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For Love and For Blood ch. 57

Title: For Love and for Blood, ch.57
Fandom: JE, SM, non JE
Pairings: NA
Genre: AU
Warning: can get bloody...
Rating: NC 17/R

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

Risa knew all of the rescue operations were happening soon. She didn’t have much time. She walked into the Den and spoke with the voice of an Alpha, an Elder. “I Sugaya Risako humbly request an audience with the Third Elder.”

The older wolf sneered, “Little wolf why should I see if he will grant such a request.”

Her eyes flashed, “It is a crime to deny an Alpha. Tell him the Daughter of the Moon comes with knowledge of our brother and the hunters.”

The wolf jumped, this little wolf spoke as an Alpha. What pack had elected her? Who had she defeated for that honor? He turned and entered the Elder’s chamber.

Her father came out and tried to speak with her; he had come to petition her not to bother then Elder.

She looked at him, “I will speak with him. I claim the right as an Alpha. I come as an Ambassador from the Vampire Commission. I have spoken with President Kato and Former President Okamoto.” She smiled softly, “The heir to the Presidency is also willing to reunite our people. They require our assistance. I will speak to the Elder.”

This girl looked like his daughter, she smelled different. There was an air of authority that he’d never seen before. This was his daughter and yet it wasn’t. She had been changing since her mother died and he sensed she was being honest. He bowed, “This way.” He asked softly, “What pack claims you.”

She saw softly, “The children of heaven. They are my own we are small but mighty. I have sent two of them on a mission. I shall tell you all later. I believe after granting my request the elder will send for a special session of the council.” They might call for her to be frozen as punishment for her crime.

Her father bowed before the elder, “Elder Uekusa-sama. I present my daughter Risako; Alpha of the Children of heaven. She says she brings you greetings from the Vampire Commission as well as news of the hunters.”

The elder Uekusa was the same age as Kenichi only his son Yuta came into his powers young. The boy was a little unstable at times; most of those who get their powers too early are.

Of the Children of Heaven only Daiki and she could handle it. She had been born with her powers and hungered for blood. They say it caused her mother to fall into a depression because she would not feed like a normal pup; a depression that worsened when her father left the pack to serve the Elder. She was born old, an old soul in the body of a pup.

Elder Uekusa stared at her, “How did you make contact with our fellow blood drinkers.” There was something about this girl that frightened him, always had been.

Risa bowed only slightly, “I met the heir. He introduced me. I have spent the last two weeks in their company. I have learned much my Elder. The hunters kidnapped the Prime Minister of Japan as well as family of two immunes. I can tell you that immunes are unnatural and that they were created to destroy our brothers. They can be given the powers if they are willing. I have been shown much in my dreams. The forces of Omega Japan have been split in four. Two of my pack have been sent to eliminate their threat to peace. They are to ensure they are not harmed. I have need of brave wolves, those brave enough to walk into the lion’s den. We have precious little time. We share this island with our brothers. If the hunters here are not subdued we will all be exposed. The most dangerous hunter since it’s founding it near. I have seen his heart and it is twisted. He must not be allowed to slay anymore of the three kin. My pack is sworn to protect the Wolves, the Eagles and man.” She used the old names; she wanted his attention.

The elder sensed an equal and bowed, “Daughter of the Moon, I welcome you. Take as many as you need. We will speak later. Go. Do what you must do.”

Risa’s father gasped, Elders bowed to none but their equal.

Risa stepped out into the hall, “I have need of 12 strong brave wolves who will follow my every order as if from the elder himself.”

The wolf from before bowed, “My lady, I apologize. My name is TOP. I have a few companions who will serve you well follow me.”

Risa followed him, “We have precious time.”

TOP nodded, “I understand, we may vary in age but we are brave.” He led her into the den of his pack, “Wake up. On your feet the Elder has ordered us to accompany this Alpha. The Arctic wolf is Daesung and the Blue-black one is G. Dragon. The small Basenji is Ri and the Maned wolf is Bae.”

