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Beauty and the Beast ch.3

Authors: kusanobabe05 and x_flexy -no lie just ask her.
Title: Beauty and the Beast
Pairing: Nikaido Takashi and Ayukawa Taiyou-yes its weird but we rp them
Rating: NC-17 for Nika being a pervert [yes I'm Nika if you were wondering having read me before.]

ch.1 Beauty and the Beast
ch.2 Beauty and the Beast


Taiyou had woken up in a wet bed; shocked at herself she didn't leave her room for the whole day, not even at night to walk in the corridors. She sat on the floor beside her bed, hugging her knees against her chest

Nika waited to see if he would come but he didn't come at his usual time. He went to his room and sat in the window yawning. You’re a hard person to find princess

Taiyou looked up, startled by the slightly familiar voice "why are you here...” she thought. She didn't want to see anyone...

Nika grinned, I missed you. I worried you were sick or something

"Why would you miss me...? I don't even know you. Why are you following me" she looked at him coldly

Nika because you interest me. I haven’t met a woman like you. One that interested me this much. You’re cute. So why didn’t you come tonight I was waiting

She buried her face in her arms again "I didn't want to"

Nika smirked, did someone find out about us

What do you mean? There are no us" this guy was weird...

Nika chuckled; we've met and talked alone. Some people might not like that. I maybe weird but I’m well of enough for princess

"Once. That’s nothing" it made Taiyou uncomfortable that he was reading his thoughts like this

Nika jumped and sat in a big chair, well you don’t talk. So I have to do something

Taiyou looked up at him "how are you even getting into here anyway? If you're going to steal something just take it and leave"

Nika laughed, “What would I want to steal. If I want something I take it”. That wasn’t entirely true. He was in effect playing with his food

Taiyou watched him laugh and shivered, "then are you going to leave?"

Nika shook his head, “not until I want to. Right now I’m having too much fun.” He thought at Taiyou, tell him what’s wrong he's the only person who seems to care

"Too much fun? It’s fun to follow me around? You’re like a stalker.” Taiyou bit her lip and wanted to hit the voice in her head. She wasn't going to tell this guy something like this...

Nika leaned back in the chair, tell me what...I’m not a stalker. Have you caught me watching you change...or take a I’m a lord. Why would I do something so common?

She shifted uncomfortably, hugging her legs tighter against her chest "don't you have more important things to do? If you're a lord, I’m trying to sleep so will you leave

Nika shook his head; “if you could sleep you wouldn’t walk the corridors at night. It is because night is the only time you feel free...when you are yourself. Because during the day you are expected to behave a certain way.”

This guy understood her and Taiyou didn't even know him "why would you follow me? My life is boring.”

Nika smiled, because you interest me. You’re different from other girls. If you would like to know me I can arrange it

Taiyou didn't have friends, but this guy seemed somewhat nice and took an interest in her "okay...”

Nika, if you could do anything right now what would it be

Taiyou resisted the urge to answer with 'talk' and instead replied with "sleep without worrying.”

Nika, the first thing you thought was true wasn't it

Taiyou: "it's stupid.”

Nika would you like to go to a place here you can talk and they can’t hear you

Taiyou looked up in interest and then shook her head "I’m not allowed". She wanted to go but there was no way her mother would allow her

Nika laughed, how about tomorrow...I promise to have you back before morning

"You’ll come tomorrow too?" she asked, trying not to sound too interested

Nika nodded, “it will be faster if you were this.” He tossed Taiyou a pair of riding breeches. “Hide them well”

Taiyou caught it and looked at them curiously. Where was he taking these things from? The chocolates and now these breeches... she nodded slowly and tucked them behind her under the bed

Nika asked, “What time is safest to come early…”

Taiyou didn't know either, "everyone stops checking on me after dinner...”

Nika grinned, ”Then I shall come after sunset. Be ready..”

Taiyou nodded hesitantly "you'll really come right? You’re not lying

Nika laughed, “Were the chocolates good...”

Taiyou smiled, “Un... thanks...”

Nika teases; “if I can make you smile tomorrow I want a kiss. Tomorrow then.” He jumps out the window and disappears

“Wait... what…” A kiss? What’s with this guy? Taiyou shook her head and curled up against her bed and tried to sleep, not wanting to sleep in her bed

Nika hid in a nearby tree and thought at him, ‘lay down in bed. It’s so much softer. That guy is cute ne…’

Taiyou shook her head at the voice "not after last night.” she tried to close off her mind, wiping it blank and tried to sleep again

Nika pushed harder, ‘what would it be like to kiss him…’

Taiyou blushed and buried her face in her arms, trying desperately to block out the voice. The guy was weird. Taiyou didn't want to kiss him. At least, that’s what she told herself

‘He’s the first man to ever speak to you. To smile at you. He wants you to smile and give you what you want.’

"I’ve only just met him. I’m not going to think about kissing him" she thought, arguing with the voice in her head

‘Any girl who received that kind of attention would.’

"I’m not just any girl. I’m a princess who isn't allowed to talk and has no friends.” she covered her ears, willing the voice to stop

‘But what kind of life is that...he's offering you a chance to speak and his attention. It makes you very happy doesn’t it…’

"Of course it does. But that doesn't mean I owe him a kiss.” why was she even arguing with this voice? "Great, now I’m going insane. Arguing with a voice in my head"

‘But I’m right, you want to kiss him. He’s treating you like your sister is treated by her suitors…’

"I’m not arguing with you. Do whatever you like. I’m tired and I want to sleep" she pouted and blocking out the voice again, she went to sleep

Nika smirked, he was confused but he did like him

Tags: au, kis-my-ft2, nikayou, vampires, ya-ya-yah

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