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Color Ch. 10

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3
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Color ch9

Winter 2006

NEWS losing Hime-nii made Sakura more aware of how tenuous her niisans relationship with the Jumisho really was as well as for the other Johnnys she had befriended. Now she understood why Rory and Massu were always breaking up or why Shige and Aya never seemed to spend any time together. She had decided she and Nori needed space. She didn’t want to get him in trouble, he was a nice guy and all but jeopardizing his future wasn’t what she wanted to do.

Nori had taken it strangely well, which shocked her…she was sure he would protest…

She was snoring at her desk, she had been up for three days straight again trying to finish her current manuscript when a female classmate ran in.

“Something terrible happened…Kusano-san got called to the principal’s office…”

Sakura turned white, what…

Shige stood so fast his chair fell over…

Rory ran in with Massu at her heels, “Shige…where was Notti last night…”

Shige stammered, “He met up with some friends from elementary…it was a reunion I think…”

Rory sighed, “So you don’t know what happened…”

Shige shook his head, “Of course not…”

Sakura grumbled, “What did that aho do now…”

Rory glared at her, “Why do you think he did anything…”

Sakura shrugged, “How should I know…we’re just friends…” so that wasn’t entirely true but they had an audience…

Shige headed for the door, “We have to go check on him…”

Tesshi ran in gasping, "What is going on..." only to get knocked down by Shige...

They all hurried towards the principal's office, the door wasn't closed completely. They all knelt to listen...

Rory was the shortest and she saw a distraught Yamapi, a worried Manager, some guy in a suit and a very angry Johnny.

"What the hell were you think? Obviously, you weren't thinking at all..." Johnny was yelling...

Kusano sat there twisting his shirt, "I..."

"No excuses..."

Yamapi interupted, "Johnny-san...please listen to him..."

Johnny tapped a newspaper, "The pictures are pretty clear...he was caught drinking. He should apologize to the school and to the fans. Then he is going to be suspended until I decide otherwise."

Kusano mumbled, "I didn't do anything..."

"NEWS will be suspended as well..."

There was a collective gasp of shock...

Shige, Massu, Tesshi, Kusano, and Yamapi were dumbfounded...

Rory was furious...

Sakura wanted to strangle Nori...

NEWS suspended? It hadn't been very long since Uchi's suspension...and now Kusano was in trouble too...

Being stupid was one thing, but hurting NEWS and the fans was something Sakura wasn't going to forgive him for.

Kusano bowed his head, "I'm sorry I caused you all trouble but I swear I did nothing wrong."

The principal snorted, "I don't believe you. We can't have your type here. You have a choice, voluntarily withdraw from Ayama by Wednesday or we will have you expelled."

The others were shocked, was this what happened to Uchi?

Sakura walked off, how could he do that?

The others didn't even realize she was gone.

She sent Kusano a text, "I don't spend time with people who destroy their friends' dreams. Don't contact me."

It was a while before he showed anyone that message....or anyone discovered how badly it destroyed him...
Tags: color, juniors, multi-chapter, news, rorymassu, sakuno, ya-ya-yah

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