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For Love and For Blood ch. 56

Title: For Love and For Blood
Fandom: JE, SM, non JE
Pairings: implied tomaxhasejun
Genre: AU
Warning: can get bloody...
Rating: NC 17/R

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.55 NC-17

Daiki glanced at his men some familiar then others, just before he ordered them to turn on the suits. “Here we go, remember Risa said we are not kill them. Trust me that young woman is not someone I wish to anger. I don’t like Omega anymore then you do but we have to do this right. We can’t let them do something like this again. It is too dangerous…”

Nika scowled, he hated to admit that his boss had a point.

None of them were happy about the order but they didn’t want to shed any blood either. There had been too much spilled on both sides.

Daiki led his men in silence out onto the nearly deserted street, they enter the property. They were normally a rather loud group but they were silent tonight. He watched them removed their targets; with Toma and HaseJun just behind them.

Toma prayed to God that no one would be hurt, after that scare with Nika he didn’t want to endanger any of their lives but going after a terrorist group this old and this powerful left a bitter taste in his mouth. He knew what they could do; he’d seen what Omega had done to Matsujun and Morimoto. Juri had also told him things, he felt sorry for that girl. The burden of guilt she must carry, hopefully Tegoshi-sensei would be able to help her.

Daiki hadn’t been allowed to go after Reon but he would return Shoon’s brother to him. He was going after Ryo’s sister; they had Toma just in case the woman went into labor. Toma hadn’t approved the emergency transport for her yet but hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. They were in and they were systematically picking off their enemies to stay under the watchful eye of Senga.

ShingDong was getting a bad feeling; he silently contacted Daiki, “Wait…booby traps. I can sense them. This is Jin, he loves his bombs.”

Daiki called a halt, “Find them. I don’t want to go home without one of you.”

ShinDong ran a scan for explosives and other traps. He disabled them silently, “I got these ones. I’m going first. Stay behind me; wait until I say it’s safe.”

Juri had gone with them, she didn’t trust Jin. She’s take care of him first. They had a score to settle. She wouldn’t kill him; she wanted to teach him a lesson. He’d always been too sure of himself. She would give him something he would never forget.”

Daiki had warned her, she shouldn’t have come with him anymore then they should have let Ohkura go after Nakai. It would have been worse if they had sent Ohkura after Kazama.

ShinDong signaled for then to follow him, they sent two more guards to Senga where he waited for them on the train.

Daiki watched Juri carefully.

Juri closed her eyes and reached out for Jin’s mind, “Second floor. He’s pacing. He knows something is happening. He’s just slow to figure out what.”

Before Daiki could stop her she was out the window and climbing the building. He cursed, “Hurry. We don’t have time.”

Juri barely heard him, she emerged from the darkness. She called out, “Jin. I’ve returned from the dead. It’s time.”

Jin took a while to process the fact that his dead colleague was before him, he drew a blade slowly, “You’re supposed to be dead.”

Juri laughed sarcastically, “You should have gone up in the blast that destroyed a quarter of Tokyo. I told them not to give it to you. You killed innocents, humans. I won’t let you kill anymore. There are better ways of protecting.”

Jin sniffed, “You smell like blood. Have you forgotten your Oath…”

Juri shook her head, “I merely reinterpreted it. You are the one who has forgotten the face of his father and betrayed humanity. You will destroy it.”

Daiki emerged onto second floor to hear loud voices and the clang of swords, “Stay out of their way. Find the girl. Hurry. Nika, Kitayama get those bombs ready. I want this place gone.”

They all ran dodging Juri and Jin as they battled; Toma registered poison on Jin’s blade and shot a tranquilizer at Jin. He ran to Juri’s side and gave her a shot of the antidote that he believed was right. He wasn’t that great with the toys that Daiki’s men had but it was the one the scanner seemed to indicate. “Juri…it’s okay now.”

Juri cursed, “I had him; I did. I would have won, why did you interfere…”

“Because the blade was poisoned.”

“Dammit I knew that. They are always poisoned. I had all the antidotes on me.” She passed out from fighting and the poison.

Toma slapped an emergency transport beacon on them both after Daiki cuffed Jin. He sent Hasejun with them; he kissed him quickly, “Keep an eye on her. There is extra equipment on the train if you need it.”

Taipi used his laser gun to burn the lock mechanism, they all burst in and Toma ran towards his new patient, he made sure she was okay and decided she was healthy enough given the circumstances. He used the last of his tags and they both disappeared leaving the real work to Daiki’s team.

Daiki felt better now that the woman was rescued and that they seemed to have captured all of the Omega operatives present. He just hoped he wouldn’t get in trouble for Juri’s escapade. Well Masami can handle Juri, he sensed they were bonded it was usually better to let a mate deal with an issue like this. Juri wasn’t subject to anyone’s authority during this operation because it wasn’t VC run. Ohkura was elected due to his experience with Omega and the rest followed him because Inoo-sama or Jae-san told them to.

Nika keyed the bombs to go off at his signal and nodded, “Let get out of here. I don’t want to be here when it blows.”

Daiki gave the order to evacuate and they exited enmass.
Tags: au, four tops, hsb, hsj, je, kattun, kis-my-ft2, nonje, sm, suju, vampires

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