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The fine line between love and hate ch.9b

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairing: various, het, implied yaoi
Notes: A het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for murder mayhem and romance. Detective Ryo...murder…intrigue and intermixed in it all is romance...

fine line prologue
fine line ch.1
fine line ch.1b
fine line ch.2
fine line ch.3
fine line ch.4
fine line ch.5
fine line ch.6
fine line ch.7a
fine line ch.7b
fine line ch.8
fine line ch.9a

Nika cursed, he tugged off his gloves and went to get another cup of coffee.

Taiyou followed him and pulled him into an empty corridor, “What’s the matter Nika…”

Nika crushed the empty paper cup, “I can’t find anything. The only evidence that links anyone to that truck only establishes the presence of Kato-san and her employees. I can’t put anyone else in that truck.

Taiyou sighed holding him close, “Its okay. I can’t get anything off her body other then the black skin flecks. This person, whoever killed her is very careful. They didn’t seem to touch the body. They left even less evidence then whoever killed Matsumoto Maki-san.”

Nika clung to him nervously, “I think it’s the suspect…I don’t know why but those crime scenes were similar…they felt the same…”

Erika walked by muttering, “Same shadow…same fear…why…”

Nika heard her, “Erika…talk to me…” he moved away from Taiyou reluctantly.

Erika froze, “What…”

Nika stared at her, “You think it’s the same killer don’t you…”

Erika looked away, “Different weapons…why would they be related…”

Nika crossed his arms, “You know something…there is something wrong with that crime scene. It sent shivers up my spine. I didn’t like it. It felt different…not like the ones I’m used to processing.”

Erika bit her lip, she couldn’t tell the truth so she lied; “The expressions of fear on both woman’s face…it was same. Like they’d both seen the same thing…”

Nika didn’t quite believe her but he didn’t press, “I see…” she had a secret…the reports from her desk always had a different feel then those from Young. She described the causes of death and the possible weapon so accurately it fit his and Taiyou’s reports like the other half of the puzzle. He shrugged, “If it’s the same killer why did the weapon change…”

Erika walked away, “Perhaps a knife wouldn’t fulfill the murderer’s needs…”

Shoon rushed in before Taiyou and Nika returned to their stations. He gasped holding a paper bag out to Nika, “I stayed behind to try dumpster diving. I changed but I think I still smell some. I found this a few blocks away. I think it might be the murder weapon; it was what looked like dried blood on the cover.”

Nika wrinkled his nose, “You still do smell. Try using the shower before you go back to your desk.” He opened the bag carefully and stammered, “A book…you think a book did this…”

Shoon nodded, “I think it could have. Check with Toda-sensei but I’m sure of it…”

Nika set the bad on the table; he opened it and turned the book over in his hands, “Taiyou…it’s a book of penal codes. Hand me that blood test kit.” he set the book down and cut part of the cover to plTaiyou it on the slide.

Taiyou opened their kit to take out the item Nika requested, he handed it to him. If this was the murder weapon perhaps it would help his partner feel more confident in his abilities.

Nika grinned, “It’s human…”

Taiyou handed his sample of the latest victim’s blood, “Let’s see if it matches.”

Nika followed procedures to extract some of the blood from the cover to compare the DNA to the DNA of the blood from Kato-san’ face.

They ran the test and Nika squealed when the DNA matched.

Taiyou opened the volume to see the sticker on the inside of the volume, ‘Property of Professor Kato Shigeaki.’

They both stared; both weapons had belonged to the husbands…

Nika ran off to talk to Erika to see if the bloodstained volume could have been the murder weapon leaving Taiyou to call Ryo about the discovery.

Tags: fineline, het, multi-chapter, nikayou, yoai

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