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Ikujinashi ch. 4c Completely

Fic title: Ikujinashi Title:Completely Rating:NC 17 Pairing: Tegogakki, implied tegomass< Notes: roxy I guess who loves Tesshi so much, is set just before ‘Like you’ll never see me again’
Ch.1 When I see you smile Ch.2 I will carry you Ch.3 v.1 Right where you want me Ch.3 v.2 Right where you want me Ch.4 Everything I do Ch.4b Like you’ll never see me again Ch.4c Completely ch.5 A thousand days

Tesshi had called for a cab. This was his last chance to be with her…in two days he was going into the hospital and this time he was honestly terrified he wouldn’t come out alive. Tesshi knocked on her door knowing it was her day off. He hungered for her the way Massu hungered for him. He didn’t want to let her go…

Gakki opened the door and pulled him inside kissing him gently, “I was afraid you’d change your mind…that you’d be too tired to come.”

Tesshi shook his head, “I’m sorry you have to share me but I can’t choose between you.” He hoped if he did die that Gakki and Massu would have each other…that they could love one another because they love him. “Tonight I’m all yours…” He kissed her, wishing he still had the strength to carry her to bed as he led her there slowly.

Gakki knew where they were going, her mind telling her that this was too much that he shouldn’t do this. Her heart was a different story; it needed this to believe he still loved her. She knew he loved Massu. He had since before they’d become lovers since Tegomass began practically he loved him. She loved Tesshi from first sight herself but she didn’t think he could love her. Now they were together…

Tesshi slid her long shirt off her body undoing her bra with his teeth. His hands cupping her breasts, kneading them gently listening to her gasp in pleasure.

 She threw her head back as he felt his warm hands on her breasts, her nipples hardening against his palms. “Yuya….baby…”

Tesshi kissed her tenderly, “I’m right here Gakki, I love you…” he kissed her throat and pressed a kiss to her heart, “I’ll always be right here…”

Gakki shivers, “I need you…don’t die on me…” she took his shirt off and ran her finger up his spine.

Tesshi peeled off her pants cupping her underwear, caressing her…teasing her…

Gakki moaned, “More baby…more…”

Tesshi slid a finger inside the waistband of her underwear, whispering, “Yes love…”

Gakki fumbled with shaky hands as she tried to undo his zipper, “Tesshi we don’t have much time and I want you…please no more teasing…”

 Tesshi pulled her underwear down and his breath caught Gakki had to be the most beautiful woman in the world. He kissed her gently, “I love you…this will be good I promise…”

 Gakki finally got Tesshi naked and smiled, “I trust you…I always have…”

 Tesshi ran his fingers lightly down her side drawing light circles on her hips, “how do you want make this work…”

Gakki kissed him, “Let me ride you…I don’t want you to get too tired.”

 Tesshi let her push him back so his back was against the headboard, “Only if that’s the way you want it…”

 Gakki nodded as she lay on top him, he kissed him slowly as she reached to stroke him.

 Tesshi moaned as her hand wrapped around him, “Gakki…”

 Gakki felt him harden in her hand and then moved so he was beneath her.

 Tesshi felt her body embrace him and moaned louder.

 Gakki shivered as she felt him deep insider her. She’d missed this feeling. Before he’d gotten sick they had little time together because of their stressful complex work schedules but she’d missed this so badly. She dreamt of being with him like this. Sometimes she was jealous of how much Massu got to see him. She needed to believe this wouldn’t be the last time they made love. She whimpered in pleasure as Tesshi’s hand played with her breasts and then touched her in the one place that brought her the most pleasure.

 Tesshi moaned as she rode him and he listened to her moans of pleasure, “I love you Gakki…I love you so much…” he wouldn’t leave her this time if he had the choice.

 Gakki felt him come inside her filling her womb with the warmth of life. She orgasmed calling out his name and collapsing on his chest.

 Tesshi gently played with her hair, “I love you…”

 Gakki snuggled, “I love you….thank you for coming here tonight…

Teshi whispered, "I had to come...I had to let you see me looking almost healthy before you saw me in that sterile room. A good memory..." he didn't say if something went wrong but he knew they were both considering it....

Gakki whispered, "Thank you..." thye hadn't used acondom this time...could she get pregnant? Unless the treatments had made him inferlle or her cycle wasn't right. She prayed she might have a child...their child...that if she lost him she could have thei baby to console her...

Tesshi kissed her cheek, "Get some sleep Gakki, don't forget that I love you ..."



Tags: angst, ikujinashi, nc-17, news, tegogakki, tegomass

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