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au fic cherish ch21

Fic Title: Cherish
Title: Ch. 21
Pairings: ryouchi
JE Groups: NewS
Genre: AU
Rating: R for the usual reasons- sex, language and violence.
Notes: Don't kill me if you hate it, it is my first real attempt at an AU fic series. I apologize for the weird font it's all screwy I'll fix it tomorrow when I'm at home. I'm at grandma's the home of the evil computer that ate Cherish Ch.12 and 13 last time I was here.

Koyama Keiichiro- Kei, the dad
Koyama Tomahisa- also known as Yamapi, a college student
koyama Yuya- affectionately known as Tesshi
Kato Shigeaki- Shige/Gesshi, Kei's boyfriend/live-in-lover, raising his cousin's son
Masuda Takahisa- dubbed Massu by Tesshi as a child, lives with them, Tesshi's best friend
Nishikido Ryo- Yamapi's boyfriend of many years[edit] I hadn't a clue that Ryo lived here too until chapter 2 or that he was Shige's foster son...six NewS members in one house sounds more then a little crowded no matter how big it is.

Uchi Hiroki- A worried older brother who tries to relocate his brother after a tragedy.
Uchi Hironori- was a victim of a horrible crime, suffers from PTSD

Cherish Prologue PG
Cherish Ch.1 NC-17
Cherish Ch.2 NC-17
Cherish Ch.3 NC-17
Cherish Ch.4 NC-17
Cherish Ch.5 NC-17
Cherish Ch.6 NC-17
Cherish Ch.7 NC-17
Cherish Ch.8 NC-17
Cherish Ch.9a NC-17
Cherish Ch.9b NC-17
Cherish Ch.10 NC-17
Cherish Ch.11a NC-17
Cherish Ch.11b NC-17
Cherish Ch.12 NC-17
Cherish Ch.13 NC-17
Cherish Ch.14 NC-17
Cherish Ch.15 NC-17
Cherish Ch.16 NC-17
Cherish Ch.17 NC-17
Cherish Ch.18 NC-17
Cherish Ch.19 NC-17

[chapter 20 isn't finished yet gomen...i thought i'd update anyway]



Ryo was excited, Uchi’s wrist was better all he wanted to do was take him out on a real date. He pulled Uchi out the door kissing him, “Come on, I have a surprise.” He pulled a pink helmet from behind his back, “This is for you.”


Uchi blushed, “You’re going to let me ride on her…” he meant Ryo’s beloved motorcycle.


Ryo placed the helmet on Uchi’s head and buckled it. He helped him on taking him for a ride. In the saddle bags was a picnic lovingly prepared for them by Shige and a blanket. He drove with Uchi’s arms around his waist and his boyfriend’s head on his shoulder.


Uchi closed his eyes; he felt the wind licking their bodies, the vibrating of the motorcycle beneath him and the warmth of Ryo’s body so close in front of him.


Ryo drove into a quiet park near a river; he parked his baby and helped Uchi down raising the visor. He kissed him gently before taking the large lunch box and handed the blanket to Uchi. He led him to a shaded clearing just off the path. For his 20th birthday Shige had paid for flight lessons giving him his dream of flying. He’d seen this place when he flown over the park. At one time he’d wanted to take Yamapi here but now he was taking his beloved Uchi here.


Uchi set their helmets on the bike before taking the blanket and letting Ryo lead him into a quiet meadow. There were wildflowers and a large tree before a forest that stretched far. He smiled, “It’s pretty…”


Ryo set down the lunch box and spread the blanket pulling Uchi down with him. They sat close and he moved the box closer. He opened it smiling.


Uchi closed his eyes smelling the delicious food, “Shige….”


Ryo kissed him, “Yes…he’s a great cook…”


Uchi kissed him pulling away laughing, “Food first…me later…”


Ryo grinned, “Is that a promise…”


Uchi smirked, “It is if you believe it is…”


Ryo kissed him lightly, “Then it’s a promise…” he placed plates and napkins on the blanket beside them. He places chicken, rolls and salad. He fed Uchi laughing.


Uchi took a bite giggling, “Mmm tastes good…”


They ate until food was no longer what they craved.


Ryo smirked, stroking Uchi’s thigh kissing him, “You promised…”


Uchi kissed him back before breaking the kiss to put things back in the basket. Then he fell backwards pulling Ryo on top of him, “Now, I’m all yours…”


Ryo kissed him hungrily, “sounds like heaven…” in Uchi’s arms his nightmares fled…Uchi helped him see he needed to go to counseling not only for his own sake but for Notti’s too.  He’d told Notti his story and listened to the younger boy’s painful tale. If anything it had bonded the two almost as brothers.


