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A twist of fate chapter 1

Title: A twist of fate
Rating: PG-13 for violence?
Pairing: none yet
Fandom: NewS
Notes: pishige fic series for my favorite fan artist.

Yamapi sat behind his friend and colleague Oguri Shun. He was worried; he knew that malpractice cases were tough if they came to court. He was worried about Shun, losing a patient was hard even on the best doctor. It had been a hard case, he hadn’t worked on the woman but he’d read the file and Shun had done everything he could. She would have died without surgery but she was too far gone by the time the operating room was free. He had made sure that the hospital got him a really good lawyer but with the family the woman had he wasn’t sure if Shun would win. He was on leave from the hospital and he worried about him. The hospital was all Shun had anymore. He watched as the lawyer Kato-san made his case in Shun’s defense. He had called experts, the interns and the nurses who were on duty that night.

Shige asked the doctor on the stand, “Do you find any fault in Oguri-sensei’s care of his patient Yamada-san…” from his place near his client.

Koike Teppei shook his head, “No, with the resources he had at the time and the lack of a full operating studio he did all he could. I doubt anyone could have given her better care.”

Her brother Koyama Keiichiro screamed, “Lies…he killed her. That fool of a sensei killed her, if this court isn’t capable of justice I will get it myself...” He burst through the gate from gallery to the floor of the court brandishing a knife. Before the bailiffs could react, he was about to stab Oguri-sensei but Kato pushed Oguri to the floor to safety.

Yamapi leapt the short fence separating the gallery from the defense, he took control, “Bailiffs get him out of here. Shun, get a hold of yourself. My bag get it.” He cursed; Kato had been stabbed in the stomach. He wouldn’t stop bleeding. He heard Shige moan with pain. He called out to the judge, “If you have whiskey or scotch in your chambers and a clean towels I need them now. Would someone call an ambulance….”

Shun numbly handed Yamapi his bag, he glanced at the wound and blinked. That could have been him; he needed to make sure Shige survived. He couldn’t handle another death on his conscience. He asked softly, “Pi what do you need me to do…”

Yamapi snapped, “Get the bottle of alcohol from the judge and towels. We need to clean the wound and stop the bleeding. He’s bleeding too much. If we don’t seal the wound in two minute he won’t make it.” He heard Shun run off and he tore open Kato’s shirt and used the scraps to attempt to control the bleeding he could remove the knife just yet.

Shun returned with towels and scotch, “Here…”

Yamapi lifted Shige’s head and poured some down his throat, “I’m sorry this is all I can give you for the pain.” He poured scotch on the wound to clean it, snapped at Shun, “Be ready with those towels. I’m going to pull the knife. It’s his only chance.” He pulled the knife and watched as Shun put pressure on the wound. He set the bloody knife on the papers on the table yelling, “I want him arrested and get that to the police.” He opened his bag for a scalpel. He sliced the wound open more so he could stitch up the wound inside Shige’s body. He stitched him up tight so it could heal and the bleeding from inside would stop. He stitched the skin and muscle back together while the paramedics finally arrived. He gave them the situation and let them take over. He dragged Shun to the car so they could follow their patient to the hospital. They had to file a report on their care when they reached the hospital. He had to explain to their senior physician why Shun assisted eventually.

Tags: fic request, pg-13, pishige, twistoffate

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