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Cris Liggett

AU Vamp Fic ch.51

Title: For Love and for Blood, ch.51
Pairing: keirisa
Genre: AU
Fandom: JE,  H!P
Warning: can get bloody...and sexy...

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.50 NC-17<

Risako awoke completely in a strange place…a place she had never been. She looked around and noticed Keito’s worried face. She weakly reached for his hand and squeezed it.


Keito smiled, with that small bit of pressure he knew she would be all right, he called out, “Ueda-sensei, she’s awake…”


An unfamiliar vampire appeared beside her, “Are you ok, young one…”


Risako frowned, “I don’t know…that’s never happened before. I normally see things like that when I’m asleep…I normally don’t faint…”


Ueda grinned, “I doubt you normally have visions that you share with an entire room either. Only Ryo-I mean Nishikido-san was not affected…probably because he has no vampire DNA. Which I can’t understand myself since you’re not a vampire…”


Risako gave him a knowing smile, “Test my blood we might be more related then you think. I’d check the DNA of a full blood against a human again as well. You should see a distinct difference…which would explain why we can sometimes only feed on our own kind. Hounds can only mate among themselves but they can drink any blood they want…”


Ueda blinked at her in surprise, “I might just do that…”


She froze, her people…they had never had an instance of a human becoming one of them. Not one victim of a rogue survived to seek the Hounds out to consume their blood. She turned to Ueda, “Run Keito’s blood…he is no longer half-human…”


Keito was confused.


Ueda stammered, “What…”


Risako grinned, “If I’m right…you have the first vampire/Hound hybrid. Keito should be half Hound; he is the only non-hound to consume our blood. That should make him a member of my pack therefore subject to the directives of the council of the seven elders…as well as a subservient to the VC.”


Keito blinked, “Risa, does that mean I am a part of you…”


Risa wanted to test it, “What dog are you most drawn to, which do you see yourself as...”


Keito said softly, “I guess a terrier.”


Risa took his hand, “Close your eyes…picture yourself as a terrier. Relax…”


Ueda watched in awe as the teen’s shape shimmered and he changed into a Jack Russell terrier yipping a little.


Keito opened his eyes, everything was so big. He froze as Risa reached toward him.


Risa pet him, “It’s okay…it’s always weird and slightly scary the first time. I can help you adjust.” She picked him up and held him in her lap, “You are as unique among your kind as I am.” She no longer had a place among her pack and Keito was the first of his kind. Their children would be like their father…if they had any…




Ueda left them alone to check their blood. He looked at Risako’s first; it wasn’t all that different from his own. Only the chromosome that was added when a human became a vampire was slightly different. To human scientists the differences would be considered a deformity not the result of alien DNA changing human DNA. His kind must have evolved the capability to add to their genetic stock this way when the threat of overbreeding became dangerous. Having a child with a human could be just as dangerous if the child wasn’t aware of their difference before they turned. He checked Keito’s DNA, just as Risako said the last visages of his mother’s human DNA had been converted to Hound DNA.


It was strange. Mate a horse to a donkey and you get a mule, something that can’t reproduce yet a human/vampire hybrid could. He compared Keito’s current blood with that he had stored in the computer. It was strange; he could understand if Risako’s story was right on a genetic level vampires and hounds were related because they had evolved on the same world that would explain why Keito’s DNA had changed so slightly. He blinked; Humans and vampires really weren’t related at all. Yet they could produce a healthy child; Keito, Yabu and Chii were examples of successful matings.


He sat thinking about Daiki’s inability to consume human blood; he wasn’t allergic to the blood but this difference in the DNA. He couldn’t digest any blood that lacked this vital chromosome. As for Shoon and Ryo, this chromosome that was apparent in vampires and hounds couldn’t be added to their DNA due to the genetic manipulation. He wondered why his ‘venom’ was repelled and why he hadn’t notice the difference number of chromosomes before.


Ryo and Shoon’s bodies had little reaction and no matter how many times they were bit continued to resist. He stared at the DNA comparison on the computer. He had a thought; he took a sample of Ryo’s blood and injected some of Risako’s DNA into one of the cells. He got excited, the extra chromosome formed. Whatever the difference between his DNA and Risako’s was the Omega scientists hadn’t planned for it when they played god. The only question in Ryo’s case was ‘would he want to be a hound or did he only want to be a Vampire?’ He needed to see if Daiki had the same reaction to hound blood as he did to Human. He didn’t think he would but it was worth a shot. Would Shoon want to be a hound? He didn’t know if he could undo in a lab what had been done to them but if Turning immunes into hounds solved their problem it wouldn’t be genetic manipulation.


Excited he hurried back to the teens would were curled up on the bed. Risako was the wolf and Keito was still the terrier. He shook Risako gently, “Sugaya-san, do you think you two could help me…”


Risako stretched turning back into herself, “I guess…” she shook Keito gently, “Keito love…wake up…”


Keito blinked looking around and then remembered, he turned closed his eyes so he could shift into himself. He yawned, “Yes Risa…”


Risa kissed him, “I think Ueda-sensei needs us to help him answer his questions…”


Ueda asked nervously, “Ano…I know by our standards you’re both adults but it still feels weird asking this of you two but do you think you two could feed…I need a sample of your venom…”


Keito blushed hiding behind Risa, “you want to watch us feed…”


Risa understood what he meant and calmed Keito, “He just wants us to drink each other’s blood…”


Keito nodded slowly, “I guess we can do that…”


Ueda gathered his swabs and sat near the bed, “Okay…”


Risa kissed Keito whispering into his mind, “Ignore him for now…”


Keito relaxed and kissed her back, he could hear both their hearts beating and the rush of their blood. He hungered for her blood as well as her body but for now all he needed was her blood. He licked her scar preparing to feed.


Risa reached for Keito’s wrist and brought it to her lips licking it.


They both shiver as their fangs broke skin.


Risa moaned as she tasted Keito’s blood letting it flow over her tongue as she drank.


Keito lapped and suck the blood from Risa’s throat hearing her heart pump faster.


Ueda timed them and cleared his throat to get their attention.


Risa still hungered, her need barely half satisfied.


Keito nearly growled at him but Risa’s hand and silent reprimand silenced the growl before it sounded.


Risa turned towards Ueda and opened her mouth.


Ueda ran a swab over her fangs and sealed it. He swabbed her neck as well and sealed it.


Keito reluctantly did the same offering his wrist and opening his mouth.


Ueda set his swabs down and placed Risa’s hand in Keito’s, “Why don’t you finish this in private. I’m releasing Risa, I think she’ll be fine but if she reacts to a vision like that again bring her back.” He watched them walk towards the door.


Risa paused at the door, “I think everything will be okay now Ueda-sensei…”


Ueda blinked and then they were gone. Had Risako given him all the answers?


FLFB Ch.52 NC-17
Tags: au, berryz koubou, boutokan, forloveandforblood, juniors, kanjani8, kisumai, nonje, suju, tohoshinki, vampires

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