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Title: Invincible
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ryouchi
Notes: Ryo don’t kill me…this wasn’t my idea. It just appeared on the page.

Ryo looked around he hadn’t planned to drive home this way…he hated this road…too many memories…

I said don't do it babe
Said it ain't worth it babe
But you did it anyway
Four or five drinks and you were on your way

Ryo couldn’t contain the tears as he pulled over to the side of the road.
It was right after Uchi’s suspension was announced when Uchi was drunk again and they had a fight…they had only been debuted a few months before. Uchi wanted to let Johnny know that suspending him was one of the worst mistakes he’d ever made. Ryo was starting to believe debuting Uchi was a mistake…he hadn’t been ready for the enormity of it.
September 1st, 2003
It took the life right out of me
Hung up the phone
Raced out the door

He had had a bad feeling and fainted…he had never fainted before in his life. When he got the news, he couldn’t believe it…he knew in his heart it was true but he fought it. He raced to the hospital anyway…
Tried to believe that it wasn't true
But in my heart I always knew
That being the life of the party would catch up to you
Your family was waiting and crying for three damn hours
He sat with Uchi’s parents and sisters; they waited for three hour before the doctor came out. He felt Uchi die before the doctor and had fainted again…he woke up in a hospital bed with a concussion crying as if his heart were broken in two. Which it was…he’d been in love with Uchi since middle school. His heart cried…

I said don't do it babe
Said it ain't worth it babe
But you did it anyway
Four or five drinks and you were on your way
Everything's cool on the straight away
But you took that turn doing eighty-five in a thirty-five
Why babe?

There wasn’t an answer to his tears…
He blinked….the tree was still there. The one that took away his love…

Every time I'm home I pass that road
Driving alone and the street feels cold

He tried to hear him…
Seeing your face yeah it's haunting me

If Uchi hadn’t been driving, none of the terrible things that happened in the aftermath would have happened…
Notti wouldn’t have become a drunk too to deal with pain of losing a friend…he gotten arrested for disturbing the peace and being drunk under age for the third time and gone to prison…he should be getting out soon. Every time he was released, he violated parole and got himself locked up again..
Tesshi might not have become the biggest whore in the Jumisho…sleeping around to dull his pain…and writing the most beautiful music that he would never sing. The one with the voice of an angel hadn’t sung since Shige’s funeral…he lost the heart for it…
Mori might never have left…
Yamapi might never have nearly worked himself to death with dramas because of guilt…
Perhaps Shige would never have committed suicide when the stress of being an idol and a student got to him when he flunked the Law school admittance exam.
The trauma of losing Shige, broke Koyama’s mind…his poor mother…she lost two sons’ in a sense…she had adopt all nine of the members as her own…
Massu stopped performing entirely…devoting himself to teaching choreography for the Jumisho…
Himself… they had debuted him with a second band within the year…but it wasn’t the same…
There would be no second band… if Uchi never died…everyone might have shown the Jumisho a thing or two. Graduating early or getting degrees. Making a difference in the world…in each other…but thoughts like this only gave him bad dreams and migraines…
My mind goes crazy tryin' to figure out
Just where you would be four years from now
And what you were thinking when the lights came down
Doctors were trying to save you for three damn hours

Life wasn’t fair…a teen is never as invincible as they think…something Uchi had to learn the hard way. leaving pain and anguish behind in the hearts of those who loved him...

Who ever said that life was fair
When you live without a care
When you're invincible
When you're invincible
When you're invincible
Who thinks about leaving when you're livin'

Tags: angst, death, kanjani8, news, pg-13, ryouchi

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