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The fine line between love and hate ch.7

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairings: na
Notes: A mostly het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for murder mayhem and romance

fine line prologue
fine line ch.1
fine line ch.2
fine line ch.3
fine line ch.4
fine line ch.5
fine line ch.6

Morbida came to and her eyes darted about. She made sure that the entity Morgana was absent. The realization that she was caused her desire for the murder of her next victim to get the better of her and she purposely forgot her promise. She reached into her secret hiding place for her weapons and gloves; her host knew nothing about it. She carefully extracted her dark kidskin gloves and put them on, then the weapon. It was a volume of the penal code; a strange weapon but one suited to the occasion.

Dressing in black, she then sneaked out of her apartment and into her sedan. She then drove to the Policeman's Ball; it had been over for a long time. Since it began at 7:30, and now it was after 2am. Her next victim was no doubt alone clearing away the last of the remains of the fantastic banquet she had created. That knowledge strengthened her resolve to bring about her demise and filled her with glorious power to create fear and death.

Soon she was pulling into the parking lot. Morbida not wanting to be noticed until the victim saw her with the murder weapon, she drove toward the darkest and most secluded corner of the parking lot. As she turned the engine Morbida saw her victim, she was alone and helpless; loading the last few loads into her Catering truck.

Just then the diabolical creature Morgana burst into the scene and shouted “No, Morbida not now! You promised! Liar.”

“So, what do you care? You’re one too,”, the evil entity Morbida retorted spitefully.

“So, I…we had a plan... you agreed to wait! Your lust for blood has destroyed our chances at glorious revenge. Now our plan shall be thwarted! Fool.” Morgana roared through out the vehicle.

“We’re here now and I SHALL continue,” snapped Morbida as she exploded out of the black compact.

Sulkily, Morgana slunk away and watched as her homicidal cohort set off to curse her plan into ruin.

The sight of her victim returning sent waves of malicious euphoria through her black soulless form. Creeping silently behind the woman, she pulled the weapon out and waited for her to turn around she wanted to see the panic in her eyes.

Kato Anne heard a scuffling noise behind her and turned around. To her horror there was a black specter behind her raise a dark bulky object. Her eyes bulged with terror and she was paralyzed with utter fear. The object slammed up into her facet and she felt something break. She felt a searing pain and she swooned into seemed like eternal nothingness.

Pleased with herself and high on fear and bloodshed, the evil enigma Morbida went to her car and drove back to her host’s house to clean up she took off her clothes and threw them in the washing machine to destroy any evidence. Then she replaced the gloves and weapon in her hiding place. Finally she noticed pouting angry Morgana and asked “So, what the assassination plan for that whore Yui? Surely you have one.”

Morgana glared, “I’m not telling you until I’m ready.”
Tags: fineline, je, multi-chapter, nc-17, nonje

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