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With me chapter 1

.Soon Daiki was alone on the field with his jumbled thoughts...

Title: With Me

Rating: PG

Genre: Angst, comedy

Pairing: massupi, daihika, yamabu, inoochii, takayama, and okajima

Fandoms: NewS, HSJ

Daiki walked into the kitchen to see his dad’s boyfriend making breakfast. After two years if was still a little weird but he hadn’t seen his dad this happy even before mom died.


Yamashita Tomohisa or Yamapi as the world knew him smiled, “Good morning, Daiki. Did you sleep well…”


Daiki nodded, “Yeah.” after a while of eating in silence he checked the time, “Shouldn’t dad be home soon….”


Yamapi was about to answer when the front door opened.


Masuda Takahisa called out, “I’m home.”


Yamapi jumped up to dish up another bowl of rice and poured a large glass of tea.


Massu left his shoes at the door he called out as he hung up his coat, “Coming.” He sat next to Yamapi, “Hey Tomo.” He kissed his cheek.


Yamapi blushed, “Taka….”


Daiki feigned choking, “Dad….”


Massu chuckled “You’ll be late…”


Daiki hurried to finish his food grabbing his bento off the counter before he ran upstairs to get his school bag. He yelled as he ran out the door, “Later…” he just barely made the bus, he grinned when he saw the back of the bus filled with his soccer club friends sprawled.


Yabu sat there yawning as he texted someone; Daiki knew it had to be his boyfriend. Yabu Kota was the class president and the captain of the soccer team. Yabu was every girls’ dream; smart tall and gorgeous bit he was practically engaged to Yamashita Shoon, a Ayuma law school student. The two were both geniuses and they were planning on opening a legal practice together in the future.


His best friend Yaotome Hikaru was doing impressions with one of the first year members Yamada Ryosuke who was sitting in Takaki Yuya’s lap Takaki was the soccer team’s manager, he was pretty silly sometimes but was very good at mothering the first years.


Inoo Kei the 3rd year class secretary and the assistant team captain he was also Yabu’s right hand which amounted to doing whatever Yabu was too busy texting Shoon to notice. Inoo was arguing with the soccer club’s smallest member Chinen Yuri again over some silly thing that probably didn’t matter.


Hikaru, ever the nosy brat glared, “Why don’t you two stop fighting? Good it’s so annoying. Everyone knows you like each other.”


Daiki watched as Inoo glared and Chii turned red. Hikaru was going to get killed one of these days when he made Chii or Inoo really angry. Some one was going to keep a a tight rein on Hikaru’s mouth…


Keito and Yuto were writing music together, only distracted when the bus stopped in front of their school. They were always in their own little world, Yuto emerged briefly on the soccer field and it was rumored in science class according to Ryo and Chii when you can get their attention…


They all went into the school heading in four different directions, Daiki went off by himself. He wouldn’t see any of them until he joined the soccer club for lunch, since he was the on 2nd year on the active roster.


Hikaru was sitting the tree at the edge of the soccer field eating again when Daiki walked outside.


Yabu was texting again while Inoo and Chii glared at each other a weird tension filled the air around them.


Keito was snuggled close to Yuto; Yuto was feeding him out of a large bento. It was rumored Keito was a picky eater; Yuto was one of the few cooks he would eat.


Ryo and Takaki were taking a nap, they were really cute together. Takaki really was like a mother sometimes.


Daiki sighed as he yelled to get Hikaru’s attention, “Hey Hikaru…catch.” He tossed his bento into Hikaru’s lap before climbing the tree to lie back on his own branch.  He started to eat while Hikaru ate and read the newest issue of Beck.


Hikaru mumbled eating, “Your manga is in my schoolbag but it’s on the ground near Takaki.”


Daiki nodded, “I have the 7th volume of Beck but I left in my bag up in class. We have a broadcast in less then ten minutes, did you pick a song…”


Hikaru ate another bite, “yeah, Time, you know…”


Daiki interrupted, “Yeah I know, it’s one of Yamapi’s singles.”


