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For Love and For Blood ch. 53

Title: For Love and for Blood, ch.53
Fandom: JE, SM, non JE
Genre: AU, Vampires
Rating: Pg 13
Pairing: keirisa
Genre: Au,
Notes: Dedicated to my sister the werewolf.
Warning: can get bloody...

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.53 NC-17

Risa slipped out of the VC train’s hidden entrance and crept into a deserted alley. She glanced around and shifted into a Chihuahua puppy. She sensed Taisuke nearby but she ignored him for now. She headed towards the building Juri was convinced Koyama-sama was being held. She paced back and forth just outside it whining like a hungry, abandoned puppy.

Murakami Shingo heard her cried and glanced out the window. He open the door and called out softly, “Hey there little one…you look hungry.” He held out a bit of chicken from his lunch. He waited until the tidbit had her attention and tossed it into the air.

Risa leapt into the air yipping, she caught it and lay down. She held the food between her paws and tore bits out of it with her tiny teeth. When she was finished she looked up at him and whined for more like a good puppy.

Shingo smiled, as a servant of Omega and a subservient of Katori there was precious little to smile about. For those in Omega death was the only way out. He sat in the doorway and held his hand out in greeting.

Risa slowly approached him, she did what any good, curious, friendly, domesticated canine did. She sniffed his hand, licked it and took it gently in her teeth shaking it. He seemed so nice, she felt bad for deceiving him like this. He was a Hunter and she must on forget that. She heard a loud voice and leapt into his arms as if frightened. Keito wouldn’t like that but this farce was his idea. She nuzzled the guy’s face, trying to get him to trust her.

Shingo pet her and began musing softly, “Little one, you’ve had a hard life haven’t you? You’ve missed some meals and you look lost. Did you lose your family…”

Risa felt her heart break at his word, she’d lost the pack she had been born to. She vainly wish she had chosen another form, perhaps the basenji who could cry. She whined and curled up against him as if he were her mother.

Shingo glanced down, could she really understand him? He’d heard of such thing but had never believed the tales. He sighed, “You know little one, I could change places with you if I would.”

Risa blinked, this was almost too easy…

Shingo said softly, “Do you know what it’s like to never have been proud of yourself? I’ve down terrible things. I helped a mad man commit a terrible crime. We stole someone important to my people. The news could destroy Japan as we know it. I helped kidnap the most powerful man in Japan. I am afraid of what I have done, what I have become.”

Risa bit her lip, she pretended not to understand. She placed her tiny paws on his chest and licked his face.

Shingo nearly wept, this little one was such an innocent…

Her mission was almost a success, Koyama was here. Now all she need was his exact location. She jumped over his shoulder and stood in the hallway tail wagging in a come play with me manner.

Shingo frown, it couldn’t hurt could it? The worst that could happen would be Kazuma demanding his death. At this point in his life, he no longer cared. He was servant of Omega, only death could release him from the purgatory of his guilt-ridden existence.

Risa wished could cry, she tried desperately to block his thought but like most humans he had no control over them. They invaded her mind, plaguing her conscience. How she wished she had never agreed to this farce but she was too committed now and people; practically the entire nation was counting on her. She had a mission but she also had a heart. She sighed, well if he was going to leak…she took advantage of his open mind and carefully searched through his thoughts. She yipped excitedly as she isolated the random thought that contained the information. She memorized it and ran around in a circle. She stumbled on purpose, she tumbled out the door. She started to chase a butterfly forgetting Hina as if she had ADHD. She followed the butterfly whose wings shimmered as if they had confetti stuck to them. She continued after it until she sensed Hina could no longer see her and ran to meet up with her guardian Taisuke.
Keito was nervous, he had barely had his vampire powers awaken when he discovered he was something more. His mating with Risa had made him half-Hound, the first of his kind. He didn’t have much practice with his own shifting but Risa had helped him become used to staying the in the form of a Jack Russell terrier for long periods of time including as he slept. It was weird sleeping beside Risa when she was a wolf and he was a terrier but it was good training. He sat on his haunches in the guise of an abandoned terrier puppy just outside the location Juri believed Nishikido’s sister was being held captive. He strained his keen canine ears to hear any sounds as he memorized the layout of the place and the number of guards he could sense. He saw two on the perimeter but smelled four. He placed his paws on the windowsill and looked around he could see nothing but he could hear noise coming from the second floor. He looked around and saw a nearby stack of crates and he ran towards them. Keito leapt from one to the next with the swift grace of his kind. When he was level with a window he pawed at it until it opened enough to leap through. He yipped as he landed safely.

