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Jump club ch.3

Title: Jump Club
Rating: pg
Warning: Crack? Author suffering from little sleep, rpitis, Bakakism and Ouran host club fever. Ryosuke is a girl?
Fandoms: HSJ-possibly Ouran host club?

ch.1 The beginning
ch.2 Ryoko’s ‘secret’ is discovered

Ryoko stood in a corner tugging nervously with her suit, Kei and Hika had taken her shopping for the Golden Week party. They had picked out a white suit with a blue vest insisting she wear it. They’d ripped off the tag before she could see it but it was expensive she just hoped Yabu didn’t bill her for it. Kei had his arm around Hika and was walking towards her when she was glomped by Chii-sempai. She was in Kei and Hika’s class and they saw each other often…too often…

Chii squealed, “Ryo-chan, did you see the cake Yabu-sempai bought? It looks so yummy.”

Ryoko wonder how a high school second year could be so tiny and cute…

Daiki flirted with his princesses kissing their hands and handing out chocolate roses to each girl, “In hopes that I am forever in your heart.”

Ryoko gagged, as the girls screamed and one fainted. How pathetic…

Yuyan was hanging on Yabu and the girls squealed. The member-ai in the club was sometimes sickeningly apparent. Only Daiki and Yuto seemed above it all. Chii was either clinging to Keito or Yuyan and the twins…ewwww….

She was straight despite her weird father and missing mother. These guys were weird and fate had cursed her to be their companion. The only one she could stand was Yuto; he regarded Chii as a beloved pet or something and feed him sweets. She knew they’d been schoolmates their entire lives. She didn’t know how to behave at a party like this…

Yuto came to rescue her, “You look like you need air…” he pushed her out to the veranda near the ballroom and asked, “Better…”

She nodded, “Thanks, what am I supposed to do? I’ve never been to a party like that…”

Yuto leaned against the railing, “It depends on what your niche is; each of us has a role that suits us.”

Ryoko nodded, “I just don’t understand mine…I don’t fit in well.”

Yuto protested, “You do…you’re one of us…”

Ryoko shook her head, “I’m poor compared to all of you and I’m here on scholarship…”

Yuto said softly, “You brought something we needed in the host club…just accept it. We need you like you need us…”

They were interrupted by Daiki leading his entourage of twittering girls…

Ryoko sighed, the weird moment of peace broken…

A few girls came to join her and Yuto…

Yuto attempted a nervous smile not like the one he gave her, she felt sorry for him as they fussed and flirted with him.

The new girls smiled at her, “Yamada-kun? Is that your name? It’s pretty out here…Daiki-sempai said it was your idea to move the party out here…”

Ryoko nearly protested but Yuto shook his head and she smiled, “Yes…I guess it was my idea. I thought the fresh air would do us all some good.”

The girls whispered, “He’s cute for a commoner…”

Ryoko blushed embarrassed…

The girls giggled, “Cute…”

Yabu had insisted some tables and refreshment be brought with them…

Ryoko walked over the table and tried a strawberry, she moaned, “Its so good…” she’d never eaten a strawberry that good…

The girls followed her and tried one, “they are good…” they asked Ryoko to make them plates of fruit.

Ryoko bowed and brought plate of fresh fruit to the table, she sat with them smiling, “They are very good for you…and they taste good…trust Yabu-sempai to buy only the best…”

Yabu smirked; compliments went a long way…

Chii was being fed cake and sweets by his adoring fans. He let them kiss his cheek and giggled calling them all neechan….

The twins were wearing matching outfits and masks while playing the ‘which one is Hikaru’ game. It was a silly game…it was obvious….

The party ended with he girls wailing about being parted from their princes…

Yabu went around announcing there were still tickets left for the host club’s cruise those without tickets should purchase them because they were going fast. The girls squealed distracted.

Yuto whispered in her ear, “I think you did well…it doesn’t matter what they say…you did fine…”
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