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The fine line between love and hate ch.4

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairing: various
Notes: A mostly het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for murder mayhem and romance.

fine line prologue
fine line ch.1
fine line ch.1b
fine line ch.2

Aya ran right into Ryo's unsuspecting arms, she forgot her hatred, as her fear-clouded mind caused her to cling to him. As she clung to him, she felt safe and secure; even as she was crying in fear.

As she held him in a frightened embrace, Ryo felt a sense of awe and regret as well as his love for this woman whom his soul had never forgotten, filtered through every cell of his body. As memories filled his mind, he glanced around and then laid a kiss gently upon her brow. She whimpered in response. He was kind of in shock; he had never seen her lose control like this. He shivered as her hot tears damped his shirt and slid down his biceps. His heart beat loud and hard as he whispered in her ear “What happened, you look totally freaked out. Come to my office and settle down. You are attracting a lot of negative attention, which isn't good, because I need your help.”

Without warning, she stepped back pushing him away now totally in control. “My help? You mister super cop, need my help? A poor lowly Psychologist,” She said as she burst into hysterical laughter, that vibrated through out the whole room.

“Aya, you calm down this instant,” Ryo instructed her.

It took her a moment to realize that she had run into the Atrium of the police station in time to hear Sato Megumi throwing her fit. The windows were rattling and the pictures shook at the sound of her loud voice.

“I demand to see my client! His housekeeper called me to inform me that he had been called for ‘Questioning as to his wife’s death’, Megumi practically shouted.

“I’m sorry, Sato-sensei. Your client already has a lawyer,” Toma said as he tried to calm her down.

“Who, demand to know the name of this ‘lawyer’, because I do not believe you, Captain,” Megumi retorted.

“Oh, just one of the public defenders, a Kitayama Hiromitsu,” Toma replied smoothly, before adding, “If you do not calm down, I will have you arrested for ‘disturbing the peace and disrupting police business’, Sato-sensei. And I don’t give a damn if you have friends in high places”.

“No, my dear Captain; I will not cool it. I still demand to see my client,” Megumi fairly screamed.

“That’s it! Ryo, arrest this woman for ‘disturbing the peace and disrupting police business’,” ordered Toma.

Yoko led in Matsumoto Jun  at that exact moment, the Mayor of Chiba. Jun looked like a dog that had been kick too many times.

Seeing him, Megumi turned all her fury on him and said, “So Jun your mistakes have finally caught up with you. You weasel of a man, what is it the police are accusing you of? Killing poor Maki? You are a truly wicked man and totally undeserving of your high position! See you, Mayor-san.”

At her last words,  Jun crashed to the floor holding his left chest and withering in pain; his body jerking in spasms.

Satisfied, Megumi snuck out of the station. Once safely in her car she began to laugh maliciously.

“Call the paramedics, Yoko,” hollered Toma as he knelt down to help the now unconscious Mayor.

Ryo leaned over to assist his friend “Toma, he’s not breathing”, Ryo said hastily.

“Ryo, he doesn’t have a pulse either. Let’s try CPR”, Toma as he started to do the chest compression.

“Sure, Toma,” Ryo said he fished his CPR mask out off his pocket and began to give the breaths.

Aya watched Ryo and Toma try to save Jun with numb horror. It seemed to be forever until the EMTs arrived but according to the clock it was only five minutes.

EMT Koike Teppei and his partner Tanaka Reina rushed to the Mayor.

“Okay, Captain Ikuta and Lieutenant Nishikido we’ve got it,” said Teppei as he pushed them aside, “ Reina , hand me the Oxygen mask, attach the defibrillator to him and bring that stretcher over here. By the way, Captain, I wouldn’t put this in the report. In my opinion he had a heart attack or maybe even a stroke,” he added.

“Ryo, if you put this in your report, the mayor had a possible heart attack due to hearing the gruesome way his wife was murdered,” Toma informed him as the EMTs carted Jun off to the Ambulance.

“Sure, Toma. I for one don’t want the ‘Chiba Daily Chronicle’ breathing down our neck on this one,” replied Ryo.

“I agree and anyone suspected of leaking anything to the ‘Chronicle’ will be fired expediently. Is that alright with you, Nino...” asked Toma

“Absolutely, Toma; but the ball is entirely in your court. Might I remind you that your career, the Lieutenants’ and mine are on the line here! Besides Homicide is chomping at the bit for a piece of this, they figure murder makes it their case. I wanted a little more discretion and discipline of a case of this magnitude. So, no mistakes; this case is a career killer and every detail must be gone over with a fine-tooth comb”, Chief Ninomiya informed Toma.

“Yoko and Ryo in my office now,” ordered Toma.

“Uh, Sir, I have asked Ueto-san to assist us with behavior profiling and as an unaffiliated source; it would add more credibility to our case. She is a licensed psychologist and I have known her since we were kids. I hold her in the utmost confidence and I know she is trustworthy” Ryo interjected.

“Fine, bring her. I need you in my office now, you three”, replied Toma.

“Ueto-san, Ueto-san, Aya” Ryo said as he shook her trying to pull her out of shock.

A glassy-eyed Aya mumbled, “Um, what Ryo-tan”.

“Come on, Aya. Toma wants to talk to us in his office”, answered Ryo.

“Sure, Ryo-tan, Just show me where the coffee is first”, Aya said in a woozy voice.