As their names were called they assume human-like form, Hounds have little inhibitions about being naked.

Top gestured to four dogs curled up together, “The Siberian husky is Dara, the saluki is Bom, the Shiba Inu is Minzy and Tibetan terrier is CL. Don’t let the sizes fool you. They can take any of us.”

Risa nodded, “Nice to meet you. We have a job to do and we have very little time to do it.” She shifted into the form she loved bet the Honshu wolf, “Follow me.” She took off at a dead run, she ran the pack to the edge of Inoo’s resort, “Be quiet and try not to be seen.”

The nine followed her lead running on silent feet; they heard from TOP what their mission was.

Bom worried about Minzy, “She won’t be hurt will she…”

TOP said with conviction, “Trust the Alpha. She will lead us.”

Risa would have been pleased with the praise but she spotted her target. She isolated Minzy, “By that tree five yards away is a hidden entrance. Open it.” They had no clothes so they had to do this the hard way.

She approached Kazama, signaling her fellow Hounds to be ready, “Kazama Shunsuke, I am placing you under arrest. You are charged with murder, kidnapping, reckless endangerment and corruption of a minor.”

Kazama laughed, “Under whose authority…”

Risa glared at him, “this is a citizen’s arrest allowed under the authority of the Japanese code of laws, the Vampire commission and the Council of the three Elders.”

Kazama stared, “The what?”

Risa walked forward, “I am a child of heaven. It is my duty to protect Earth. We are its guardians. Your precious immunes have been given their hearts desire; they are no longer immune. I want you to surrender. I have eight Hounds that would love to take you down. You smell like death and disease.”

Kazama laughed, “Here on the most famous resort in Japan you’re going let a bunch of dogs attack me? It’s a trick right? One of Jin’s stupid Jokes..”

Risa shifted back, her female form shimmering slightly, “I am a Hound of Theiss and I am real. TOP and Daesung restrain him. G. Dragon, I want you to search him for weapons. Minzy is that door open yet…”

Minzy called out, “It is now.” It had been tricky it was a modified version of one at the Den.

Risa nodded, “TOP down the hall you will find a room labeled security, deposit him in one of the cells. Then return. We have to round up fifteen. They aren’t as numerous as they like to pretend. It took nearly all of their number to kidnap their victims. You better pray they are safe.”

Kazama turned white at her words and he was dragged away, “They are dead. I ordered it myself.” This was a were-wolf…they were all were-wolves. They were supposed to be dead.

Risa sighed, “Poor deluded angry man; Jimmy Mackey overturned your decision and arranged kidnappings. I saw it in a vision.” As a parting gift she showed him Ryo and Shoon getting turned, they were happy and begging to more.

Kazama tried to struggle but the hot naked men who held him would not release.

Risa and her eight tacked down every Omega operative down to the 13 year old brother of Ryutaro. They locked them in Daiki’s cells and Risa released the wolves from her service. “Thank you. I suspect I will be wanted to appear before Elders soon. He will send one of you to inform me if my dreams do not.”

CL bowed slightly, “Miss Risako will not go with us…”

Risa shook her head “My place is here with my pack. I must go see that they are safe.”

TOP nodded, “We will return. You have our kinship. We will always come if you call.”

Risa looked away, “Even if I am driven from the Den you would still come…”

TOP sang a wolfsong of victory before replying, “You have defeated the hunters. We would come to your aid if you called. I am the Alpha of this pack I bow to the Daughter of the Moon and her pack the Children of Heaven.”

The whole pack bowed nose pressed to the earth before taking off at a dead run.

Risa watched them go before closing the secret door and locking it once more, “I hope they know what they just promised.” It was time to report to Shige, he must accept her as Keito’s mate and his ambassador to the Council. There were two great heresies among the hounds. She had committed one of them twice and allowed her mate to commit it as well. The second she would commit soon…
Tags: 2ne1, au, berryzkoubou, bigbang, four tops, h!p, je, nonje, sg, vampires

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