Cris Liggett (kusanobabe05) wrote,
Cris Liggett

Pieces of me Chapter 1

Title: Pieces of me
Pairing: maruda
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Notes: AU fic. Slightly fluffy, Yuichi is a writer and Uebo is a pianist.

The worst thing in the world is Writer’s block…

That was the problem facing Nakamaru Yuichi…his deadline for submission was approaching quickly and he was blocked. He’d been typing useless nonsense for six hours straight. He made a habit to write even if he had no inspiration; sighing he turn the computer screen off and went to get his coat. He was too lazy to cook and he decided the exercise would do him good. He made his way to Agony.

Agony and Ecstasy was run by an old schoolmate who he’d seen off and on for years before he found the place. It was a bar, a lounge and a somewhat of a host club. You pick your companion for the night and they are willing to serve you in anyway. He sometimes took them up on the offer but tonight he wanted a meal and a beer. He wasn’t in the mood to flirt.

He spotted Ueda Tatsuya the club’s owner emerging from behind a crimson silk curtain. Maru smiled, “Hey…”

Ueda grinned back, “Yuichi…it’s been too long. You’ve been slaving away again ad now you’re too thin. Come on.”

He followed Ueda into the Salon.

There were electric fires that appeared to burn in a large glass fireplace in the center of the large salon warming the room. Hostesses and hosts lay talking and laughing, they were trying to seem as appealing as possible. A soft vanilla and sandlewood incense filled the air. The rooms on the far end of the room had blue, red and purple silk curitains. A time in these was added to the bill, but he wasn’t in the mood. He took a seat the bar ignoring the chaise lounges, ottomans as well as the cushions on the floor. It was a warm and comfortable room enhanced by whatever music Ueda decided to have playing. Right now it was soft Jazz he recognized old Louis Armstrong’s horn. Ueda had a thing for talent…

He turned to his friend, “You know what I want…”

Ueda nodded, “A sasparilla and a birch beer on the rocks. A large Roast beef sandwich hold the pickle and a bowl of clam chowder.” He paused, “A double order..”

Maru grinned, “I must be rubbing off…who is playing tonight…”

Ueda blushed, “Me, I splurged and bought a new piano. It’s clear and its just been tuned. I have a few pieces I wanted to try out.”

Maru sipped his drink, “I look forward to hearing them.”
Tags: au, fluff, kattun, maruda

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