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The fine line between love and hate ch.9

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairing: various
Notes: : A het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for Detective Ryo...murder…intrigue and intermixed in it all is romance... fine line prologue
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Erika shooed Endo Yuya, her assistant out of the examining room. She needed a moment alone with the body. Only two bodies out of those she had communed with and ‘seen’ their last moments were people she had known. She had attended high school with Maki and the other had been her father. She laid a hand on Anne’s bare arm and slid to her as she fell into another vision…

It was after 2am. Anne was alone clearing away the last of the remains of the fantastic banquet she had created for the Policeman’s Ball.

She was alone and helpless; loading the last few boxes into her Catering truck. Sensing someone behind her she called out, “Who’s there…” Anne heard a scuffling noise behind her and turned around. To her horror there was a black specter behind her raise a dark bulky object. Near panic flickering in her eyes she was paralyzed with fear. The object slammed up into her face and she felt something break. She felt a searing pain and she swooned into seemed like eternal nothingness.

She sat up gasping, the same shadow…it was the same shadow that she had seen during the vision from Maki’s body. She stared at the drawer that had held Maki’s remains, “Uso…” she didn’t want this…the curse…mysteries of the flesh were one thing but spiritual mysteries continued to frighten her. The shadow had radiated such malace that even now she was still frightened by it. What was she supposed to do now? She saw the scapels and all of the tools of her trade as a forensic scientist, a voice of the dead. She loathed her job, yet she could not escape such a destiny. It was lonely…in her world. This secret had come between her and all of her lovers. It had left her alone…she swallowed her fear and called on the intercom for Yuya to return.

Yuya stuck his head inside the crypt, “Toda-sensei…”

She nodded, “It’s time to begin…”

Tags: fineline, het, je, multi-chapter, nonje, pg

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