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Ima Susumou ch2

Title: Ima Susumou
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Fandom: Hey Say JUMP, Hey Say JANE, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8
Notes: An AU fic by Takaki Yuya [I wish] of what could have and should have happened in Johnny’s Jumisho if Johnny wasn’t in charge anymore. Credits to Cashes for Hey Say Jane plot and for Beta-ing; for Kasani and Tarryn- they get their favorite pairings. This story is a conglomeration of like three of my Fics and my well-known randomness. Real men are BI.
Warning: Multiple Het, Member-ai pairings

Ima Susumou trailer
Ima Susumou prologue
Ima Susumou ch1

July 2007-

Hikaru walked into the Ayukawa family’s home and called out “Taiyou…are you here yet…”

A soft voice was heard from the kitchen “Niichan isn’t back yet.”

Hikaru nodded, “Hey Tsuki chan. I guess I’ll go wait in his room then.” He was hot so he unbuttoned his uniform shirt a little…

Tsuki licked her lips coming out of the kitchen, “Oh Hikaru, it’s you…”

Hikaru stared, when did Taiyou’s little sister get that hot? Chottomatte, this was Taiyou’s baby sister. They are off-limits right?

Tsuki smiled wickedly, Niichan did say she could only date guys he knew. Hikaru was one of his closest friends and he was hot…she had always had a crush on him anyway. She moved closer and reached up to trail her fingers on his cheek.

“Nani, Tsuki…” he tried to move away but she followed him.

“I thought you were a playboy Hikaru. Maybe you’re just a tease. Is that why you perform Gentles, just to teased us…” Tsuki pouted.

“What do you want Tsuki…”

“Jeez Hikaru, you are oblivious. ‘I just wanna loving you. Just wanna be with you.’ she laughed, wrapping herself around him.

“Iie, Tsuki…do you know how much trouble I will be in? Little sisters are off limits between friends….It is against the rules. I’ll get killed…”

“By who Niichan? He would never do anything like that, he’s not aggressive enough. I think I’d know, he’s my Niichan after all…”

Hikaru shifted nervously, “Well…he is my best friend…I see him more. I know him better in a lot of ways they you do…” he was his best friend, his band mate and in true member-ai fashion they had slept together a few times.

She grabbed him by the collar and kissed him, “Maybe…maybe not…” she pulled him towards her bedroom.

Hikaru sputtered, “Where are we going…” he knew…he just didn’t want to think that far ahead…

“Where do you think…”

Hikaru glanced around, “I don’t want to betray Taiyou’s trust…”

Tsuki pushed him into the room, “Are you going to stop teasing and give me what I want…”

Hikaru was doomed…he was unprepared…

August 12th-

Hikaru got a call from Tsuki…he answered it worried, “Hikaru…”

”Hikaru…we need to talk…”

Hikaru bit his lip, “Why don’t you just tell me…”

An exasperated sigh came through the phone. “I can’t. I’ll meet you at the park near your house. I’m ten minutes away.” She hung up.

Hikaru grabbed his jacket, keys and phone. He ran to the park already thinking the worst.

Tsuki was sitting on a bench waiting for him.

Hikaru sat next to her breathing hard, “Yes...”

Tsuki looks at him, her eyes hidden with sunglasses, “I’m pregnant…”

Hikaru was shocked, his jaw dropped and he stammered, “You’re what…”

Tsuki glared, “I said I was pregnant. What are we going to do…”

Hikaru bit his lip, “I don’t know…I was afraid this would happen. I can’t afford to lose Ya-Ya-Yah. It’s the only job I have…”

Tsuki slapped him, “How do you think I feel? I’m only 15…I don’t want to be a mother yet. Dad will be furious and try to kill you for this. He doesn’t even know I date.”

Hikaru rolled his eyes, “Your mother had both you and Taiyou before she graduated High school. He has no room to say anything.”

Tsuki wailed, “I don’t know what I will do…mom will be disappointed.”

Hikaru worried, he would never feel comfortable in that house again. Taiyou’s dad would forbid him from visiting. How will Taiyou react? He felt awful…he never wanted this to happen. He should have run…

Tsuki starts to cry, “You aren’t helping…” she runs away.

Hikaru follows her and takes her in his arms, “I’ll figure out something…”

August 26th-

Hikaru has Taiyou spend the night and takes him back to his bedroom after dinner. He sits on his bed and leans against the wall, “I don’t know how to tell you this. I’m really sorry…” he wrung his want nervously.

Taiyou was spinning in Hikaru’s desk chair and stops at the apology, “What are you talking about…”

Hikaru turned red, “I got Tsuki pregnant…I swear I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t get away without hurting her.”

Taiyou blinked, “You did what…” he knew Tsuki had boyfriends and was probably active but Hikaru? “I don’t believe you would do that…” she has been acting strangely the last few weeks and Hikaru has been avoiding him for the last week or so; which was a feat since they saw each other like every day.

Hikaru nodded, “I’m sorry…I didn’t have a condom. I should have left but…”

Taiyou sighed, “Dad will kill you. He won’t want either of us to see you; which will be hard because we are in Ya-Ya-Yah together…”

Hikaru turned white, “He won’t make you quit will he…we need you.” Ya-Ya-Yah wouldn’t be Ya-Ya-Yah without him.

Taiyou shook his head, “I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think Julie will fire me. She isn’t as hard as Johnny was. It’s not my fault you got her pregnant. I won’t quit.”

Hikaru asked softly, “You forgive me…”

Taiyou moved to hug him, “Life is going to get hard for both of us. Getting angry with you won’t help. Ya-Ya-Yah is a family; if you’re with Tsuki it just brings us closer.”

Hikaru hugged Taiyou tightly, “I don’t know what I would do without you…” he just didn’t love Tsuki.
Tags: au, h!p, hs jane, hs7, hsb, ima susumou, je, juniors, ya-ya-yah

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