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The fine line between love and hate ch.3

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairing: various
Notes: A mostly het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for murder mayhem and romance. This chapter is utter fail compared to the last three posts much apologies. It is older then the other three...

A few days after the murder, Ueto Aya sat at her desk reviewing a file. It was the Matsumoto-san’s file, files like this she kept in a locked drawer in her desk. The reason she did was no one but her was ever supposed to know they existed. She felt very lucky, that she only had three of them. She really didn’t like to keep secrets which always struck her as odd since she was a practicing psychologist who operated strictly to the doctor-patient privilege code.

She looked at the clock, it was only a quarter to four, she was not expecting any clients until eight tonight. She pulled out of a drawer a book called ‘Genji no Monogatari. She got so consumed in it that the hours passed quickly.

The sound of a person knocking sounded though her office door. Startled Aya called out, “Who is it...”

“It’s just me, Youko,” her secretary Youko Kitase answered, “Its 6 o’clock and I am going home now”.

“Okay, just send all the calls to my phone in here and don’t forget to lock the door. Then you can leave whenever you want,” Aya replied.

Aya read for awhile after she heard Youko leave. Finally getting bored with her book, she replaced it back in the drawer. She started to prepare for the Matsumoto’s counseling session; since it was almost 7 o’clock.

The phone started to jingle unexpectedly. Aya glanced at the clock; it was almost eight after seven. Thinking it might be the Matsumotos; Aya quickly answered the phone. “Hello, Ueto Counseling service, this is Aya, how can I help you…” Aya asked in her most professional voice.

“Aya, this is Matsumoto Jun, have you seen Maki, she’s been missing since Friday”, came the voice over the phone.

“No, I haven’t heard from Maki since last week’s session, why,” asked Aya sounding curious.

“She left her office around 5 pm. on Friday and didn’t return to lock-up her real estate office,” answered Jun.

“Maybe she was just showing somebody a house and somehow got lost,” replied Aya.

“Impossible, Maki has always had an impeccable sense of direction,” Jun hollered through the phone.

A noise sounded through the phone.

“Uh, Jun, can I put you on hold for a minute, somebody is on the other line.” asked Aya.

“All right, just hurry up, before I do something rash,” replied Jun.

“Hello, Ueto counseling service, this is Aya, how can I help you,” Aya asked.

“Uh, Aya, this is Lt. Nishikido Ryo of the Chiba Police department; I’m calling to inform you of Matsumoto-san’s untimely demise. I would like you to relay the news to her family and would like you and the mayor to report to police headquarters”, came a flat unfeeling voice through the telephone.

“Nishikido, Nishikido Ryo, why does that name seem so familiar,” Aya asked herself out loud.

“Well it could be the fact that we were engaged about six years ago”, the voice came over the phone.

“If you are the same Nishikido Ryo, tell me why and who broke the engagement,” Aya replied bitterly.

“You did because you were mad at me for enrolling into the police academy,” answered Ryo, then he added thoughtfully, “Although, you never did give me a chance to explain”.

“Why, should I have, you would have only given me a pathetic excuse,” Aya said in a resentful voice.

“No, I wouldn’t have, because I loved and respected you too much to lie to the woman I loved.” Ryo said in low whisper.

“So, if you wouldn’t have lied to me, what is your excuse for attending the Academy when I told you that I didn’t approve of it,” Aya’s voice rang with a venomous tone.

“The reason was that I had no money; it was either join the force or quit school, because I had no money for the law school tuition. And you do remember how much being a lawyer meant to me, right,” asked Ryo.

“No, I don’t nor do I want to,” answered Aya she said in an angry and irritated voice then she added, “I better call Matsumoto-san about his wife, so you’d better hang-up.”

“Don’t you mean switch phone lines,” said Ryo in a sarcastic tone.

“How did you know, are you spying on me? How like a cop.” Aya screamed through the phone in hatred.

“No, but I have been listening to yours and the mayor’s phone lines, since we got a court order to bug your phones,” Ryo replied in an even toned voice.

“This is why I hate Police officers, they have no sense of decency,” Aya said venomously before hanging up on Ryo.

“Jun, are you still there”, Aya called into the phone.

“Yes Aya, is something wrong…” Jun asked nervously.

“Yes, Jun, Maki won’t be coming to counseling anymore. That was a lieutenant from the police department, who worked in the homicide division. He said…he said Maki’s dead, they found her two nights ago in old town,” Aya answered with sorrow and sympathy in her voice, then she added, “They want us at the station for questioning.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there,” Jun replied just before hanging up.

Quickly, Aya got ready to leave. She made sure she had replaced her book, returned the Matsumoto file to its  drawer and locked it. She grabbed her purse and keys and ran out the door. Upon unlocking her door, she flung it open and leapt into her mustang. After leaving the empty parking lot she checked her mirror as always and to her horror, she was being followed by what seemed to be a black sedan. The sedan was following her too closely, in unexplainable fear she started speeding up, while it continued to match her speed.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The murderer could feel the terror radiating from the Psychologist’s car. She followed the woman’s car close enough to incite the fear that sustained her.  Ueto-san should be easy to scare off the case; she might be the only one that can stop me from wreaking my vengeance on my cruel lovers. I will chase her all the way to her destination.
Filled with unexplainable terror, Aya drove faster and faster. (Later she would remark, it was a lucky thing the streets were so empty. She could have injured someone, because she was going over 75 miles per hour.) Her heart was in her throat as she raced to towards police headquarters. She swung into the parking lot barely slowing enough to avoid damaging other cars. She jumped out and scurried into the building.

Tags: ayaxryo, fineline, het, je, nonje, pg

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