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Peices of me ch. 2- maruda

Title: Pieces of me
Pairing: maruda
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Notes: AU fic. Slightly fluffy, Yuichi is a writer and Uebo is a pianist.

Pieces of me ch.1

Dear Nakamaru-san,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire your books. Smack and Weather are my favorites.

I’ve been your fan since your first story, not many have read it now but I have. I even have a signed copy of Smack. I wasn’t able to make the book signing but a friend of mine was extreamely pleasant about getting one for me.

I hope one day we can meet and discuss your books. I am rather shy, I am just a closet fan. Can’t wait to read your next book. Good luck.

Best wishes,


Maru reread the letter many times, the voice was familiar. He’d been a writer for years now and had always been an avid reader so he knew a lot about a writer’s voice and even a name change doesn’t change it. Bachman was Stephen King and always had been. He wodered who this person was…what did closet have to with anything? He sighed he’d put it off for another day. He still had time to make Kazuya’s game. His adorable adopted brother would cry if he missed it and he loved to see his little turtle pitch. The kid had talent, he’s make a star pitcher one of these day and have no time for his crazy older brother who wrote Yoai novels. 
Tags: kattun, maruda, multi-chapter, pieces

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