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For Love and For Blood ch. 55

Title: For Love and for Blood, ch.55.
Fandom: JE, SM, non JE
Pairings: NA
Genre: AU
Warning: can get bloody...
Rating: NC 17/R

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.54 NC-17

Jae stood with his men just outside the perimeter, he spoke to them silently; “we will follow the instructions of the daughter of the moon. Shed no blood; disable, disarm and preserve the lives of our mortal kin.”

DongHae cursed silently, “Yes sir.”

They crept towards the seemingly abandoned building the holosuits made them invisible.

KyuKyu and SungMin stayed to rear, they were silent as they followed their comrades. They were back-up, they would take the place of a colleague if they fell or tend to their wounds. All known antidotes to Omega poisons were in their kits.

They quickly disabled the guards; stunning them, relieving them of weapons and cuffing them. They used the early darkness to hide themselves as they did this; they tagged their captives with tracers so they could use the emergency site to site beaming technology that Changmin had barely finish testing in time for the operation. Within five minutes they had disabled the outside guards and entered the building. The captives were currently on the VC train under the watchful eye of LeeTeuk, they weren’t going anywhere. They had to work their way up, they had finished the first two floors but when they reached the third.

Katori realized something was wrong when three of his team missed their check-in and then most of his men stopped responding to his transmissions. He cursed; he was too far away from his exit point. He breathed a silent apology to his lover and led his five of his remaining men to meet the intruders. “The evil ones are upon us. We must protect our own.” He glared at Hina, “If we fail kill him. You know the oath.” If they fell then Hina must die for Omega and so must Reon. A scared teenager, a shame he would have made a good operative.

Jae was the strongest telepath among them and led them quietly to meet the enemy; he sent his men after the others. Katori was his.

KiBum took one down himself; the guy was unconscious and weaponless in a few seconds. He tagged him and watched him flash out.

KangIn did the same.

Jae deactivated his suit ignoring the others; he bowed to Katori, “I thought you should see my face before you are defeated. We have not interest in your blood or your lives. Your lives have been spared on the order of a very powerful young woman.” He removed every weapon from Katori while the man stood there in shock. He cuffed him with manacles that would only open with his DNA recognition and sent him to LeeTeuk.

Jae followed his men to see a rather scared human holding a knife to the boy’s neck. He felt protective of the human; he looked so much like him. Shoon looked a lot like himself as well something he could not avoid noticing despite the little time they spent together. He called out softly, “I know you don’t want to hurt him. Let Reon go. He has nothing to do with Omega. You don’t want to hurt him. Hasn’t there been enough death on both sides…”

Hina looked around wildly, “You aren’t alone. Where are the others? Did you kill them? Omega doesn’t die don’t you know that by now? We always come back…”

Jae told his men to switch off their suits, “There are only seven of us. None of your comrades have been hurt. They are currently taking a nice nap but they might wake up with a headache. We merely stunned them. Now let him.”

Hina fell to his knees and dropped the knife, “Go ahead and kill me. I’m done.”

RyeoWook used his last pair of manacles to keep Hina from fighting back before sending him to LeeTeuk.

KyuKyu ran towards Reon and gave him a quick exam; he turned to Jae, “He’s fine physically. I can’t determine much else.”

Jae nodded, “KangIn set it and let’s get out of here. I want the building to disappear. No rubble no radiation. Erase it. Dark deeds have been done here. Cleanse it.”

KangIn gestured for DongHae, “Come on.”

Jae left them he knew they would place four bombs perfectly since these bombs would safely severe the bonds that kept this place up. A VC bomb was anti-neutron bomb; a neutron bomb released enough radiation to eliminate an enemy while leaving the structures standing with no harmful radiation. The bombs KangIn and DongHae were setting would make the building implode but there would be nothing left. No rubble, nothing. It would be gone in seconds; he counted his men. When KangIn and DongHae returned to the train they would have accomplished this unscathed.
Tags: au, flfb, nc-17, suju, tohoshinki, vampires

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