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Ima Susumou ch1

Title: Ima Susumou
Rating: TBA
Pairings: multiple
Fandom: Hey Say JUMP, Hey Say JANE, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8
Notes: An AU fic by Takaki Yuya [I wish] of what could have and should have happened in Johnny’s Jumisho if Johnny wasn’t in charge anymore. Credits to Cashes for Hey Say Jane plot and for Beta-ing; for Kasani and Tarryn- they get their favorite pairings. This story is a conglomeration of like three of my Fics and my well-known randomness. Real men are BI.
Warning: Multiple Het, Member-ai pairings

Ima Susumou trailer
Ima Susumou prologue

March 2007-

Kitagawa Mary ran into Ya-Ya-Yah’s dressing room at the studio of their TV show, she was gasping for breath, “You guys better sit down…Julie just gave me the most awesome news. She and Tackey decided the band debuting for the Lovely Complex anime is going to be you guys. Ima Susumou and Baby Babe are going to be on your single for the opening and closing; you get a third song on the special edition to be determined.”

Yabu blinked, Hikaru shouted for joy, Taiyou fainted and Shoon dropped his bass guitar that he had been practicing with.

Mary stared, “Aren’t you guys excited…”

Yabu nodded slowly, “I’m shocked, it’s what we’ve been working for years for but…I thought Yuto was getting debuted in a special unit for that.”

Mary shook her head, “He IS getting debuted but not yet, you four are getting debuted first. By the way, Shoon will be debuting as leader.”

Shoon stammered, “What the Hell? Yabu’s been leader forever…I don’t want to take his place…”

“We have plans for Yabu; he can’t be Ya-Ya-Yah’s leader right now. You guys are on your way…we expect great things from you.”

Hikaru was excited, “We’re recording my song? This is totally awesome! Guys, we have to decide on a great song as our third track…”

Taiyou staggered waking up from his faint, “What about Itoshi no playgirl…I’m sure Tesshi and Shige would be thrilled.”

Mary grinned, “Perfect, you three better get to practicing soon. We’ll be announcing the debut at KAT-TUN’s Cartoon KAT-TUN II You Tokyo Dome concert.”

Shoon blinked, “But that two weeks away and we NEVER are at KAT-TUN concerts…”

Mary shrugged, “Julie said you were going to be there. You four plan on recording yourselves playing Imu Susumou or do I need to arrange for Question? to be at the recording studio…”

Shoon bit his lip, “I think we’ll play. It’s our song, Hika-chan wrote it for us to play…”

Mary nodded, “You deserve this; you’ll all going to be just fine…”

May 2007-

Kame yelled, “Johnny’s Jumisho’s newest debuted band, let’s scream for them; Ya-Ya-Yah.”

A spotlight shown on Yabu as he started to play the opening cords…

Kame yelled, “Yabu Kota, guitar.”

Hikaru grinned and held up two peace signs as he got his own spotlight.

“Yaotome Hikaru, bass.”

Shoon waved before he started to play.

“Leader Yamashita Shoon, bass”

Taiyou played the keyboard as they were almost ready to start singing.

“Ayukawa Taiyou, keyboard. Let hear it, Tokyo dome for my favorite kouhais; Ya-Ya-Yah performing songs from their single Imu Susumou on sale next month.”

They started to play the screaming fans were just for them right now…Shoon was still getting used to being leader. He was relying on Yabu for advice as well as Yamapi; he wanted to do a good job. Sure he was the oldest but leadership was not necessarily one of the things he ever wanted.

Hikaru was thrilled; their dream was finally coming true. They were indeed living the words of his song:

Yes, the wake-up show will start, let’s play
The melody we both spin echoes gently up to the sky
Let’s play the music together
Julie glared at Takaki Yuya, “What the hell were you thinking…”

Takaki shifted nervously, “I’m sorry…I didn’t do it on purpose. I sort of forgot and I was horny…”

Julie snapped, “The rules are no public relationships until you’re 25.”

Takki shushed her, “Honey that is the dumbest rule. You know no one follows it. I say we change it to 16.”

“But then 14 years olds will date.”

Takki laughed, “Dear you know they already do so what’s the point? They’re guys with hormones, you don’t really think the only ones they screw around with are Johnnies do you…”

Julie blushed, “No…but…”

“No buts, we’re lucky he is only the first junior to get his girlfriend pregnant. I am surprised he wasn’t the one I expected…”

Julie sighed, “You win…”

Takaki gagged as his sempai kissed the co-director of the Jumisho.

Takki smirked, “Go keep out of trouble.”

Takaki went to go pick a fight with Rubi so she could go stay with her grandparents until she had their kid. He loved her in his own way…
Tags: au, h!p, hs jane, hs7, hsb, ima susumou, je, juniors, ya-ya-yah

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