Cris Liggett (kusanobabe05) wrote,
Cris Liggett

Beauty and the Beast ch.1

Authors: kusanobabe05 and x_flexy -no lie just ask her.
Title: Beauty and the Beast
Pairing: Nikaido Takashi and Ayukawa Taiyou-yes its weird but  we rp them
Rating: NC-17 for Nika being a pervert [yes I'm Nika if you were wondering having read me before.]

Taiyou spent everyday of her life confined in her bedroom, her mother forbidding her to speak to anyone. She didn't know why. She had a deeper voice than most of the women but was it really a reason to not be allowed to speak? She occupied herself with anything she could during the day to keep herself from going insane. At night, she liked walking the empty corridors, where she didn't have to worry about having to talk to anyone in case her mother freaked out


Nika jumped from tree to tree and flew sometimes. When he spotted a tallish figure walking along the walls. He moved for a closer look. It looked like a girl but they had broad shoulders and a high collared dress. The dress had no shape. He smelled the air around the figure. That was not the scent of a female


Taiyou sighed as she stared out the window. "Life is boring...” she thought to herself. No one talked to her... she was meant to be a princess but it didn't feel like she existed at all


Nika snuck closer, he sniffed again, definitely not a woman but why would a man wear such attire? The guy was beautiful and. he smiled, an intriguing person


Taiyou shivered slightly. It was sort of cold. Almost like someone had walked past her or something. She glanced around the corridor and saw no one. She smiled sadly and looked out the window again. The moon was pretty tonight...


Nika clung to the wall and listened to the beat of the boy's heart. He sounded around seventeen. An innocent...


Taiyou stopped, sure she had heard something... someone. She looked around and again, saw no one. Sort of scared, she tried to convince herself that she was tired


Nika was quiet and listened, the guy was smart...he sensed him. He might be fun to play with.


She shook her head and hurried back to her bedroom... it was too weird in the corridor tonight. Taiyou closed the door behind her and took a deep breath, calming her fast-beating heart.


Nika followed his scent through the wall until the boy stopped. He smelled him all the more strongly and snuck into the shadows to watch him


This was getting too much... Taiyou had definitely heard someone breathing just then. She walked around the room slowly, trying to see if anyone was there


Nika slowly climbed the wall and lay against the ceiling


Taiyou's heart beat faster. This was scary and weird. She went to the window and looked outside. Maybe someone was hiding and waiting to attack her... or steal something.


Nika smirked as he eavesdropped on the guy’s, he was scared how cute. He should be scared…


She looked out the window desperately and as odd as it was, prayed that she'd see some mysterious guy who looked like a thief. At least she'd know that way that she wasn't insane.


Nika played with his head; it was probably nothing…go to sleep....


"It was probably nothing, go to sleep". Her conscience? Whatever it was, it was probably right. She sighed shakily and climbed into bed nervously, pulling the covers over her head to try and block out anything that would scare her further.


Nika grinned, it worked...he wondered what else he could make him do. This was too fun. He licked his lips, he could hear that blood. He craved it...


Tags: au, juniors, kis-my-ft2, nc-17, nikayou, vampires, ya-ya-yah

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