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With me chapter 6

Title: With Me
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, comed
Pairing: massupi, daihika, yamabu, inoochii, takayama, and okajima
Fandoms: NewS, HSJ

Chii sat curled up in Inoo’s kissing him.


Inoo held him close, feeling that tiny body against his own, kissing Chii was addictive.


Chii moaned as they kissed, he was so completely comfortable with his boyfriend and they were alone.


Chii’s moans were making Inoo hard and he wanted Chii in the worst way. His hand reaching beneath Chii’s shirt caressing his stomach, “Yuri…”


Chii shivered as he felt Inoo’s hand on his skin, he whispered, “Kei.”


Inoo kissed him, “You’re irresistible, I can’t help wanting you.”


Chii blushed, “Kei.”


Inoo looked deep into Chii’s eyes, “Yuri, if I wanted to do more then just kiss you would you let me…”


Chii blushed more, “More then kissing? Like what…”


Inoo nodded, “Would you let me touch you…”


Chii closed his eyes whispering, “Touch me where...” Inoo’s hand felt warm on his skin and he liked it.


Inoo kissed him softly, “Everywhere.”


Chii shivered at the thought, “Kei.” His body reacted as Inoo spoke, he felt a part of his body start to get hard and he looked away embarrassed.


Inoo smirked, “It seems like you want me too…” he carried Chii to his room and next to him on the bed.


Chii barely processed he had moved when Inoo lay on top of him kissing him. He felt his soccer uniform shirt moving up his torso and over his head; his body glowing pink as he felt Inoo’s eyes on him as he whispered, “Kei.”


Inoo kissed him, his hands caressing the soft skin beneath him, fingers tugging and pinching Chii’s nipples.


Chii whimpered, “Kei that feels so good.”


Inoo smirked, “Good because I want more then this.”


Chii wiggled nervously, “Show me.”


Inoo nodded, “Okay.” He kissed him as he pulled Chii’s soccer shorts and boxers off.


Chii blushed more embarrassed, “Now what Kei…”


Inoo kissed him gently, “You’re adorable, I love you.”


Chii tried smiling, “I’m not too small…”


Inoo shook his head, “You’re perfect.”


Chii nervously played with Inoo’s shirt, afraid to voice what he wanted, “Kei, please.”


Inoo kissed him gently before undressing and tossing his own uniform off the bed.


Chii shivered as he felt Inoo’s skin on his own, “Ooooh…”


Inoo licked his lips, “You’re beautiful.”


Chii blushed protesting, “Kei, I’m not a girl.”


Inoo smirked as he reached down to stroke him slowly.


Chii closed his eyes moaning, “Ahh… he had never even touched himself this way; it was new and wonderful. He loved Inoo so much.


Inoo knew at that moment that his Yuri was totally innocent, he wondered once again if this really was okay.


Chii whimpered, “Kei, please don’t stop…”


Inoo kissed him harder, his hand moving faster, “I won’t, not unless you ask me too.”


Chii came quickly, it was his first orgasm. His body felt like it was on fire, his member had been so hard it hurt. He moaned loudly, it felt so good. He looked up as he whispered, “that was amazing.”


Inoo nodded as he covered his fingers with Chii’s cum, he spread his boyfriend’s legs gently as he caressed his entrance.


Chii froze whispering, “Why are you touching there? It feels so weird.”


Inoo smiled, “I know it feels weird, but it’s the only way we can be together, you trust me right…”


Chi nodded slowly, “Of course I trust you…I love you…”


Inoo kissed his neck, “Then let me love you, I’ll be gentle. It will be worth it, just relax Yuri. It will feel good I promise.”


Chi closed his eyes as he felt something force its way inside him. It hurt a little, when he was a gymnast and a dancer he’s felt worse pain but never there. It just felt so weird. He whimpered a little, “You said it would feel good.”


Inoo nodded, “It will, I just need a little time so I can make you feel good.” he gently added another finger after a little while he started thrusting slowly. He tried to remember how Maachan used to prep him; he didn’t want to remember how it felt right now. All that mattered was his Yuri and how much he loved him. He was already craving Chii’s body and how much he wanted to feel it warm and tight around him. He was hard and needed him badly; he just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t hurt him too much.


Chii felt himself stretched another slender finger was pushed inside him. He knew Inoo meant it when he said it would feel good but it didn’t yet. He knew Inoo wouldn’t hurt him so he relaxed wanting to know what Inoo meant by feeling good. If it was anything like what happened before he knew he would enjoy it and he wanted more of that feeling. He loved Inoo and trusted him so much.


Inoo finished prepping Chii covering himself with the last of Chii’s cum before slowly pushing himself into Chii’s small body. He moaned, “Yuri.”


Chii clung to him, “Kei.” It still hurt some but it felt so weird and wonderful. He could feel Inoo so close that he was inside him. He moaned, “I didn’t think we could do this because I’m not a girl.”


Inoo smirked, “”I’m a very resourceful guy, if I want to be with you like this I would find away.” He moved very slowly, it felt so good.


Chii moaned as Inoo started to move, “Ahh…”


Inoo shifted a little and was reward but Chii’s gasp of pleasure.


Chii clung to him more, feeling so good as Inoo moved and he felt that warm hand on him again, touching him again. He cried out without each thrust, “Kei.”


Inoo kissed him groaning, “Yuri.”


Chii came his face buried in Inoo’s neck shaking his body feeling all tingly again. Inside he felt a little wet but he felt good. He fell asleep in Inoo’s arms, feeling loved.


Inoo kissed his hair, “I love you Yuri, sleep well.” Before curling up him and falling asleep.


Tags: daihika, hsj, inoochii, massupi, news, okajima, takayama, ya3, yamabu

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