Jin turned at the sound; there was a dog in the building? He locked the door to his captive’s room and went looking for it.

Keito blinked in shock, he’d found Akanishi Jin. This had not been in the plan…he wanted to growl at him but that little boy needed his mother. He remembered the pain of missing his own mother. He had to be a puppy, not an angry teenage boy. He whined, hoping to get attention from that last person on earth he wanted it from. Jin was killer, he could almost smell the blood of his kin on the man.

Jin was stunned, it was just a puppy, it couldn’t do any harm. He wasn’t great with dogs but he had to admit it was cute. He knelt and called, “Here boy…”

Keito swallowed his disgust and walked over to lick Jin’s hand, the hand of a killer.

Jin tried not to cringe, but the puppy was cute. Maybe it would keep the woman from whining. He picked him up awkwardly and carried him into the room.

Keito’s eyes widened, this was too easy. The woman was weeping, he felt sorry for her.

Jin all but shoved it at her, dropping it in her lap, “Here, now stop crying.”

Keito watched as she tried to blink back her tears. He yipped and licked her face. He wanted Jin to go away…

Jin turned and left, locking the door behind him leaving them alone.

Keito waited for the door to close and lock. He looked up at her and said softly, “Nishikido Ryo sent me.”

She stared in shock asking quietly, not quite believing her ears, “You can talk…”

Keito grinned, “Call me Keito. I have to go meet Ryo and let him know you’re okay. He’s been worried. He and his friends are planning a rescue, wait a little while longer.” He jumped off her lap and ran towards the door. He smiled at her and began whining loudly.

Jin was pacing nervously and the whining startled him. He opened the door quickly.

Keito burst out hopping like he had to pee, he ran for the window and leapt out landing on the nearest box. He hurried out of that place and looked for Toushin who was assigned to watch out for him. Besides being a scout for Ohkura, he was also the son of the former VC president and he had to be protected.

Toushin gestured, come here.

Keito ran towards him.

Toushin picked him up and thought at him, “Now we have to find Risa and Taisuke.”
Risa shifted into the form of a Labrador puppy this time for her infiltration into the Katori was holding Yamashita Reon. The poor guy was unlucky enough to have an immune for a brother at the time of his capture which made him a prime target for the Hunters. She noticed a small hole and slowly moved towards it, wiggling inside. She yipped and went exploring. She smelled food and like a good canine she followed her nose.

Asaka Kodai was lucky enough to have been assigned to Katori’s team and away form Kazuma. Kazuma was scary, he was a little shocked when he turned around and saw a puppy, he froze.

Risa walked right up to him, but she didn’t see something in her path and trip, she lay at his feet panting.

Asaka knelt beside the puppy, he petted her, “Daijoubu…” it’s a puppy, it wasn’t like it could understand him or answer, his mind protested.

Risa jumped up and licked his face as if to assure him she was fine. She wanted to get back to Keito so she delved into his mind carefully, searching for any thoughts related to the missing teen. She isolated the thought she needed that gave her Reon’s exact location. She yipped with excitement, now all she needed to do was get out safely. There was a vampire nearby waiting for her that she allowed to keep a mental lock on her. She sensed her mate, Keito was close. She just needed to get away, she sent a frantic thought to her guardian, “Taisuke, call me…”

Taisuke’s voice was in her head, “Do you have it…”

Risa sighed, “yes, not call me like you’re looking for me. Do you still have that collar…”

She heard his reply, “Yes.” He walked towards her location calling out, “Hime-chan…”

Risa mentally rolled her eyes at the name, she yipped and made a show of listening.

Taisuke called out again, “Here Hime-chan.”

Risa ran towards Taisuke’s voice barking, she leapt into his waiting arms.

Taisuke scratch behind her ears, he glanced at Asaka, “Gomen. She likes to slip out of her collar sometimes.”

Asaka grinned, “She’s cute, bye Hime-chan.”

Taisuke carried her back to the VC train entrance, “Let’s go find Toushin and Keito.”

Risa grinned, “Let’s go home.” 
FLFB Ch.54 NC-17
Tags: berryz koubou, flfb, hs7, hsj, je, juniors, keirisa, vampires

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