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Twist of fate prologue

Title: A twist of fate
Rating: PG-13 for violence?
Pairing: none yet
Fandom: NewS

It was late, Oguri Shun sighed. A long night, sometimes 36 hours shifts were a pain but someone had to do them. Then the phone rang….

An intern Endo Yuya answered it and looked at him, “There is a woman on her way. She’s been turned down by three hospitals. She’s eight months pregnant; she was in a hit and run accident. She lost a lot of blood; there is little the paramedics can do. They are near here and want to know if we’ll accept her.”

Shun bit his lip, “Get her blood type and someone bring up her chart. We’ll need it.” He glanced around at his staff. “Prepare for the possibility of an emergency C-section. I want a fetal monitor and a crash cart. Now. Move people.” He selected an intern and they went to wait for the ambulance, he didn’t need to baby-sit them. They were trained for situations such as this. In her condition he might be her last hope; he wasn’t the best Obstetrician; he’d done a rotation as an OBGYN but it wasn’t what he wanted. He paged the one on call. It probably wasn’t hers but it was the best he could do for her. He grabbed a nurse she’d worked with when she was on rotation in the OBGYN clinic. In his years as a doctor he’d learned sometimes a nurse knew more then a doctor. If he didn’t get a doctor well then Aragaki Yui would do just fine.

The three of them accepted the gurney; they lifted her gently on to the bed in the exam room they prepared.

He took stock as well as control of the situation, the woman was hemorrhaging. This was bad. They were losing them both. He yelled, “Is the OR in use still…”

Yuya cursed, “Yes…the last one we sent there is still in it.”

Shun bit his lip, the baby was almost gone. He couldn’t stop the bleeding as well as he liked here but it was the only chance the woman had. He scrubbed, was gowned and gloved. He relied heavily on Yui’s expertise…

20 minutes later he cursed, tossing the bloody gown and gloves in the trash he’d failed. It was always hard to lose a patient but it was two he’d lost. He felt sorry for the wailing family. He didn’t know what to do…he slid down his locker door and cried for a few minutes. Then he went back to work, he was the attending. Breaking down wasn’t a real option.
Tags: member-ai, multi-chapter, news, pg-13, pishige, twistoffate

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