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Cris Liggett

Beauty and the Beast ch.2

Authors: kusanobabe05 and x_flexy -no lie just ask her.
Title: Beauty and the Beast
Pairing: Nikaido Takashi and Ayukawa Taiyou-yes its weird but  we rp them
Rating: NC-17 for Nika being a pervert [yes I'm Nika if you were wondering having read me before.]


The next night, Taiyou had almost forgotten about the events of the previous night. She walked down the corridor again, leaning against the window sill to gaze outside. The moonlight calmed her and she smiled absently


Nika appeared in the window, "ahh are more beautiful in person. *he said this in a whisper that reeked on sexual intrigue*


Taiyou gasped and staggered back from the window. "Who is this person?" she thought to herself.


Nika (grins* I am lord Nikaido. I was passing through I noticed you through the window. You have a nice...face.


Taiyou blinked and stared at the person nervously "How did he know..?" she thought again. She wasn't going to speak. Someone might hear and her mother would get angry.


Nika: *whispers* are you nervous...or do you just not talk....quiet women, he smirked* make good wives


What the hell was this guy talking about? Wives? Taiyou shook her head and slowly walked away from the window in attempts to go back to her room. This guy... something wasn't right


Nika hoped of the window* you're nervous. I’m sorry. I shouldn't have popped in like that.  *holds out a box of chocolates* a present in apology*


Taiyou eyed the box of chocolates and shook her head again "I can't take that...” she thought. She didn't even know him


Nika *took a bit. He’d be ill later but now he didn't care8 see they're safe


She watched him eat the chocolate. It was safe but she hesitated and reached a hand out slowly


Nika placed the box in his hand* go ahead. Try it.


She took one and bowed slightly before putting it to her lips, taking a bite.


Nika watched him eat, and thought at her* its good have some more. No one will mind


Taiyou looked at him with questioning eyes, as if to ask if it was really okay. She let the remaining piece of chocolate slip between her lips


Nika *nodded* go ahead. I gave it to you


"You don't want any?" she thought. This guy seemed to be able to hear her thoughts so there was no need for her to speak


Nika shook his head, "not really," he wonder how soon the sleeping pills would take to kick in. he thought at him* you're tired. You should go to bed now. It was nice to meet you


Taiyou took another bite and as she swallowed, she felt her eyelids grow heavy. She nodded and wondered how the guy knew "thank you for the chocolates.” she thought.


Nika grinned, "I know everything. Good night princess."


Taiyou blinked. Everything? That’s weird... "Good night.” she bowed and walked to her room sleepily rubbing her eyes. She climbed into the bed and snuggled into the blankets.


Nika crept along the walls of the castle8 and thought at him* it’s so hot... you can't get comfortable

Taiyou was already asleep, shifting around on the bed and kicking the blankets so it no longer wrapped around her


Nika invaded her thought, ‘the nightgown is hot so hot.

In her sleep, she unbuttoned the collar of the nightgown, exposing her collarbone and neck. The night was cool but maybe her room was hot...


Nika thought, “If you take it off you'll feel cooler.”


Taiyou frowned, the heat was making it impossible to sleep comfortably... she sat up in bed and pulled her nightgown off, hanging it off the end of her bed. She fell back onto her bed and tried to go back to sleep


Nika thought place your hand on your chest and touch the small bud of flesh with your finger


She was already asleep when she lifted her hand to touch her chest, her movements drawing a soft, sleepy noise from her mouth


Nika smirked, ‘Roll it between your anger and pull on it.’


She rolled it between her fingers whilst pulling it gently. Her chest rose and fell slowly


Nika thought, ‘Reach down between your legs and touch yourself.’ The power he had over him was strong.


Taiyou reached between her legs, palming herself gently, letting out a soft moan. She was innocent, unaware of anything that could influence her


‘Move with your touch. It feels good so good. You’ve never felt this good.’


Taiyou moved against her hand, biting her lip and moaning more


Nika thought, ‘you feel so good. So hard. Come. Let yourself feel the pleasure.’


Taiyou came with a drawn out moan, arching her back with pleasure and then collapsed back onto the bed, breathing deeply


‘Rest you're tired. Only remember the feeling of pleasure.’


Taiyou fell back asleep, pulling the blankets up around herself again

Tags: au, kis-my-ft2, nikayou, vampires, ya-ya-yah

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