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Jump club ch.2

Title: Jump Club
Rating: pg
Warning: Crack? Author suffering from little sleep, rpitis, Bakakism and Ouran host club fever. Ryosuke is a girl?
Fandoms: HSJ-possibly Ouran host club?
Note: For tarryn. not quite the yamachii I promised...but its cute...

Jump Club ch.1 The Beginning-G

This time the club’s costumes were 18th century princes with knee high breeches, silk stockings and heeled bucked uncomfortable shoes. Ryoko pouted dressing; she was expected to serve like this? She heard the twittering laughter of the twins and clutched her shirt to her body.

Kei grinned, “Haha…I win…”

Hikaru pouted, “You picked the uniform out…”

Kei smirked at her distress, “You guessed her size…”

Poor Ryoko stammered, “Are you going to tell…”

Kei shook his head, “It’s more interesting this way…”

Hikaru left tugging Kei away, “Stop staring at her it makes me jealous…”

Ryoko watched them leave and the door close, “What am I going to do now…” she finished dressing and finally joined the others.

Keito was listening to a girl whine like a disinterested big brother; Daiki was flirting with a girl he did treat like a princess. Yuto listened to a group of girls talking to him but didn’t say much. Chii was being spoiled with sweets by who called him cute and he was giggling. Yabu was running around making reservations for a cruise of summer break with the host club, Ryoko nearly dropped her tray of cups and a silver coffee pot. What? A cruise? Was she expected to attend?

Yabu glared at her, she shivered…was he always like that?

Takaki was flitting around making sure there were enough sweets…she kept dragging Yabu into corners to discuss things. The girls would giggle and go into moe mode…

She continued serving coffee, she set down the coffee pot and tripped over her own feet because she wasn’t used to wearing heels.

A pair of strong arms caught her; she gasped her small breast smashed to her chest…

Yuto stammered shocked, they were far enough away no one heard, “You’re a girl…”

Ryoko pulled away, she blushed staring at the floor, “You guys all assumed I wasn’t…I never got a chance to say anything…”

Yuto let her go, he should have guessed because she made him nervous…

She turned to go back to work.

Yuto placed a hand on her shoulder, “I won’t tell…” he knew she needed the job, the companionship…she seemed lonely. Yabu probably knew because he was Yabu and the twins had been acting weird like they had a new secret. He doubted Daiki did which was funny since Daiki seemed to have an eye out for all the pretty girls. He blushed going back to his corner…

Yabu tapped her on the shoulder, “Don’t be so clumsy…you’ll only make your tab longer…”

Ryoko turned red, “I don’t mean to be…”

Yabu walked away ignoring her…

She ran away to wash her face, only to be caught coming out of the girl’s bathroom by Takaki.

Takaki squealed, “What were you doing in there? Spying? You’re as bad as Daiki…”

Ryoko blushed, “No…I…” she didn’t want to get in trouble, “I just wasn’t paying attention and used the wrong one….”

Takaki blinked not sure whether or not to believe her…

Ryoko ran off embarrassed…

Only to knock Chii down...

Chii was pretty smart for a cake loving lolita boy, he glanced up at Ryoko as if transfixed, "You're a..."

Ryoko blushed, "I know...does everyone have to find out today..."

Keito was confused at first but the embarassed looks from some of the club members and the mischeiveous looks shared by the twins. He nodded, "I thought so...Ryoko doesn't walk right..."

Ryoko turned redder, "What do you mean Okamoto-sempai..."

Chii giggled and whispered in her ear, "You don't walk like a guy..."

Ryoko left them and drank two cups of coffee quickly only to see Yabu raise an eyebrow and write in his notebook. She probably just added to her tab.

The princesses as Daiki-sempai called them had gone and Ryoko was cleaning up.

The host club burst out into gales of laughter...

The twins realized almost everyone knew...

Yuto wasn't laughing, he didn't think it was funny. He felt Yabu was being unfair. It had been an accident.

Daiki was the only clueless one...Takaki had left...

Ryoko turned and stomped her foot, "It's not's not my fault...its yours. It's not my fault...the uniform dad wore was close enough to yours. The scholarship didn't include uniforms and mother's was too shabby to wear. It didn't look like yours either. My hair has always been short, its easier to take care of that way..."

Daiki blinked, "What are you talking about..."

Chii giggled, "Ryo-chan is a girl..."

Yabu snickered, "Took you all long enough. I wonder what uniform you would pick when I sent you to go get one. I thought it would be fun to see how long it took you geniuses to realize your mistake."

Daiki stammered, "Ryoko is a girl...papa has a little girl..."

Ryoko was confused...

Chii whispered, "Daiki is papa and Yabu is mama of the club. I guess that makes you the baby. You, the twins and Yuto are about the same age. Daiki, Yuyan and I are in the same year. Yabu and Okamoto are in the same class as well..."

Ryoko nodded it all sinking in slowly...

Daiki pouted at Yabu, "It seems a shame to hide her beauty from the world..."

Yabu rolled his eyes, "The farce has already begun, we can't change it now. It would cause an uproar, now we'll see how far we can take it. I think she should become an official member of the club..."

Yuto protested, "Yabu-sempai...don't you think you've done enough to her..."

Yabu glared at him, "No, she still owes us money a lot of money..." he glances down at her, "If you get one hundred requests for your company I'll waive the have until Christmas or the deals off and you stay out little slave..."

Daiki pouted, "But I want to see my little girl all cute in a dress with make-up looking like a princess..."

Yabu glared at him this time, "No. I forbid it..."

Daiki went to pout in a corner and the host club vanished.

Confused and finished, Ryoko left thinking the companions she was stuck with were very strange indeed...
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