Uchi saw Ryo was thinking and decided to banish all thoughts but himself from his lover’s mind. He pushed Ryo back to watch him strip.


Ryo licked his lip whispering, “Impatient aren’t we…”


Uchi shot Ryo a mischievous look, “I thought you wanted to eat me, I was preparing myself to be eaten.”


Ryo smirked, “Savored but never eaten. Life would be dull without you…”


Uchi was half in and half out of Ryo lap, wrapping his naked body around his lover’s, “Then do just that…savor me…”


Ryo kissed Uchi once more before licking sucking on his neck, “Mmm….so good….”


Uchi moaned as he felt Ryo’s lips and tongue on his neck, his head thrown back to bare his neck for more attention.


Ryo’s hands slid down Uchi’s torso to play with his lover’s nipples until he was sure they were hard and sore. They had an immediate affect on Uchi’s member making it harder so he pulled away to undress himself.


Uchi watched with hooded eyes as his Ryo’s gorgeous body was revealed to shine with sunlight. He was already gasping for breath but Ryo had a talent for making him speechless.


Ryo lay on top of Uchi a slight moan escaping his lips as their naked bodies were pressed close together. “Damn Uchi….” He rolled his hips so their hardened members rubbed against one another.


Uchi moaned, “Ryo…” his body yearning for more.


Ryo caressed Uchi’s thighs as he spread his legs.


Uchi fished the lube out of Ryo’s pocked and handed it to him smiling, “Hurry…”


Ryo nodded kissing his nose, “You want me bad…”


Uchi blushed, “Of course I do…”


Ryo covered his fingers with lube before sinking one into Uchi’s hole listening to him moan.


Uchi moaned the desire for Ryo to make love to him blotted out the uncomfortable feeling.


Ryo thrust in quickly wanted to finish prepping Uchi so he could make love to him.


Uchi focused on the pleasure and before he knew it he felt three fingers thrust deep inside him. He cried out as they thrust over his spot.


Ryo smirked, “Now I can have you.” He removed his fingers and covered his member with lube, “Tell me how much you want me Uchi…” as he rubbed the head of his member against Uchi’s entrance.


Uchi moaned, “You tease…you know I want you…I always want you…”


Ryo entered him slowly and thrust in at gentle pace at first.


Uchi reached to touch himself only to feel Ryo’s hand start stroking him first, “Ryo…” it felt so good to be with Ryo this way…to feel Ryo make love to him. No matter many times they made love it was always amazing.


Ryo felt Uchi move against him trying to ride him as me moved back for another deep thrust. He smirked, Uchi was the first person he thought of when he woke up and the last thought he had as he went to sleep. He groaned enjoying the feel of Uchi’s body as he thrust in deep and the way it felt to feel Uchi’s member beneath his fingers as he stroked him.


Uchi gasped, “Ryo...” as he came feeling his body arch with pleasure.


Ryo watched Uchi come and groaned thrusting deep once more before filling Uchi’s body with the warmth of his essence, “Uchi…” He lay there looking into Uchi’s eyes.


Uchi smiled, he felt really good Ryo was a great lover.


Ryo asked gruffly, “Well, did you like your date…”


Uchi nodded, “I always like spending time with you…”


Ryo smirked, “Good, because you’ll be going to school with me next week.”


Uchi’s eyes widened; school? Then he remembered classes at Uni did start next week. He’d had to dropout of Uni to take care of Notti but Notti didn’t seem to need him so much anymore. It took some getting used to but once he and Ryo started dating and he realized Notti was with Yamapi he relaxed. He knew that Ryo and Notti trusted Yamapi, that was enough for him. He still worried but if Notti was happy that’s what mattered.


Ryo kissed him moving so he wasn’t inside him any longer, “We might want to head back soon…”


Uchi blushed, they’d just made love outside…anyone could see them. He hurried to dress, he didn’t want to get in trouble and he didn’t feel comfortable with anyone but Ryo seeing him like that.


Ryo grinned; Uchi nervous was kind of hot…


Uchi made sure everything was packed away while Ryo dressed.


Ryo stood zipping his pants and straightening his clothes.


They grabbed the lunch box and blanket.


Uchi smiled as Ryo stood on his tiptoes to kiss him,


Ryo said softly, “This was fun…”


Uchi nodded taking Ryo’s hand as they headed back to the bike.


Ryo put the lunch box and the blanket in the saddlebags. He made sure their helmets were on securely before helping Uchi on to the bike. He climbed on and waited for Uchi’s arms to wrap around him before starting the motorcycle and driving home.

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