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Cris Liggett

Fly Away-hikanotti

Title: Fly Away
Pairing: hikanotti
Genre: au
Fandoms: NewS, HSJ, Ya3
Notes: For my Chii…

Notti watched him from across the teachers’ office. He was younger then he was but so cute. He was drawn to the younger teacher, he was so smart. He was young enough to be one of their students but he was a fellow teacher did that make okay to love him? He closed his eyes and sighed. He wanted to confess but was he too old for him? He knew he was the same age as Hikaru’s brothers, nervously he called out, “Hikaru-sensei…want to join me for lunch?

Hikaru looked up from his lesson plans, “Lunch…I guess.” He smiled, he had to eat sometime right?

Notti grinned; Hikaru still didn’t recognize him yet. He had been friends with Hikaru’s brothers before he had moved away. Hikaru hadn’t tested into the elite music school in New York yet. He had heard from his friend Kaoru that Hikaru had gone away to Julliard’s. He’d been proud of him then, now seeing and feeling him so close made feel different then when they had been younger.

Hikaru follow Notti to the school’s cafeteria; they both choose their meals and sat down. There was something familiar and special about his colleague and friend Kusano Hironori.

When they were finished eating Notti asked, “What are you doing Saturday I heard the new Fast and Furious movie is coming out. We could go watch it.”

Hikaru laughed, “I love fast cars…sure we can go.” Why did sitting in a dark movie theater with Notti make him happy? He didn’t know…

Notti’s face spilt with huge grin, “Sounds like fun…thanks…”

Hikaru reached up to rest a hand on his friend’s shoulder, “What else are friends for? Watching movies is always better when you aren’t alone.”

Notti nodded, Hikaru’s hand felt warm on his shoulder…

Hikaru checked his watch, “Sorry, got to run. Class starts in five minutes. I can’t be late.”

Notti watched him go, feeling sad with the loss of Hikaru’s bubbly presence.
Notti knocked Hikaru’s door, it was late in the morning on the day they were supposed to meet up. He had a list of movie times and wanted Hikaru to pick the one he preferred.

Hikaru heard the soft knocked and stumbled towards the door, he opened it yawning wearing just a pair of green plaid lounging pants.

Notti swallowed nervously, as he was greeted with the sight of the fine musculature of Hikaru’s body and the way the soft fabric clung to the young guy’s body. He stammered “Did I wake you? Sorry I thought you might be up by now…”

Hikaru yawned checking his watch, “I should have been up by now, I try not to sleep in much on weekends too it disrupts my sleep schedule. What time were we supposed to go to the movie…” he scratched his head rumpling his hair more and then stretched…

Notti tried not to notice that the pants slide down Hikaru’s slim frame, the honey colored skin of his narrow hips revealed it was all he was wearing. He tried to avoid blushing as he held out the list of times. He said trying to only look at Hikaru’s face, “Umm, we didn’t. I printed the times off so you could choose.”

Hikaru checked his watch against the times, “Its just after eleven now, the next showing is at 12:25. I suppose that would give up time to eat something and for me to dress before we head downtown.”

Notti nodded, “Works for me. I’ll leave you alone so you can get dressed…” he walked across the hall to his own room and shut the door. He closed his eyes trying to calm himself as he tried to forget how good Hikaru had just looked. He shouldn’t feel this way, Hikaru was years younger then he was. He was also his friend’s little brother; that made it worse to feel this way right…
Hikaru stared after him, had he done something wrong? He felt like Notti had run away just now and that made him feel a little lonely. He took a shower and dressed a little sad. He pulled on tight jeans, a dress shirt and a hooded dark blue sweater vest. He fixed his hair just a bit. He wore a necklace with a silver bass cleft a present from his mother for getting into Julliard. He went to knock on Notti’s door…
Notti was curled up on his bed trying to get a handle on his emotions; he didn’t want to spoil their friendship by making the younger guy feel uncomfortable. He didn’t hear the soft knock.

Hikaru entered his friend open slowly so he wouldn’t hit him with it. He scanned the room and found him on the bed curled up. He walked towards him calling out, “Notti, what’s wrong did I upset you…”

Notti sat up shaking his head, “No, you didn’t do anything…”

Hikaru sat beside him very conscious of Notti’s nearness, “then tell me what’s wrong…”

Notti decided to tell part of the truth, “You don’t remember who I am do you…”

Hikaru blinked at him confused, “You’re Notti…the English teacher…”

Notti shook his head, “I figured you forgot me. You were only seven when I moved away; I was Kaoru’s best friend…”

Hikaru tilted his head thinking, then his eyes widened as he remembered, “Kusachii…Kaoru used to call you Kusachii…”

Notti grinned, “Yes he did; we kept in touch for a while. He told me you got into Julliard and that the family was so proud. We lost touch when we got into different Universities. I was a little shocked when I realized who you were and a little sad you didn’t know me.”

