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Twist of fate ch.2

Title: A twist of fate
Rating: PG-13 for violence?
Pairing: pishige
Fandom: NewS

Twist of fate Prologue
Twist of fate ch.1

Shige woke up groggy with pain medicine, his head hurt like he had a hangover and when he tried to sit up pain shot through his side. He moaned, and fell back on the bed.

The moan awoke Yamapi who had been curled up on the couch worried. He hurried to check his patient. He was off-duty but Kato was still his patient.

Shige blinked at him, “You…who are you…” he didn’t remember him, he looked around, “Is Oguri-san alright…”

Yamapi nodded, “Shun is home resting, he helped me save your life. Nishikido-san had a detail outside his home in case Koyama decides to try again. I don’t know why they let him out. I testified about his attack on you and they still released him.”

Shige worried, “He is not in too much trouble I hope. That man adored his sister; she was the only family he had.”

Yamapi rolled his eyes, “The prefecture brought charges of attempted murder because of Shun as well as assault with a deadly weapon because of you. He claims he didn’t mean to hurt you that it was your fault for getting in the way. The court felt he was under emotional duress. I think he had intent; he brought a weapon into court. What do I know, I’m just a doctor.”

Shige asked, “Who is Nishikido…”

Yamapi paused, “He is the detective assigned to your case.”

Shige nodded, “I’ll have make a statement I imagine. I just don’t feel up to it right now.”

Yamapi nodded, “You don’t need to make one just yet. You’ve been through something traumatic. I recommend rest for a while. Your junior partner Yamashita Shoon was here earlier. He told me he’s taken over your cases for the time being and he delegated his own case to a lawyer named Yabu Kota. He didn’t want any of the firm’s clients to be affected by the incident.”

Shige nodded, “He’s competent. I trust him; he was a good choice for a junior partner. Any idea when I can get out of here…”

Yamapi crossed his arms, “A day or two. You lost a lot of blood and I want to be sure that the stitches won’t rip.”

Shige teased, “Aren’t you confident in your own work…”

Yamapi snorted, “Of course I am. I just don’t know how go you are at following orders. When I determine that you can go home.”

Shige smirked, “Depends on the incentive.”

Yamapi glared, “I am your doctor; my word is law. You understand law.”

Shige laughed at his seriousness, “Law is flexible, open to interpretation. A lawyer can spin law like they spin facts to convince others that their view is the right one.”

Yamapi sighed, “Touché. Medical trials can be the same way, which is why I steer clear of them. I like black and white; therefore you stay until I say. Don’t be stubborn and sign out against medical advice. It could be dangerous.”

Shige blinked at him, “I see…we are at an impasse. You want me to stay; I want to be back at work.”

Yamapi sat heavily in a chair, “I thought doctors were the worst patients.”

Shige chuckled, “there is a reason someone once said kill the lawyers.”

Yamapi shook his head, “I just don’t want to be Shun in a few months. I don’t want to be at that table being accused of giving inadequate care because you decided to leave before I release you.”

Shige’s eyes flashed mischievously, “Self-interest masquerading as a caring bedside manner.”

Yamapi bit his lip, “If something happened to you Shun might lose his case.”

Shige stared at his, “It sounds like Shun is important to you…”

Yamapi nodded, “He’s my best friend; this place is all he has anymore.”

Shige said softly, “Sounds like he means a lot to you…”

Yamapi looked away, “He is precious. It’s hard to find a friend as caring as he is in the world. Medicine is a world unto itself.”

Shige nodded in understanding, “As is law; it’s a hard world to make your place in but it is always worth it.”

Yamapi checked his watch, “Damn I just have time to grab a bite to eat before starting my shift. I’ll be on the ward periodically. You can page me if you need anything done that you don’t want to ask a nurse for. “

Shige laughed, there were so many interpretations of that. He watched Yamapi leave and felt like the room had gotten cold. It must be the blood loss talking.
Tags: au, fluff, member-ai, multi-chapter, news, pg-13, pishige, twistoffate

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