Hikaru blinked, “Oh yeah, I forgot he’s your dad’s boyfriend. So what it’s like living with Yamapi…” he said his name with reverence.


Daiki sighed, “I don’t know, he cooks breakfast and packs my bento. It’s still weird; we’ve been living with him for two year now. It’s hard to believe he met dad when he almost burned down his kitchen, he really is a good cook.” It was a little weird, most guys who heard of Yamapi wanted to be him and most girls wanted to have his babies. He was revered as a god in the entertainment world. Yamapi started off as a model and a singer before becoming a much adored actor as he got older. Daiki checked his watch, “Come on, we have to go…”


Hikaru jumped out of the tree and grabbed his bag, “We’re off to see the wizard.”


Daiki followed, they were four months apart which probably resulted in the closeness of their friendship. They were both key players on the team, Hikaru was their best goalie and he himself was one of their better scorers. He wasn’t their best scorer, Yabu and Inoo were. Although Ryo, Chii and Yuto were going to become key players in the next year, Yabu was molding them into good replacements. Keito was a good goalie but Chii was faster and more flexible.


They entered the broadcast room; Hikaru took his place at the soundboard while he went to the booth. He put n his headset running checks and reading over his announcement. Hikaru started the countdown as he grinned and started talking.  After he finished he turned off his equipment and as Hikaru played Time. He listened as his dad’s boyfriend’s voice sounded through the school. Yamapi was really talented. Hikaru always picked great songs to end the broadcast club’s announcements.


Hikaru groaned, “Dai-chan, you think too much longer and you’ll be late to class.”


Daiki blinked, “Well you don’t pay attention either. You better get to class yourself.”


Hikaru glared, “you’re supposed to respect your sempais.”


Daiki snorted, “You and Takaki don’t act like responsible enough to be sempais. No wonder you two are in the same screw up class.”


Hikaru was fuming, “Not a good sempai? Takaki tries to manage the club properly and mother the first years. Do you know what I’ve done to help you? You can’t see any of it? Why don’t you see what you do without me…”


Daiki walked off angry, he could barely concentrate. He snapped at the girl he was supposed to help with her math making her cry. He left class scowling and as soon as school was over he headed to soccer club.


Yabu was dividing his team into two teams, sempais versus kouhais; Inoo, Yabu, Daiki and Hikaru against Yuto, Keito, Ryo and Chii.


Daiki was completely ignored by Hikaru when Hikaru field goals not once did he pass it to Daiki. This caused them to lose the ball many times because Yabu and Inoo weren’t free enough to control the ball which resulted in a devastating loss.


After practice Inoo grabbed Hikaru by the collar, “Hikaru! What the hell is wrong with you? Daiki was free twelve times and you completely ignored him. If this was a real game we would lost just as badly and it would have been your fault.”


A throat was cleared near them and Subaru Shibutani sensei finally appeared late as usually, “Hika…” he was their club’s advisor who really only showed up to make Hikaru uncomfortable.


Daiki watched emotionless as Hikaru began to shake as Subaru-sensei moved closer and Inoo stormed off.


Yuto, Keito, Chii and Ryo were celebrating because they won.


He wondered if it was really his fault that his team lost. Had he really make Hikaru that angry? Should he apologize for being rude?


Before he could make a decision or Hikaru could run away from Subaru-sensei, Chii had walked over to an annoyed Inoo.


His eyes seemed to be looking every direction but Inoo’s face. He handed him an envelope and ran away without a word.


Inoo stared at Chii’s back before walking over to the tree holding the letter.


Yabu seemed to wait a while before joining him.


Takaki failed to rescue Hikaru from Subaru-sensei so Ryo went to help without being asked.


Keito and Yuto had long since disappeared to where ever they normally went after soccer club.


Soon Daiki was alone on the field with his jumbled thoughts...

Tags: daihika, hsj, inoochii, massupi, news, okajima, takayama, ya3, yamabu

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