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au fic cherish ch22

Fic Title: Cherish
Title: Ch. 22
Pairings: nottipi
JE Groups: NewS
Genre: AU
Rating: R for the usual reasons- sex, language and violence.
Notes: Don't kill me if you hate it, it is my first real attempt at an AU fic series. I apologize for the weird font it's all screwy I'll fix it tomorrow when I'm at home. I'm at grandma's the home of the evil computer that ate Cherish Ch.12 and 13 last time I was here.

Koyama Keiichiro- Kei, the dad
Koyama Tomahisa- also known as Yamapi, a college student
koyama Yuya- affectionately known as Tesshi
Kato Shigeaki- Shige/Gesshi, Kei's boyfriend/live-in-lover, raising his cousin's son
Masuda Takahisa- dubbed Massu by Tesshi as a child, lives with them, Tesshi's best friend
Nishikido Ryo- Yamapi's boyfriend of many years[edit] I hadn't a clue that Ryo lived here too until chapter 2 or that he was Shige's foster son...six NewS members in one house sounds more then a little crowded no matter how big it is.

Uchi Hiroki- A worried older brother who tries to relocate his brother after a tragedy.
Uchi Hironori- was a victim of a horrible crime, suffers from PTSD

Cherish Prologue PG
Cherish Ch.1 NC-17
Cherish Ch.2 NC-17
Cherish Ch.3 NC-17
Cherish Ch.4 NC-17
Cherish Ch.5 NC-17
Cherish Ch.6 NC-17
Cherish Ch.7 NC-17
Cherish Ch.8 NC-17
Cherish Ch.9a NC-17
Cherish Ch.9b NC-17
Cherish Ch.10 NC-17
Cherish Ch.11a NC-17
Cherish Ch.11b NC-17
Cherish Ch.12 NC-17
Cherish Ch.13 NC-17
Cherish Ch.14 NC-17
Cherish Ch.15 NC-17
Cherish Ch.16 NC-17
Cherish Ch.17 NC-17
Cherish Ch.18 NC-17
Cherish Ch.19 NC-17

Notti was nervous…his first day at a new school. Summer vacation was over and the second term was starting. He didn’t want to go…


Yamapi parked in front of the car and pulled Notti gently into his arms, “It’s ok, you’re not alone. Tesshi and Massu are wait for you. Uchi and Shige made sure you were in class with them. You won’t be alone, they are supposed to make sure you get to class.” he pointed, “See, they’re waiting for you.”


Notti looked out the window, sure enough they were. He shivered, “But there are so many people…”


Yamapi kissed him, pressing a blue slid phone into his hand, “I put everyone’s number in it. If you get overwhelmed, call Ryo. He can help. When school’s over, call me and I’ll come get you. Ryo, Uchi and I will be at Uni but it’s not that far away. If it’s too much either of us will come get you. Shige is at home if you need him but papa, I mean Kei is at work. It will be ok, I believe you can do this.” He leaned over to open Notti’s window, “Tesshi…Massu get over here. “


Tesshi walked over his hand clasped in Massu’s, their bags slung over their shoulders. He grinned, “Notti, you came. I was worried you wouldn’t. We checked you’re in class 3A with us. Come on, we can’t let you be late your first day. Niichan, you have to let him go…”


Massu was excited, “I was made captain of the soccer team over vacation. If you want on the team I have the paperwork.”


Tesshi nodded, “I’m the team’s manager, so I can order you a uniform if you like.”


Yamapi sighed, “Guys give him a little time to decide such things. Make sure to keep an eye on him. If its too much any of us can take him home but I think he can do this…”


Notti smiled at his friends, “I’ll come…it wouldn’t hurt to try would it…”


Massu opened the door glancing at Yamapi, he silently promised to keep an eye on both Tesshi and Notti.


Tesshi helped Notti out and made sure his younger friend had his book bag. He took Notti’s hand and said softly, “Let’s go shall we…”


Notti smiled, “Ok…”


Massu ushered them both into the school, “See you later Yamapi…”


Yamapi watched them go and prayed silently that everything would be ok.


Massu made sure that Notti was given as little attention as possible and he and Tesshi led Notti out to the soccer field to eat lunch. When they finished eating Shige’s bentos, they kicked a soccer ball around until it was time to return to class.


Notti was happy to have friends would didn’t look at him strangely and was glad that most of the class stayed away from him. He overheard the girls saying he was cute and at that moment he really wanted Yamapi. He buried himself in his classwork; he didn’t like the look they had. He shifted in his seat trying to ignore them; he didn’t want to be here much longer.


