him a chance to practice his Japanese.

“Who was that? That was a long phone call. You weren’t talking to a girl were you…” Golf glared.

“No it was Hikaru.”

“Oh really? What was so important that it too that long.”

“He was telling me about his date.”

“What? Who let him date? He is too busy to date with two bands.”

“His sister is older then you are and no one cares. He has every right to date.” Mike smirked as he started playing with his DS lite.

“What is that smirk for…”

“Oh nothing, Golf.”

“Fine. Yamapi invited us to a Christmas party.”

“I know, Hika told me. It’s supposed to be at Ueda-sempai‘s”

“I didn’t hear that part.”

“You know Yamapi. He was probably so excited he forgot.”
Hikaru looked through the window, there she was and looking hotter then ever. He walked inside a little nervous.

Aya looked up, “Hachibee…” she squealed and glomped him.

“Wow, Aya-sempai. You sure know how to welcome a guy on a date…” he asked nervously, “This is a date right…”

“Of course Hika…”


“You did say you wanted your girlfriend to call you that didn’t you…”

”How did you know that, Aya-sempai…”

“I read the same magazines you do Hika.”

“So uh…you’re my girlfriend…”

“On one condition…you help me get back together with Ryo-chan…“ Aya said softly looking away.


“Well…our break up was over something stupid. Dammit I miss him…” Aya buried her face in her hands.

“Okay, I’ll help on two conditions”

Aya sighed, “What are they…”

“One you don’t cry.”

”oh…I’ll try not to.” Aya tried to blink away her tears.

“And two I get a kiss before you and Ryo are official again.”

“You drive a hard bargain Hika.” Aya smiled kissing his cheek.

“That doesn’t count Aya-sempai.” Hikaru stared nervously at the table.

“”Hmmm…” Aya was teasing him a little, “You still like hot food…”


“Two large hot pork ramen specials.” Aya yells, “Back to Ryo, he is not going to miss that party. Yamapi is having it and Kanjani8 is going.”

“They are…” that was rare usually Yamapi didn’t’ like the drama eight Osakans bring.

“Yes, Yassu and Ohkura told me about it when I saw them an hour ago. Shit I forgot to buy that belt I wanted. I bet Yassu bought it. I’ll trade him that jacket he wants for it.”

“You wear Yassu’s clothes? Isn’t that a little weird…”

Aya snickered, “I walked off in a few shirts off yours during Kinpachi sensei filming; both during season 7 and during the recent season. Tell that to Ryo, he stole my favorite shirt. He still hasn’t given it back.”

“Wait you two broke up over a shirt…”

“Well not exactly,” Aya mumbled as she started eating her ramen.

“I’m confused, Aya-sempai.” Hikaru said between bits.”

“That’s okay; now about my plan.”

“What to do I have to do.”

“Pretend…I mean be my boyfriend and make Ryo jealous. Drop the sempai. My boyfriend wouldn’t call me sempai.”

“I think I can do that…” Hikaru wiped his mouth with napkin, “What about my kiss, Aya.”

“We should save that for the party. That should make him furious. We want him to really think we are dating. He will believe it if he sees us kiss.”

“Shouldn’t it be more natural? We haven’t made out in ages.”

“Are you trying to change or bargain, Hika…”

“Uhh…no just trying to make it look really convincing. It would ruin things if it looks like our first kiss.”

“Fine, then…” Aya slid out of her chair and into his lap. She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Hikaru was too shocked to kiss her back.

“Now don’t say I never gave you anything for your birthday.” Aya teased.

“Aya…my birthday was two weeks ago.”

“You don’t say. I must have forgotten. How old are you now…”


“About time. Wait how old does that make me…”

“Like nearly 21, you don’t know how old you are…”

“No I was waiting for you to tell me.”

“Lord you are confusing.”

“I know,” Aya laughed, “Don’t you love me.“

”Of course I do. You knew that years ago during Kinpachi sensei.”

”Yes, that’s why you’re my pet.”

“Wait a minute, I’m your boyfriend not your pet.”

“Good cause you are too tall to be my pet.”

“Well I can’t help it. Don’t you like tall guys…”

“No, so you better stop growing. You are almost too tall.”

Hikaru pouted.

Aya laughed and tickled him.

Hikaru giggles and falls off the chair taking Aya with him.

“Hey you two; Take it somewhere else.” Someone yelled.

Aya looked down at Hikaru, “”m sorry Hika. Are you okay...”

“I’m fine. Let’s finish eating and go.”

“It’s our first date. So you are paying right…” Aya laughed helping him up.

“Oh…of course.” He was a gentleman of sorts, Hikaru thought as he righted his chair.

Aya kissed the top of his head before sitting back down.

Hikaru blushed, “What was that for…”

“You’re just too kawaii.” Aya chuckled as she started eating again.

Hikaru frowned darkly, “Don’t call me that.”

“But Hika girlfriends are supposed to say things like that. “

“So call me anything you want but cute.” Hikaru glared.

Aya pouted, “You’re as bad as Shige.”

Hikaru winced; he hated being reminded of Shige. He and Aya were sleeping together when she was dating Shige. At thirteen he shouldn’t have been sleeping with a seventeen year old. “What the hell does Shige have to do with anything…”

“Shige throws tantrums when anyone calls him cute.”

“I’m not throwing a tantrum, I’m not cute anymore. You don’t call men cute.”

Aya reached over and pinched his cheek.

Hikaru flailed and turned red.

Aya giggled, “You are so cute; look who thinks he’s an adult.”

Hikaru pouted, “So what…”

Aya kissed the red mark, “Why don’t we go somewhere more private and you can show me just how grown up you are…”

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