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The fine line between love and hate ch.7a

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairing: various
Notes: A het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for murder mayhem and romance.

fine line prologue
fine line ch.1
fine line ch.1b
fine line ch.2
fine line ch.3
fine line ch.4
fine line ch.5
fine line ch.6
fine line ch.7
fine line ch.8
fine line ch.9

Aya entered the ballroom on Ryo’s arm where they were greeted by a lot of his friends.

Ryo called out seeing them, “Hey guys…”

Toma was talking to Erika about something and looked up, “Hey Ryo…” he grinned slightly seeing him with the newest addition to their circle.

Yoko was over half-heartedly flirting with a cop from Vice or was it Homicide…Ryo didn’t know.

Nika looked up from his cozy place in Taiyou’s arms, “Hey Ryo, who’s the looker…”

Taiyou pinched him, smiling apologetically at them both…

Ryo laughed, “This is Aya, my ex who kindly agreed to join me tonight.”

Aya nodded slightly, “Nice to meet you all…” she recognized Yoko and the captain, the others were new.

Taiyou grinned, “This is Nika, my partner. We’re both CSI we spend a lot of time with this group.”

Toma chuckled, “They were a welcome addition to the department; they came from Osaka PD with Yoko and Ryo.”

Nika blushed slightly, “I was a little nervous, we are a little unconventional…”

Toma shook his head, “You two are the best CSIs I’ve ever met. I don’t care about anything besides that. You help up track down some tricky guys with the evidence you collect.”

Erika sighed heavily, “Can we not talk about work tonight? I thought we were here for some fun. You invited me out to get me away from work…”

Toma bowed in apology, “Many pardons; my lady. Perhaps I can make it up to you? Dancing would that please you…”

Erika nodded, “You are one of the better dancers…”

Toma took her hand and led her away.

Nika said softly, “I would when those two will stop dancing around and get together…”

Taiyou shushed him, “Quiet you…lets go dance…” he pulled his partner to the dance floor and ignored stares or whispers from those who weren’t as accepting. If their friends didn’t care, anyone else’s opinions didn’t matter.

Ryo turn to Aya as the others left them, “Would you like to dance…”

Aya blushed, “I’d love to…”

She spent the night; laughing, dancing and getting to know his friends better…
Tags: fineline, het, multi-chapter, nikayou, ryoaya, yoai

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