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AU Vamp Fic ch.52

Title: For Love and for Blood, ch.52
Pairing: keirisa, ryoda,  daisho
Genre: AU
Fandom: JE,  H!P
Warning: can get bloody...and sexy...

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.51 NC-17

Shoon sat with Daiki’s arms around him; he was so worried about Reon and the others that he almost hadn’t come.

 Daiki hoped against hope for good news…after the last few days some good news would be nice.

Ryo was worried about his sister and his unborn niece or nephew. Tatsuya better have a good reason for calling them out of the meeting.

Ueda looked from face to face before beginning, “I might have a solution as well as a reason for Daiki’s reaction to human blood. I might have found a way around the immunity problem.”

Daiki blinked, “You have? What did you find out…”

Ueda pointed to his computer that showed Ryo and Shoon’s DNA compared to Daiki’s, “I didn’t notice an extra chromosome before because I wasn’t looking for it. Daiki can only digest blood with this chromosome I think.” He held a vial out to Daiki, “Drink this please…”

Daiki stared at it smelling it, “What is it…”

Ueda insisted, “Try it.”

Daiki drank it, it didn’t taste human but it wasn’t vampire either… he stared at the empty vial, “what was that? It was good…”

Ueda waited to see it Daiki had a reaction to it…after 15 minutes he felt it was safe. He scanned Daiki just to be sure, “I think you’ll be ok…that was Hound blood. Risako gave me a sample. I tested her venom on your blood samples and the immunity didn’t exist. There was a slight resistance when I used Keito’s instead but it took longer. I think if we let Risako feed on Shoon’s blood long enough for his entire DNA to be rewritten to become a hound then had him feed on Daiki then everything should be solved. Daiki wouldn’t be unable to feed on Shoon’s blood at that moment but you could finally be connected the way you wanted to be. The only thing I’m not sure of is exactly what Shoon would be. He would have been fed on by a hound but he would have drunk the blood of a vampire instead. He might end up something like Keito. It’s the blood that you fed on that makes the final change…it keeps you alive...”

Shoon froze blinking, “You want me to let Risako fed on me…”

Daiki held Shoon protectively, “That sounds dangerous…would Keito and Risako agree…”

Ueda nodded, “Risa is over there,” he pointed at a curtained bed, “I already discussed it with her. She said that she has to do it. That it’s her purpose. Immunes are unnatural. She said it was your destiny to be changed. She offered to accept you into her pack if you would accept her as alpha. Female alphas are rare but Keito isn’t ready to be an alpha yet. Keito said making her turn both of you is too much and is willing to change one of you even if it takes longer. She said she could do it but she agreed that we don’t have much time. She said that they need you both as back up. She said despite what Ohkura will say you two have to go. Omega needs to see your choice, to hear the truth from the lips of the heirs of Omega. She said only a Yamashita and Nishikido can save their lost souls.” 

Ryo winced, “I can’t be a vampire…I can’t be the same as you…”

Ueda kissed him gently, “Unless you choose Keito I don’t know.  I’ll watch your blood when you start to turn I’ll wait until I think it’s been long enough and then I’ll stop him. I’ll let you feed from me first. I don’t know what you two will be…you might end up like Keito; half vampire, half hound.”

Ryo sighed, “It’s my only chance? I have to put my life in the hands of kids…”

Ueda corrected him gently, “By VC and the council of elders’ standards, they aren’t kids, they are adults. They can control their desire for blood and they can control the rest of their powers.”

Shoon said softly, “If I let her do this I can be Daiki’s forever and he can have me body, blood and soul…”

Ueda nodded slowly, “I think so…we just need the hound venom to change you so you can be Daiki’s. I think if Daiki let Risako feed for about 8 or 9 minutes then you should be ok. You’ll need to drink as soon as you start to change.”

Daiki asked nervously, “you want me to use one of your scanners….”

Ueda said quickly, “I have to be there for Ryo…he’ll need me like Shoon will need you…”

Shoon clung to Daiki, “If I do this you’ll make sure I’ll be ok…” he was scared, he wanted Daiki to turn him but it didn’t seem like it could happen.

Daiki kissed him, “I promise, I can’t loose you and Reon still needs his big brother…”

Ryo looked deep into Ueda’s eyes, “I want you not Keito but if this what I have to do be with you I’ll do it.”

Ueda kissed him, “I know; it’s the best I can do. I’m sorry Ryo I know it’s not what either of us wanted…”

Risa poked her head out of the curtain, “Is everything okay…”

Ueda smiled sadly, “Yeah…it seemed they agreed…”

Risa nodded knowingly, “I knew they would…I also know it wasn’t an easy choice.”

Ryo was uncomfortable with her around, he doesn’t understand her the way the others do normally he doesn’t believe in prophesies and visions. Yet everyone including the half bloods were connected to a vision she had that one time. 

Risa took Daiki and Shoon’s hands, She said softly, “I won’t hurt him…I know what I have to do…you need me to bring you together.” She built a bridge between their minds, I’m here to help you…” she lead them to one of the beds, she straddled Shoon’s body whispering into their minds, “Close your eyes, forget I’m here. Shoon, you’ve felt Daiki’s fangs before…remember that feeling. Daiki, remember how good it felt to feel Daiki drinking, as you bonded in the trinity of body, blood and soul.” She made them remember without having to try as she bent to drink. She knew how far to drink, she wanted Keito’s blood but she was meant to be here. She reached to touch Keito’s mind, she kept it separate from the two beside her. She instructed Keito what to do.


