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The fine line between love and hate ch.5

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairing: various
Notes: A mostly het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for murder mayhem and romance.

fine line prologue
fine line ch.1
fine line ch.2
fine line ch.3

“Can we talk now? I want understand all this secrecy about you and me, Ryo-tan. She said softly without thinking she let her feelings seep into her voice, and then she mumbled “Sorry, Lieutenant!”

“That's okay; I'll explain it all at your car, or at dinner. You still have your Mustang, right and you still like Chinese food? I remember how much you enjoyed it”, he said as he watched her mouth water.

“Okay, but they better have gyoza if they know what's good for them. Or I might have to starting shooting the place, laughed Aya.

“I know Shim’s Fine Chinese Cuisine does. Do you want to go there”, Ryo asked as they exited the Station.

“Sure, Ryo-tan. It'll be like old times, right”, replied Aya in a soft voice. Then she paused and said, “Sorry, I meant Lieutenant”. 
“No, It can't be happening again!! This happened almost a week ago! The last place I remember being was my house,” Megumi stopped mumbling for a moment to glance at her watch, then she continued as she headed toward the nearest freeway headed for home, “Its 11:30, I've been out of reality for four and a half hours. What am I going crazy? This has been happening for over six years, but only recently have I found myself out town. God help me, I have a prospering practice. I have the most respectable of clients. I am maybe a little jealous about sharing them; I do admit I have a bit of a temper. If this ever got out it would ruin my reputation. I refuse to go to a shrink; I've never liked or trusted them! They would diagnose me as crazy the moment I walk through the door and drug me! My standing in the community is shot the second I step into the building! I will have to forget about it and hope it never occurs again”. 
“Aya, remember what close friends we used to be? We've known each other since we were kids; you can call me Ryo”, inserted Ryo.

“I'm sorry, but due to the fact I haven't seen you in six years; I'm afraid I don't feel comfortable doing that”, Aya said hotly with strain accidentally sneaking into her voice. Then she added trying to charge the subject, “Well, we'd better go before I change my mind. Are we taking your car, my car or are we taking our own cars”.

“Yours; my car, I've been told has plain-clothes cop written all over it. Women should never be seen in it; usually follows that comment,” Ryo answered flippantly.

“Fine, lets go”, said Aya in a worn-out voice.

“All right, but do you want me to drive”, Ryo paused before adding in causal voice, “I'm just asking because you look extremely tired”.

“What? Me, tired? Who do you think you are Nishikido Ryo? I can drive my own car thank you very much”, Aya thundered, totally enraged.

“Sorry, Ai-chan, I really didn't mean to make you mad. So, why don't we get going, now”, Ryo answered carefully as he opened the passenger door for her.

“Ryo, don't you ever call me ‘Ai-chan’ again! When you decide to be a cop, you lost that right”, interrupted Aya hotly as she climbed in and threw the car keys at him.

“Sorry, Aya or would you rather be called ‘Ueto-san’, Ryo retorted as he jumped over the car door and got into the front seat.

“Lieutenant, your attitude is totally uncalled for and if you keep it up; I will report you to your Captain”, interjected Aya.

“Well, see how you like this” mumbled Ryo when they halted at the stoplight.

“What did you say, Lieutenant", snapped a very irritated Aya.

“I said, see how you like this", replied Ryo as he clamped his mouth upon hers and gave her one of his most passionate kisses.

Aya moaned in delight as she let her angry facade disappear as the kiss deepened. It took her a minute to regather her wits, and then she lashed out full force, “Ryo, I mean Lieutenant” What in the world do you think you're doing”, Aya screamed at him, her voice echoing through out the entire Mustang.

“Oh, I don't know, kissing the women I love back into her senses, perhaps", Ryo, snapped back with just as much volume.

“You better not have been, you creep or I will kick your ass”, Ryo retorted.

“Aya, you know as well I do that you have never been able to kick my ass and probably never will", Ryo tossed back.

“So what! Your knowledge is over six years old! I’ve been working out long and hard since then, so there. For your information, buster, I’ve gotten so much stronger since you last saw me. Did you know about two weeks ago, I beat Oguri Shun in a wrestling match? You know the star of the Sprague High wrestling team, so there,” Aya answered back spitefully.

