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Ima Susumou ch3

Title: Ima Susumou
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Fandom: Hey Say JUMP, Hey Say JANE, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8
Notes: An AU fic by Takaki Yuya [I wish] of what could have and should have happened in Johnny’s Jumisho if Johnny wasn’t in charge anymore. Credits to Cashes for Hey Say Jane plot and for Beta-ing; for Kasani and Tarryn- they get their favorite pairings. This story is a conglomeration of like three of my Fics and my well-known randomness. Real men are BI.
Warning: Multiple Het, Member-ai pairings

Ima Susumou trailer
Ima Susumou prologue
Ima Susumou ch1
Ima Susumou ch2

September 20th

Hikaru and Yabu were called into Julie’s office.

Julie said quickly, “Its time I told you why Yabu wasn’t debuted as leader. In two weeks, we are debuting you two with another group, Hey Say JUMP. Yabu, you are going to be their leader.”

Yabu stared, “You are double-debuting us? I thought we learned that doesn’t work very well; you remember Uchi right…”

Julie glared, “That was before me and you two aren’t that stupid either.”

Hikaru was being more diplomatic, “Who is all in this group…”

“Inoo Kei, Takaki Yuya and Arioka Daiki will join you in a sub-unit known as Hey Say BEST. Yuto will be the leader of the sub-unit Hey Say 7, that group will have Yamada Ryosuke, Okamoto Keito, Chinen Yuri and Morimoto Ryutaro. I trust you two will be here for this group.”

Hikaru sighed, “what about Ya-Ya-Yah’s Fall Concert tour and our TV show…”

Julie sighed, “It will be fine you just won’t make all the appearances at the Volleyball finals. I trust the others will be fine. JUMP will have a debut con at Tokyo Dome, it has already been arranged.”

Yabu was annoyed, “Ya-Ya-Yah got a tour and the largest venue we’re getting is Yokohama. Hey Say JUMP gets Tokyo Dome? That isn’t fair to Shoon and Taiyou.”

Julie glared, “Do you know how much I begged my uncle to debut you? If he hadn’t been hospitalized due to his heart attack you would never have had this chance; I debuted you four against his wishes so seriously, give me a break. Taiyou is fine; he is the class rep and on the school dance team so he is pretty busy this year but we have a special unit planned for him and Shoon has a string of stage plays coming up they aren’t getting forgotten. I trust you two will do fine; besides Shoon and Taiyou are going to be special guests at the concert.”

Hikaru worried what would happen if anyone found out he got Tsuki pregnant. His career might be over…

October 2nd

Taiyou was studying lyrics for the con that started this week when his father threw open his door and started yelling.

“Did you know that jerk of a friend Hikaru got your sister pregnant…”

Taiyou sighed, “Yes I knew.”

“And you didn’t tell me…”

Taiyou sat on the bed, “No I didn’t. It wasn’t my place. He apologized to me. It was an accident.” From what he heard from Hikaru and Tsuki it was Tsuki’s fault; Hikaru told her he didn’t have a condom. She wanted him and she always gets what she wants.

“An accident? He practically raped my little girl.”

Taiyou was angry, “He did not rape Tsuki. If anyone got raped it was Hikaru. He didn’t want to sleep with her but we both know honestly Tsuki is spoiled brat. She gets whatever she wants. She wanted Hikaru and she got him. She is now stuck with the consequences of her actions. I won’t have you talking about my best friend like that.”

“He is not welcome in my house.”

Taiyou grabbed a bag and started to pack, “then neither am I.”

“If you leave you aren’t welcome back.”

“Fine. I have Ya-Ya-Yah and I don’t need this.” He took only what he absolutely needed. “I’ll come back when you come to your senses.” He left.

October 4th -

Ayukawa-san burst into Julie’s office, “Taiyou ran away. I want him fired.”

Julie blinked, “Why would he do that…”

“Because that bastard Yaotome Hikaru got my daughter pregnant and poisoned him against me.”

Julie cursed silently, first Takaki and now Hikaru? “Running away isn’t a serious enough offense to get fired. He’s probably staying at a friend’s.” probably Hikaru’s…

“I want Taiyou’s contract cancelled.”

Julie stood up and glared, “Absolutely not. You agreed to have him debuted. Only Taiyou can have any input on that contract. He won’t quit because their tour starts this weekend. I want you to go home and think things through. This vendetta against Hikaru is ridiculous. I don’t fire my boys for being human. You can take this up with Tackey but he will laugh you out of his office. He loves those boys. Get out I have work to do.”
Tags: au, h!p, hs jane, hs jump, hs7, hsb, ima susumou, je, juniors, ya-ya-yah

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