Tesshi noticed Notti getting upset and glared at the girls the teacher was gone he whispered to Notti, “Forgive me.”  He called out softly; “The new kid is mine.” he kissed his cheek and then kissed Massu on the lips, “They’re both mine.”


The girls squealed, “Kawaii…”


Massu was a little irritated when Tesshi kissed Notti but he understood why and when Tesshi kissed him he was ok again.


Notti froze as he heard Tesshi’s whisper and was kissed, it took him a few tortured seconds to realize that it was all for show…to protect him. He hid his face in Tesshi’s shoulder, “I don’t like how they look at me…”


Tesshi wrapped his arms around Notti looking at Massu, “It’s ok…they won’t hurt you…” he mouthed, ‘Call Yamapi…”


Massu nodded, he sent a sms to Yamapi and asked him to be waiting outside the school when school got out.


Notti tried to relax in his friend’s arms whispering, “Thank you…it’s nice to have friends…real friends again…”


Tesshi and Massu helped gather Notti’s things and made sure he got out to meet Yamapi.


Yamapi opened the door and Notti leapt into his arms.


Notti hid his face in his boyfriend’s neck whispering, “It was hard but I did it…”


Yamapi hugged him; “I knew you could…” he smiled at Tesshi and Massu mouthing ‘thank you’.


They both grinned and ran off to what could only be soccer practice.


Yamapi lifted Notti’s chin and kissed him gently, “Let’s go home…”


Notti clung to him, “Please…I want…I want you…”


Yamapi kissed him tenderly, his heartbeat quickening, “Ok…” he loosened Notti’s embrace and drove them home.


Notti left his bag in the car and led Yamapi up to their room. He shut the door as he kissed him, his nervousness disappearing. He was starting to relax now that they were alone. He unbuttoned Yamapi’s shirt letting it fall away. His hands roamed over Yamapi’s chest caressing the firm muscles, playing with his nipples and tugging on his naval piercing.


Yamapi’s eyes closed and he moaned as he felt Notti’s familiar touch. He’d worried about him all day and now they were together again. He wanted this…to feel Notti make love to him. It was the only time Notti wasn’t afraid…wasn’t nervous…he enjoyed it when Notti was sure of himself.


Notti stroked the front of Yamapi’s pants listening to his soft moans, “Hisa…”


Yamapi rubbed against his lover’s hand, “Nori…” he twisted his fingers into Notti’s shirt wanting it off. Notti pulled away just enough to remove their clothes. He dropped his uniform and Yamapi’s pants off the bed. Yamapi spread his legs offering himself to Notti, he wanted this a lot. They hadn’t had time to make love this morning and he’d missed the intimate way they usually started off the day. He wanted to see the glimpse he had when they made love of the Notti behind the pain.


Notti reached for the lube, the sight of Yamapi’s entrance making him harder. He’d been so nervous this morning about school that they hadn’t made love and he’d regretted that all day. He covered his fingers caressing Yamapi’s entrance before pushing a single finger past the ring of muscle there.


Yamapi moaned, it hurt a little but knowing Notti was preparing him made it worth it.


Notti knew Yamapi’s body well by now and went as fast as Yamapi’s body would allow. Soon he was thrusting three fingers inside the older man listening to his moans.


Yamapi begged, “Nori…please…”


Notti withdrew his finger and entered him groaning, “Hisa…” after a bit he started thrusting…the feeling of being inside Yamapi this way without causing him pain was still so amazing. Someday he’d like to have the courage to let Yamapi make love him but for now this was enough.


Yamapi moaned stroking himself and he countered Notti’s thrusts adding to the friction by moving against him. It was so hot and it felt so good as Notti thrust over his spot his moans  getting more high pitched with eat thrust, the feeling driving him closer to orgasm.


Notti moaned, “So close…come with me Hisa…”


Yamapi came with a cry, his walls tightening around Notti’s member as he cried out, “Nori…”


Notti orgasmed as he felt Yamapi’s body tighten around him, he let out a strangled moan, “Hisa…”


They lay there gasping for breath.


Yamapi held Notti close, “You were really good sweetheart…”


Notti asked shyly, “Did it make up for this morning…”


Yamapi nodded, “Every time you make love to me is precious…forget about this morning all that matters is now. Why don’t we take a nap before dinner…”


Notti smiles, his cheeks pink, “Sounds nice…” he curled up on Yamapi’s chest and dozed off.


Yamapi played with his hair for a little while before falling asleep himself.



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