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With me chapter 2

Title: With Me

Rating: PG

Genre: Angst, comedy

Pairing: massupi, daihika, yamabu, inoochii, takayama, and okajima

Fandoms: NewS, HSJ

Inoo sat there staring at the envelope as if afraid to open it.


Yabu sat beside him, “Inoo-chan, Maa-chan isn’t coming back. Give yourself a permission to be happy. I’ve known you for years and when you’re around Chii I see the old fun Inoo I used to play with.”


Inoo protested, “He’s a kid, a first year and I’m going off to University next spring. He’ll forget me; I just don’t want to get hurt again. He might get hurt too when I leave him behind.”


Yabu glared, “Dammit Inoo! Chii wouldn’t have written that letter if he didn’t mean it with his whole heart. Do you know how hard he probably worked on that letter and you’re too afraid to read it? Then I will.”


Inoo held the letter tightly, “Back off, I’m not Shoon. The connection between Chii and I is different from you two.”


Yabu stood snorting before walking off, “I know, Shoon’s a braver man then you will ever be.”


Inoo felt bad for hurting his best friend but he slowly opened the letter. The shaky writing and the heartfelt words opened his heart. Before he knew what he was doing he was almost at Chii’s apartment. He knew where all the soccer club members where because as assistant captain he had access to all club records. He knocked on the apartment door nervously.


A small cute woman who looked a lot like Chii answered the door, “Yes? Can I help you…”


Inoo blinked, “Inoo Kei desu. Is Chii…I mean Yuri home? I’m one of his sempais from soccer club.”


She looked at him strangely, “Soccer club? Did something happen today? Yuri has been acting strange for a while.” She looked sad, “he won’t talk to me. He’s in his room.” She led him inside and knocked on Chii’s door, “Yuri? Inoo from soccer club is here.”


Inoo heard a crash like someone fall or something broke. He mumbled, “Excuse me.” He gently pushed past Chii’s mom and walked into the room closing the door. He found Chii’s bed messed and the guy trying to hide under his bed. He knelt beside him, reaching for him and grabbed Chii’s shirt, “Chii…” then his voice softened, “Yuri, please don’t run away from me.”


Chii turned to face him at Inoo’s softer tone, “Why did you come here…” but he didn’t look into Inoo’s eyes.


Inoo smiled “Because your heartfelt confession deserved a real answer.”


Chii sat there waiting, “Yes…”


Inoo lifted Chii’s chin looking into his eyes as said softly, “I love you Yuri…” he kissed Chii gently still scared but willing to give their love a chance.


Chii blinked, it was his first kiss after a moment of shock he kissed him back tentatively.


Inoo broke the kiss to wipe away his tears. He held Chii close asking “Is it really ok to want you…” Chi was so small and cute; he looked so young at fifteen he made him feel like a pedophile for waiting to be his lover.


Chii laid his head on Inoo’s shoulder, “If I want you to want me doesn’t make it ok…”


Inoo smiled as he played with Chii’s hair, “Then I guess it‘s okay,” he still wasn’t sure, he whispered, “Come home with me tomorrow and we can talk. Tell your mom you need help with math or anything you want to. My older sister is away at University and my younger sister is at tutoring until late. We can spend some time alone if you want.”


Chii held him close almost whispering, “Do you have to go? Please don’t go yet, you just got here.”


Inoo asked quietly, “Are you afraid I’ll change my mind…”


Chii blushed, “A little.”


Inoo kissed him, “resisting someone as cute as you is almost impossible.”


Chii snuggled, “I was so scared that Hikaru was wrong and you didn’t like me.”


Inoo was embarrassed; he had almost been too scared to come here. He didn’t want to upset Chii anymore so he stayed where he was just holding him.


Chii whispered, “Thank you for coming to see me…”

Tags: daihika, hsj, inoochii, massupi, news, okajima, takayama, ya3, yamabu

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