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With me chapter 5

Title: With Me
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, comedy
Pairing: massupi, daihika, yamabu, inoochii, takayama, and okajima
Fandoms: NewS, HSJ

Ryo barely notice the tension between Hikaru and Daiki as they tried not to get caught looking at the other. He had been watching Chii and Inoo on the bus where they were acting different then usual. Chii was practically in Inoo’s lap cuddling which was out of character; usually they were fighting. He was in Takaki’s lap again he felt those arms around him and his heart beat faster.


Takaki didn’t know why but he really like hugging Ryo, he was like a teddy bear right?


Ryo was quiet; if Chii was Inoo’s boyfriend could he be Takaki’s? He left Takaki and wandered into class thinking. He was thinking so hard he blocked out the world until his friends ran off for lunch. Ryo was walking to the soccer field when he saw Chii sitting in Inoo’s lap when he walked towards his friend. Chii was sitting in Inoo’s lap the same way he sat in Takaki’s. He wanted Takaki.


Yuto was curled with Keito feeding them both as usual.


Yabu was texting again while Daiki and Hikaru ignored each other while sitting in their tree.


Ryo snuggled up to Takaki thinking…


Takaki was a little shocked by the silence because Ryo was awake; usually he was more talkative, “Ryo is everything ok? Were the guys in class bullying you again…” he didn’t mean their teammates but some of the other first years’ had bullied Ryo in the past and he worried about him.


Ryo asked softly, “Do you think there is anything wrong with Inoo and Chii dating…”


Takaki blinked finally noticing Inoo and Chii, “I’ve never seen Inoo so happy.” Maybe for a while when he was with Maachan but that didn’t last long, “They don’t seem to be fighting, they must have decided to give their relationship a chance” he felt a little jealous and embarrassed. He knew how he felt about Ryo but it was wrong wasn’t it? He wasn’t sure it was ok for Inoo and Chii be together but Yabu didn’t seem to mind.


Ryo noticed the slight pink tint to his cheeks and his heart began beating faster. Did Takaki like him?


Takaki could feel Ryo’s body tense in his arms and sensed his quickening heartbeat, “Why so you ask…”


Ryo stammered, “Because…because I like you…:”


Takaki blinked, “Really? You don’t think I am too old for you…”


Ryo looked nervous, “If it’s ok for Inoo and Chii isn’t it okay for me to like you…”


Takaki held him tighter, “Yes it its, because I love you Ryosuke.”


Ryo turned to bury his face in Takaki’s neck, “Then you’ll be my boyfriend…”


Takaki kissed his cheek nervously, “Yes.”


Tags: daihika, hsj, inoochii, massupi, news, okajima, takayama, ya3, yamabu

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