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Jump Club ch1

Title: Jump Club
Rating: pg
Warning: Crack? Author suffering from little sleep, rpitis, Bakakism and Ouran host club fever. Ryosuke is a girl?
Fandoms: HSJ-possibly Ouran host club?

The beginning

Yamada Ryoko shoved her hands in her jeans looking around, testing into the elite Kitagawa Academy was hard and she had study for years to get in managing to earn the one of the only two scholarships in the 40 year history of the school. She had a sketchbook in her bag and was exploring. She had heard about an empty music room that had great lighting. She decided to check it out…she swung open the door and saw a bunch of really hot guys in kimonos. She blinked in shock; surely she was imagining things…

A shorter guy close to her height rose from an expensive looking settee was it and bowed, “Welcome to the Kitagawa Host club. Are you here to join our number or are you here to sample our attentions? We aim to please, my name is Arioka Daiki…” he said all of this with a flourish that seemed almost prince-like.

Ryoko stammered, “Yamada Ryoko…”

The smallest one of them all grinned, “Ryo-chan? Nice to meet you, I’m Chinen Yuri but call me Chii.” He looked up at his taller friend, “He seems nice doesn’t he, Keito-kun…”

The taller one nodded, “Indeed…”

Ryoko looked around nervously, everything seemed so expensive…the curtains looked like silk and the furniture looked foreign. What was a place like this doing in a music room? A Host club in a high school?

Another tall guy with glasses looked at her up and down, “Yamada Ryoko? The scholarship student? Interesting...”

Ryoko bit her lip, “Is that a bad thing? I was only looking for a quiet place to draw. I heard there was an empty music room and decided to try sketching….”

Chii bounced up to her, “That’s just Yabu-sempai, he’s always like that. He’s the host club’s vice president.” He pointed to Daiki, “And Dai-chan is our president…” he tugged on the tall guy’s hands pulling him closer, “This Keito-kun.”

Keito bowed slightly and then took his place behind Chii and to his right. He nodded, “Okamoto Keito desu.”

Ryoko thought he looked a little foreign but was silent in awe.

Chii grinned, “Those two are Inoo Kei and Hikaru, they’re twins…”

Ryoko stared at them, “Twins? They don’t look alike…”

Chii smirked, “They don’t act like it either…”

Ryoko watch as one twin grabbed a fist full of the other’s kimono and whispered something in the other’s ear.

Hikaru blushed and tried to push him away whining, “Kei….”

Kei licked his lips, “You know you want it….”

Hikaru spotted the visitor and nudged Kei.

Kei grinned, “A new member perhaps…”

Ryoko glanced at all of them, who were these guys?

A guy entered behind her and waved before curling up in an arm chair with a book.

Chii bounced over to him, “Yu-chan, look I made a new friend…”

Yuto glanced at her briefly before turning to his book, “Nakajima Yuto, the genius…”

Chii grinned, “I’m the cute little brother type, Yu-chan is the shy genius, Kei-chan and Hika-chan are the brothers who love each other, Dai-chan is our playboy, Yabu-sempai is the proud one and Keito-kun is a big brother type.”

In from behind a random curtain appeared a guy wearing make-up and girl’s kimono?

Chii bounced over to him and hugged him, “This is our manager Yuyan...Yabu-sempai and Yuyan make sure we can afford all of our parties. Does Ryo-chan like parties? We have great food and cake…I LOVE cake…”

Ryoko nodded weakly, she wandered around tripping over her feet and falling into a table with a teapot and matching dishes.

Chii ran over her with tears in his eyes, “Ryo-chan, are you ok? Are you hurt…”

Ryoko didn’t have time to reply, that she was fine that things like this happened often.

Yabu walked over and examine the damage, “Of all the things you had to break you broke the antique Wedgwood tea set. That was a family heirloom donated by the Okamoto family. It will be difficult to replace, its value was close to 300.000 US dollars.”

Ryoko gasped bowing, “I’m so sorry…” that much? For a tea set? Who would pay that much? “I’ll repay it…” what choice did she have… “I’ll get a job.”

Yabu nodded, “You maybe klutzy and foolish but I accept your offer. I expect you every afternoon after school. You will make coffee and clean up after the club is done with its guests. I will take the amount I would normally pay out of your debt…”

Ryoko blinked, “Work here? For you guys…” this seemed like a very bad idea but Yabu-sempai wasn’t giving her a choice.

Chii hugged her, “Yay, I get to see Ryo-chan everyday…”

Daiki nodded, “We’ll need to make sure she has a proper uniform. Anyone who is a part of the host club can’t embarrass us with a used...” he made a face, “uniform…”

Yabu opened his mini computer and started a tally, “She owes us 300.000 for the replacement of the tea set and a 100 for the uniform. If she is lucky in two weeks she has paid us back for the uniform.”

Ryoko couldn’t say a word before one of the twins, Hika-chan? Maybe? Handed her a boy’s uniform, then she was dragged off and shoved into a bathroom. She shrugged confused, she tried to fix her flyaway wavy hair emerged.

Daiki licked his lips, “Even the host club’s servant is cute…” he walked towards her and gently took her chin in his hand. He looked at her from every angle, “He’ll be sure to please…”

Ryoko blinked, he? They thought she was a guy? Inwardly, she pouted, “Please who…” his hand was warm on her skin…this very bad…

Daiki grinned, “Our guests, the beautiful princesses who come here and allow us to spice up their boring lives with laugher and attention.”

Yabu coughed, “Shameless flit…”

Chii jumped up and down, “Ryo-chan gets to stay…”

Yuyan smirked at Yabu’s remark, “Daiki? A shameless flirt? What do you expect of a Arioka? They aren’t known as the best actors in Japan for nothing…”

Yabu nodded solemnly.

Kei dragged Hika over to her and they walked around her in a circle, “He’ll do…he’s cute…”

Hika pouted, “I thought I was cute…”

Kei pulled him into an embrace nuzzling his neck, “Of course you’re cute…”

Poor Ryoko was overwhelmed…the term hadn’t started yet and she was already hanging out with strange rich people….
Tags: au, chiikeito, daiyama, g, genderswitch, hikainoo, hsj, jumpclub, takabu, yamajima, yuchii

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