Keito listened to Risa’s instructions leading Ueda and Ryo away to Ueda’s office. As Risa’s mate he’d received some of her powers. His brain was using more of its natural abilities now that he was part hound. He built a bridge as Risa told him how connecting Ueda’s mind to Ryo’s, he found their memory of the last time Ueda had fed. He made them relieve it the memory relaxing them both. He bent to drink Ryo’s blood.


Daiki felt Shoon’s blood fill his mouth though he knew he wasn’t feeding. He felt Shoon’s body warm and naked, his member still buried deep inside him. He knew that he was sitting on stool holding Shoon’s hand and yet, he felt as if he were the one feeding on shoon, changing him. He silently thanked Risako for the gift.

Shoon knew he was reliving the night he’d let Daiki fed but this time there was no fear for Daiki, he knew it wasn’t quite real although it felt like it was. He moaned softly, knowing he was moments from being Daiki’s forever, escaping the immunity curse he’d been saddled with since birth.

Risa closed her eyes sensing all five of the minds present. She gave the couples what they’d wanted. Their memory of today would be of the other changing them. 


Ueda felt his eyes close as Keito connected his mind to Ryo’s he marveled at the teen’s control of his powers. In a short time he’d progressed beyond anything he’d ever imagined that he’d be capable of.

Ryo felt his eyes fluttering closed as Keito played in his head, he was about to protest when he felt Ueda more present in his mind then he had ever been. Then his body reacted as if they had just made love. He could see the hunger in Ueda’s eyes as he offered his neck for Ueda to drink from.

Keito claimed the scars at Ryo’s neck for a while drinking because Risa had told them he had to but he felt Risa in his mind whispering how much she loved him and when this was over they would be together. He felt her love; it was so real he could almost taste it. He made them remember what it felt like them when Ueda fed on Ryo’s blood.

Ueda‘s mouth watered, as he relieved the feeling, he could taste the blood. He was getting full on a memory. His worry vanishing…

Ryo knew Ueda wasn’t the one feeding on him but he seemed to see and feet Ueda doing this to him. He could feel his body no longer resisting and finally changing. He called out to Ueda, “Tat-chan..,”

Ueda shivered at the intimacy of the cry…

Risa told him to stop…to leave them alone…

Keito did as his lover; his alpha told him and went to join her.


Risa had to drink Shoon’s blood past the point of weakness nearly to the point of death. She drank to that point and stopped. Before she severed herself from Daiki and Shoon’s minds; she told Shoon silently to move over and made Daiki join him on the bed. She let them naturally run their course now. She took Keito’s hand and led him away. They had a mission to complete and feeding as well as they just had would help them...


Ryo felt a strange but not unpleasant hunger possess him; he could feel he was already changing.

Ueda felt Ryo’s mental link to him strengthening and moved to undo his pants. He started to stroke himself; he wanted his blood to taste good, only the best for his Ryo…


Daiki moved closer, he felt how weak Shoon was and bit his wrist holding it to his lover’s lips to drink.

At first Shoon recoiled from the taste of blood.

Daiki grew worried as Shoon refused him. He tried once more…

Shoon smelled the blood and this time hungered for it. He heard it pounding in his heart and licked the ragged wound tenderly. He drank sucking on the wound, feeling stronger with each swallow. He wanted it; only Daiki’s blood could satisfy him, make him strong….

Daiki felt Shoon grow stronger as he grew weaker. He would not be able to feed on Shoon’s blood yet and he would need blood to replace what Shoon needed. He begged “Shoon stop…I need keep some for myself…”

Shoon stopped reluctantly. When he realized how weak Daiki was he slipped away and opened the fridge to find a bottle of full vamp blood. He opened it pulling Daiki into his lap holding the bottle to his lips.

Daiki drank from the bottle quickly. He drank the whole bottle before feeling full and strong.

Shoon set the empty bottle down and lay beside Daiki kissing him softly, “I’m yours forever…”


Ryo felt Ueda’s blood call out to him, heard the beat of Ueda’s heart and the roar of his lover’s blood as it pulsed through the veins of the man he loved. He was so weak and he needed it.

Ueda whispered as he came, “Ryo….”

Ryo crawled over to him; his eyes turn gold and black as he slipped into his first bloodlust.

Ueda had to be careful, with Ryo’s personality his lover could fall into a blood rage easily.

Ryo’s fangs appeared for the first time as he pierced Ueda’s throat and he began to feed.

Ueda moaned as he felt Ryo drinking, he could feel the link Keito had built between their minds strengthen. He could feel Ryo’s pleasure as he fed, it was like nothing he’d ever felt. He’d been attuned to Ryo’s mind from the beginning but this was beyond that early link, he reach out to Ryo’s mind, “Ryo, can you hear me…”

Ryo was shocked to hear Ueda in his head, “Tat-chan…” he licked Ueda’s neck kissing him, “You’ll need blood yourself…should I get some….”

Ueda smiled, Ryo was in one of his nicer moments…he nodded, “Thanks Ryo…”

Ryo stiffened as he head Ueda‘s thoughts, “Hey, watch it..."

Ueda blushed, “Sorry, I forgot you can hear me now. Guess I have to start watching my thoughts…”

Ryo gently smacked him in the head, “Baka….” Then he left him to get his lover blood to replenish what he had to drink to save him from going into shock.

Ueda watched him go, confident as he had always been that he would return, “Thank you Risako…” she had given him the key, hopefully her next mission would be successful…


FLFB Ch.53 NC-17
Tags: au, berryz koubou, boutokan, forloveandforblood, juniors, kanjani8, kisumai, nonje, suju, tohoshinki, vampires

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