“Well, Aya, he was such a weakling in college; I could beat him with both hands tied behind my back,” Ryo came back.

“So, what’s that? An accomplishment? If it is I beg to differ, it sounds like a heap of testosterone sitting there bragging,” Aya shouted directing all her verbal fury solely at him.

A few moments of uncomfortable guilty silence followed.

“Alright, I have something to confess.” Ryo said as he pulled into Shim’s Fine Chinese Cuisine.

“So, shoot,” Aya replied as they pulled into an unoccupied parking slot.

“Well, okay, I had an alternative motive for asked to this case, other then helping me solve it. What I wanted to tell you was.... Oh, you would just bite my head off anyway,” and Ryo answered in a purposeful tone of voice as he opened his door.

“Ryo, just tell me”, Aya said exasperated as she started to open hers.

“Aya, please don’t open that door,” Ryo corrected as he tried to walk around and open it for her like a gentleman.

“Why, thank you, kind sir! Not,” Aya replied sarcastically as she shoved open the door herself and climbed out.

Frustrated, Ryo instead went to open the restaurant door for her and said, “Aya, how many times do I have to tell you, please let me open the door for you, it is the proper thing to do.” He pulled too hard and threw himself into Aya.

“Ryo, why do you always have to do that…” Aya said softly, feeling major Da javu vibes as he turned around and kissed her.

Unconsciously falling into an old pattern, they clasped hands as they entered Shim’s.

“Ryo and Aya, what a pleasant surprise! It has been a long time since you two have graced our humble establishment together,” Shim Changmin said in obvious joy at the sight of his two favorite customers.

“Yes, indeed it is a pleasure to see the both of you together here again,” Shim Dara chimed in.

“Hi, Dara! Hi, Changmin! I’m sorry I haven’t been here in two weeks,” Aya chatted apologetically.

“Me, too Changmin, Dara. I’m sorry, haven’t been in here for over three weeks. Being a detective doesn’t give you a lot of time to spend with true friends”, not to be out done by his ex-fiancée Ryo injected into the conversation and nodded at each.

“Let me see if we remember, you want the far booth in the left corner. Ryo wants the large order of our ‘magnificent’ gyoza and Aya, you want the War Wonton soup for an appetizer. For dinner you would like: large order of Shim’s Special Chow Mein; sm. Kung Po beef, ex. Spicy; Egg Foo Young, large and Shim’s Special Fried Rice, large. Oh, you both want tea, but Aya would prefer Green tea. Ryo, on the hand wants the house tea. Wait, Aya wants separate checks; but Ryo is paying for everything”, Changmin and Dara said in unison before Changmin disappeared into the Kitchen.

“My, my, Changmin and Dara; you never cease to amaze me. You still remembered after over six years,” Aya laughed.

“Well, Aya that we can agree on,” Ryo chuckled as they were escorted to their special table.

In one smooth motion Dara removed a prominent reserved sign from the table and stuck it into her apron.

“Oh, Dara, you’re not giving us someone else’s table, are you…” exclaimed Aya.

“No, of course not, Aya, it’s just since you two lovebirds first started coming here at different times of the day wanting the same table; we simply just kept this table reserved for you. It just stayed that way, even after you broke up and stopped coming here together. We figured that your bond was too strong to stay away from each other forever. I also notice that whenever you two brought dates to our restaurant you never sat there. Once or twice you sat there alone lost in thought as if wishing for happier days,” Dara replied as she ushered them into their booth before adding, “Right after you arrived Changmin went into start your food. Well, I'm willing to bet, Aya, your War Wonton soup and Ryo's gyoza should be done in about five minutes”.

“Well Dara, I expected as much. In my entire life, I've never been to a Chinese Restaurant with a better customer reputation. I just can't stop recommending it my friends and fellow police officers.” Ryo added.

Glaring at Ryo, Aya interjected, “Me neither, I've always recommended your wonderful restaurant to my colleagues”.

“Well, my young friends; I will leave you alone, while I see to your teas”, Dara commented in a motherly tone as headed off to the kitchen.
Tags: ayaxryo, fineline, je, nonje, pg

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