“Come, Aya, the coffee is this way”, Ryo said as dragged her toward Toma 's Office, grabbing a cup of coffee on his way.
An emotionally and physically exhausted Megumi arrived at her home. All she wanted to do was sleep. She collapsed on her couch.
Maki's murderer awoke and drove to her hideout, an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of Yokohama. She went inside and sat down to plan the extinction of her next victim. She envisioned the gristly scene: The woman's eyes filled with fear as professor Kato Shigeaki’s personal copy of the criminal penal codes struck her over and over. Blood, bone and cranial matter spurted all over the catering truck. She cackled as the life drained from her imaginary future victim. She awoke from her fantasy and began caressing the intended weapon, holding it carefully wearing dark Kidskin gloves. A lust for blood and fear clouded her mind caused her to desire to implement her murderous plan now.
“Ryo, finally you are here. We need to get started now! This is not to get into the ‘Chronicle’ with the statement from any of you ever. Our community has enough problems; we defiantly don't need more. Yoko, you are in charge of background checks on any and all suspects. Those would include the Mayor, his employees and anyone else known to have had any recent contact with Matsumoto-san. Ryo, you and Ueto-san are going to be doing all the suspect interviews and discussion the motives that each might have. This unfortunately puts the indisposed Mayor on the list. That fact is never to be released to the public, is that understood?” Toma instructed.

“Yes, sir! Aya and I will have to work immediately. Right, Aya” asked Ryo.

“Sure, but we will have to start right away. Because of my job, my time is valuable; I can only work in the evening. Is that okay with you, Lieutenant”, replied Aya.

“Well, you three, get to work. Wait a second, Yoko. Officer Yamashita Shoon  from patrol who was transferred to major case get him to help so you can run interference between us, the ME and Crime scene. I want a list of suspects for Matsumoto-san's murder on my desks by 9am, Ryo. Is that understood”, asked Toma.

“Yes, sir, it will be there”, Ryo said as he pushed Aya out the door.

“Yes, sir”, Yoko called over his shoulder as he left.

As they left, Toma mumbled under his breath, “Man, this has to be most loaded case I've ever been handed. I'll have pressure from all over: the Police Bureaucracy, the City Politicians, the Press and the Public. I wish I'd never transferred to the almighty Major Case squad. When Ryo and Yoko catch this creep, I would like to give him or her one hell of a roundhouse punch for trying to mess up my career”.
Morgana yelled at her homicidal partner Morbida, “No, We can't work so fast. We must bide our time before we strike our next victim, Xenia's lover's wife. If we want to destroy Xenia's lover's life; just like we did Veronica's, we have to stick to the battle plan. Strike too soon and my plan which you carry out will be unfulfilled”.

“But I want to kill her now! I relish the though of her blood spilling all over and seeping into the ground staining it scarlet. I love the rush the sight of fear gives me! Come on Morgana!! Lets kill her, you know she deserves it”, the entity known as Morbida pleaded aggressively.
Aya's composure crumbled, she began to collapse and Ryo led her with his arm around her waist and physically carried her to his office. The door was already open, so he carried her into the room, dropped her into a chair and kicked the door shut. He sat down and glanced at her up and down. She was wearing a lilac tailored suit that emphasized her every curve. When he noticed how her bust seemed to stand out in her outfit, he removed his eyes to his desk. His skin tingled with the same magic he remembered her presence had showered him with six years ago. When they had been engaged, he had loved her with all his soul and still did. It had broken his heart completely beyond repair when she had left him, perhaps it could be healed by the woman who broke it. He knew deep down all the relief his heartache needed was another confession of love from her soul. If she was the same woman who left him ten years ago, once she makes up her mind she never changed it for any reason. He could feel the intensity of her gaze and it made him quiver in his shoes.

Her heart was in her throat and beating hard. Aya could feel her blood racing as she gazed at the love of her life that she had left for a stupid reason. Could he ever forgive her? Her heart choked-up in anguish as the realization of her past decision as her chosen consequences slapped her in the face. She whimpered for her life with her soulmate and future that they had planned together. That had been lost forever, or was it? She had always been waiting for that magical wedding night, which had never been. That was because of her stupid pride that had caused her to leave the one and only man who had ever have a hold on her soul, that had never truly broken her heart. That was entirely her fault she broke it herself through her own pride and self-righteousness that lashed out in preeminent strikes to prevent more pain and anguish.

When Ryo heard her quiet crying, he rushed to her side and held her close in a comforting embrace that they both hope would never end.
No!! Two more days, then I will let you lose on her! If I allowed you to kill her now, then would be unable to destroy Genevieve's lover’s lover. So which do you prefer: Strike now and kill one or wait two days, kill one; wait three more days and slay the last victim?

 “All right! All right! I'll wait,” shouted Morbida and then disappeared.

Pleased with her progress Morgana arose and exited the hideout. She went directly to her sedan, and drove towards the nearest major cross street. Reaching it, she evaporated at the street.
Megumi heard a horn blast and awoke from her stupor. She looked around disoriented and noticed the green light. She went though the intersection and barely registered the name of the street. There wasn't a street called 207th avenue in Chiba! To her horror she realized not only wasn't she at home, she wasn't even in Chiba.
Tags: ayaxryo, fineline, het, multi-chapter, pg

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