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The fine line between love and hate ch.2

Title: The fine line between love and hate
Rating: PG
Fandom: JE, non-JE
Pairings: various
Notes: A het au series with JE boys and female co-stars from various drama. Read for Detective Ryo...murder…intrigue and intermixed in it all is romance...

fine line prologue
fine line ch.1
fine line ch.1b

Ryo was writing down random ideas on a yellow legal pad as Yoko tossed a baseball in the air.

Shoon was running around making sure their coffee cups were full and trying to stay out from under foot. He was eager to please his sempais.

Toma was spinning in his chair staring at the white board that had Maki-san’s photo taped to it.

There was a heavy cloud over the whole department.

Ryo’s phone rang breaking the silence and startling them all.

Ryo chewed on the back of his pen as he answered it, “Nishikido…”

Erika’s soft voice was heard, “I just finished the Autopsy I thought you and Yoko would like to come down. I think Taiyou and Nika’s preliminary reports are done as well.”

Ryo nodded, “Thank you, we’ll be right down. I haven’t heard from them yet…” he hung up and tapped Yoko’s desk, “Ne that was Erika. She says her preliminary report is done.”

Yoko set the baseball down and stood, “I guess the real fun begins now.”

The grimace in the older man’s face assured Shoon that this comment was highly sarcastic.
Erika was re-reading her report and the transcripts of her verbal account of her autopsy as the two familiar detectives entered her realm. “This was not a pleasant duty. Yamashita-sensei refused to oversee it. I heard he went to school with both Matsumoto-sans.”

Ryo asked gently, “So what did you find…”

Erika sighed as she approached them and pulled out the steel drawer that held Maki-san’s body. She pulled back the sheet as she began, “The victim had her throat slashed cleanly from side to side. Her spine was cut clean through a vertebra resulting in a nearly instantaneous demise which I doubt was painless. We had to be very careful moving her but I managed to reattach the skin after I finished but I fear it was in vain. The final blow which would have killed her if the first attack had not was a stab wound that pierced the aorta completely she wouldn’t have lasted long. She bled out into the chest cavity; the way the body was found crumpled and thrown I believe she was not moved after death merely abandoned.”

Yoko winced at the angry black stitches, “Estimated time of death…”

Erika recovered the body and closed the drawer, “Around three hours before she was found. Her stomach was empty so she hadn’t eaten in about six or seven hours if she ate at all. I believe she passed away between five and six Friday night.

Ryo rested his hand on the door that hid Matsumoto Maki from view and thought vehemently, “We will get you justice…”
Nika and Taiyou were in their lab when Ryo and Yoko stopped by.

Nika and Taiyou had somber faces which were out of character for the pair, Ryo was disturbed by it but didn’t mention it.

Yoko leaned against a glass wall and waited for them to speak.

Nika spoke first, “The last two calls on her phone where interesting, one was to her home about forty-five minutes prior to Erika-sensei’s estimated time of death and the other is from a blocked number. Even with the help were received from Vodafone we were unable to trace it. The blocked number came in before the call she made to her home. I believe the last call was a call to postpone dinner because it was to the kitchen phone. Her planner has no mention of going to the ruins and she is meticulous about planning almost to an extreme. I’m sure she hadn’t been planning to there. It’s possible the blocked call was a lure to get her there. Dinner was planned around the time of her death so the call to the kitchen phone must have been to postpone dinner.”

Taiyou nodded, “The murder weapon had only one set of prints, they are a bit smudged but they still match what we believe to be the Matsumoto Jun-san's. Even though it seems to be the purchased by him; we will have a hard time charging him. Oh and the black skin fragments I found in the handle; I tested them, they are probably from a pair of black kidskin gloves that are well worn.”

Nika glanced at the day-planner, “Also those tire tracks we casted; I traces them to a compact four door, most likely a Honda. I didn’t find any paint flecks at the scene so I don’t have a color for you; I believe it is a front wheel drive made in the last five years.”

Ryo scribbled some notes in his notebook, “I see…send us your final reports as soon as you finish them. This is a puzzle, well Yoko we’ll have to work together on this one. I’m not sure what to make of this case.” He paged through the planner and noticed a familiar name that sent a shiver down his spine, ‘Ueto Aya, counseling.’ Small world…
Tags: fineline, je, nikayou, nonje, pg

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