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With me chapter 4

Title: With Me

Rating: NC-17


Genre: Angst, comedy

Pairing: massupi, daihika, yamabu, inoochii, takayama, and okajima

Fandoms: NewS, HSJ

Hikaru lay dreaming…


A dream is a wish your heart makes…


Hikaru dropped his school bag and his sports bags on the floor and fell into Daiki’s bed, “I’m exhausted.”


Daiki moved to pin Hikaru to the bed, “Not yet you’re not.”


Hikaru saw the evil glint in his eyes, “Dai-chan, what are you planning…”


“Why don’t you be quiet and figure it out yourself.”


Hikaru started to worry, “Not the cuffs.”


“Since you asked nicely of course we’ll use them.”


Hikaru winced, “”I hate them.”


Daiki smirked, “They wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t fight me.”


Hikaru protested, “But Daiki.” as his left hand was cuffed over his head to the bed.


Daiki grinned evilly as he disappears, “You’ll learn to love them.”


Hikaru thrashed, “Daiki.”


Daiki came sucking on an ice pop, “Umai.”


Hikaru whined, “Daiki.”


Daiki licks his lips looking down, “Oy neko-chan.” He bends down to pick up his cat, “Kawaii ne…”


Hikaru tried to curl up into a ball, “Aaaahhh keep it away from me.” The cuff digging into his wrist as it pulled him above his head.


Daiki kissed the cat laughing, “But she’s cute…” he nuzzles the cat before locking it out of his room.


Hikaru peeked out of his ball, “Is it gone…”


Daiki snickered, “I still can’t believe you’re afraid of cats.”


Hikaru pouted, “I want my boyfriend.”


“…” Daiki growled, “I am your boyfriend, unless you’re cheating on me.”


Hikaru whined, “You’re acting more like my best friend then my boyfriend. I came over to be with my boyfriend.” He had been craving Daiki’s touch for days.


Daiki licked his lips, “You’re thinking dirty thoughts again.”


Hikaru blushed, “Can you blame me, you’re hot.”


Daiki climbed into b4d with him his clothes covered in cat hair, “We’ll have to do something about your mind.”


Hikaru started to relax beneath him, “You can try to satisfy my hunger for your love…”


Daiki snorted, “You just want sex.”


Hikaru blushed, “Daiki, you know that’s not true.” He said softly, “I love you.”

Daiki smirked kissing him, Hikaru’s soccer shirt sliding up his torso, “I know…”


Hikaru kissed him back, his free arm around Daiki’s neck.


Daiki left the shirt hanging off Hikaru’s arm; he sucked hard on his lover’s neck.


Hikaru moaned as he felt Daiki leaving a mark on him, “Daiki…you don’t need to do that. You know I’m yours.”


Daiki reached down to run a single finger over Hikaru’s member teasing him through the shorts, “You want me bad.”


Hikaru moaned, “I always want you. Daiki please stop teasing…”


Daiki smirked kissing him as he stuck his hand inside Hikaru’s shorts stroking him, “Damn you’re hot Hika…”


Hikaru moaned, “Daiki…” his back arching as Daiki stroked him.


Daiki tugged Hikaru’s shorts off teasing, “You want me bad…”


Hikaru nodded, “so bad…”


Daiki removed his own clothes and straddled Hikaru’s body.


Hikaru reached up to cup Daiki’s face, “I trust you, so please take me…”


Daiki spread Hikaru’s legs lube appearing in his hand.


Hikaru had three fingers inside him before he knew it and was hungry for Daiki moaning, “Daiki please….I’m ready…”


Daiki entered him groaning, “Damn you’re still so tight…”


Hikaru arched his back trying to get Daiki deeper, “I don’t want to wait, just start fucking me. I want to feel this, how much you want me.”


Daiki smirked, “Damn you’re easy…:”


Hikaru whimpered, “Only for you Daiki…only for you…”


Daiki started to fuck him groaning, “You’re just too hot…”


Hikaru blushed, “I think you’re hotter.”


Daiki smirked stroking him fast, “you like this? I think you are getting addicted.”



Hikaru moaned, “It’s your fault for being sexy.” He came fast probably an effect of being deprived.


He awoke shake, he was sticky and his mind raced with the memory of how it felt to be with Daiki. It was only a dream but it felt so real. Why would he want to be with him like that? He wasn’t gay…was he? Did he love him? Daiki was his best friend, yeah they fought but he didn’t feel like that about him did he?

Tags: daihika, hsj, inoochii, massupi, news, okajima, takayama, ya3, yamabu

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