Hikaru nodded, it explained why he seemed familiar like they’d known each other before. He reached for Notti’s hand, he squeezed it, “So shall we go hang out like old times…”

Notti liked the warm feeling of Hikaru’s hand in his, he wished he could just kiss him but he didn’t dare. He had been ‘out’ for years but he tried to keep his private life separate from work. His attraction to Hikaru threatened that separation. He bit his lip before smiling, “Sure…”

Hikaru laughed, “So where are we going to eat? Frankly I’d prefer to eat somewhere other then the cafeteria.” he stood tried to pull Notti to his feet.

Notti let Hikaru pull him up; he kept his balance so he wouldn’t fall into his arms. He nodded, “What about McDonalds? I think there is one near the theater. I could drive if you don’t want to walk. It’s not a fancy or expensive car. It’s just a Toyota Corolla.”

Hikaru grinned, “I’d live to ride if we could…”

They headed to the car and when they were safely belted in Notti drove in the direction of the downtown theater. They walked the short distance to the fast food restaurant after they parked.

They ate rather slowly as Notti tried not to stare at the younger guy, he needed to get a grip on his feelings…

Hikaru felt Notti’s eyes on him and worried he had sauce on his face from his chicken sandwich. He wiped his chin and found nothing. He liked being noticed by others, he’d dated a few times…he froze mid-bite, why was he thinking about dating? He caught Notti looking away like a girl; he kept eating thinking. Did his friend like him? His family didn’t really know about his preferences. He did sometimes prefer guys but did Notti like him? He thought back; Notti always seemed nervous around him and he tended to stammer when he asked him to go somewhere. He caught sight of the noon light shining on Notti. He looked so good with the golden fingers of light playing with his hair.

Notti shivered beneath the other’s gaze. Had Hikaru discovered his feelings? He’d tried to be careful…

Hikaru checked his watch, “We’re going to be late if we don’t hurry and we still need tickets.”

Notti finished quickly nodding, “Yeah…”

They threw away their trash and walked next door to the theater. They each purchased their own tickets and went to find some seats.

Hikaru picked some in the back where they wouldn’t be bothered. He pushed Notti in direction.

The movie started, Notti had seen it before and fell asleep about twenty minutes into it.

Hikaru turned at the soft snore and the warmth of the older guy when he felt Notti’s head fall onto his shoulder. He watched Notti sleep ignoring the movie. He glanced around, No one was looking. He leaned over to kiss Notti softly.

Notti woke at the feeling of soft warm lips press to his own, he moaned softly.

Hikaru jumped a little and stammered, “I’m sorry…you were asleep and I couldn’t help myself.”

Notti blushed, “Its okay I shouldn’t have fallen asleep…that felt nice though…” it had been a while since he had been with anyone. Hikaru’s kisses felt different from when he’d been kissed before..

Hikaru lifted the arm between them; he pulled Notti into his arms and kissed him again. It didn’t matter that they were in a crowded movie theater he didn’t want to stop kissing him.

Notti kissed him back, breaking only for air; before he realized it he heard the music from credits. He pulled away reluctantly and glanced around just as the lights came on. He reached for Hikaru’s hand, “Why don’t we go some place else…”

Hikaru stood helping him up, he didn’t let go of his hand until they reached the car.

When they were safely inside its comforting walls, Notti leaned forward to kiss him again.

Hikaru broke the kiss to ask hoarsely, “Can we go back to the school…”

Notti blushed and drove them back.

Hikaru lead Notti back to his room, they curled up kissing and cuddling on his sofa. He caressed his cheek and played with his hair holding him in his arms.

Notti curled up in Hikaru’s arms kissing him back, he was finally relaxing. He couldn’t imagine being anywhere that would make him happier. He moaned softly into their kiss, shivering with excitement as he felt the warmth of Hikaru’s hand on his cheek, he whispered softly, “I think I really liked you…”

Hikaru grinned kissing him a little harder, “Good, because I care about you a lot..."
Tags: fluff, hikanotti, hsb, hsj, news, ya-ya-yah

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