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Cris Liggett

Lucifer ch.1

TItle: Lucifer
Fandom: SM, SHINee
Pairing: OnJong
Notes: Not the pairing I wanted but whatever works ne? It was about time for a new SHINee fic...yay for SM TOWN inspiration.

It had been a long and lonely time since the day Jonghyun was born...

Slightly shorter then that was the day he became something more...

He was faster...stronger...can see better...hear better...but he had been alone for a long time.

He had amassed a great fortune and spent most of his time traveling...he didn't stay too long in one place to avoid being discovered. It was best to stay to himself...that is until the day he met him....
Onew was just a normal normal as a clumsy, slightly clueless, semi-talented free-lance songwriter could be...

He lived in a tiny apartment in Seoul...that was sometimes without heat and other times without air conditioning because the building owner was too cheap to make it more comfortable.

He was usually using candles so he could save his electrifity for his computer and cooking...

He had lived in an orphanage in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do until he was 18 and moved to Seoul in search of a job...

That was a year ago...

He wrote as much as best he could and was considered very talented...

His prize possesion was his second hand keyboard where he tried to play the the music he felt in his heart and heard in his head.

It was starting to get cool now...

His arms were full on music sheets filled with notes and lyrics all cramped in a large envelope, he whistled the melody to the song he'd written as he made his way through the crowd. Someone crashed into him and his his envelope slipped from his fingers, "No..."

Jonghyun spotted the falling envelope and fished it out of the air with nimble fingers, "Whose is this..."

Onew brushed the hair out of his eyes, " name is on those sheets...can I have it back? If I don't sell them I won't be eating this week..."

Jonghyun opened the envelope, he had had a decent music education and he could tell this was amazing, "How much are you geting for these...."

Onew begged, "Give them's none of your business how much I sell my music for..."

Jonghyun smirked, "I'll pay you twice as much if you can sing it..."

Onew bit his lip, "I can sing but I haven't had any training..."

Jonghyun waved the papers, "Sing for me and I'll pay you more then whoever was going to buy these. Plus I'll throw in dinner..."

Onew sighed, "how do I know I can trust you..." a decent meal and more money then he could imagine was tempting.

Jonghyun bowed before steering him towards a restaurant nearby...

Onew protested, "Wait...I'm not dressed for this...." he was wearing the nicest clothes he had; a pair of navy blue slack, a dress shirt and tie with a pair of scuffed, too small shoes.

Jonghyun blinked, "I don't see anything wrong with what you are wearing..." he didn't but it was probably because he was from a different time, "Come on..."

Onew couldn't protest, he was starving...

Jonghyun dropped a handful of cash on the maitre'd's desk, "We'd like a private room..."

The woman glanced from the well-dressed rich man to the young man at his side who was dressed in clothes that needed to go to the cleaners to be pressed and properly cleaned.

Onew blushed, shifting nervously as she looked at him like that....

Jonghyun tapped the desk, "What did I say..."

She jumped, "Yes sir..." she grabbed menus and led them to a room in the back with a large wall made of glass that had a beautiful veiw of the setting sun.

Jonghyun sat as far from the window as he could, he wasn't too fond of strong light, it blinded him and burned if he was in it too long. He ordered wine for himself...

Onew mumbled, "Water please..." he needed it, he didn't drink as much he should because he was always writing or playing music...

Jonghyun nodded, "Be quick...the boy looks faint..."

The woman ran off...

Onew twisted his hands, "Why are you being nice to me..."

Jonghyun licked his lips, "Because you interest have talent and it seems like it is being walked on. Tell me...what was the first song you wrote..."

Onew didn't lift his eyes from the table, "Vanilla LOVE..."

Jonghyun mused, "that song that was released a little while ago? Interesting...i thought it had the same feel..."

Onew blinked, "You believe me..." no one ever seemed to when he flailed everytime he heard his song on the radio...

Jonghyun nodded, "The name of this song is 'She is so beautiful'..." he tapped the top sheet, "Interesting. Sing it..."

Onew closed his eyes, his fingers began to play invisible keys as he started to sing. At first with a shaking voice and then with a strong sure voice full of emotion.

Jonghyun felt himself drawn by the song to the singer, the boy had talent..and he was just wasting it. He waited until the kid was done singing then he reached for his phone, "I want you to sing Vanilla LOVE..." he took a picture of Onew and then started to record...

Onew started singing, the tune he sang was different then the recording but it was better the way he wrote it.

Jonghyun glared as a waitress brought their drinks so they hurried out, "I am will go far with the right backing..."

Onew shook his head, "I barely make enough to eat...I can't afford that..."

Jonghyun laughed, "But I can..."

Onew paled, "You don't even know me..."

"You have talent...and that is all I need to know..."

Onew blushed, "Don't tease me..."

"Tease you...why would I do that..." the vampire was confused by the boy's reaction...

Onew bit his lip, "Because I'm poor and clueless....easy target for teasing...or scamming..." it had to be a scam right?

Jonghyun laughed, "I'll make a call...maybe you would believe me then..." he dailed, "Hyunli...Jonghyun. I'm at Eternal...why don't you come see me. I have a room in the back. I have someone I want you to me...bring that darling manager of yours, Yunho..."

Onew blinked, "Hyunli..."

Jonghyun nodded as he set the phone down, "Yes...Lee Hyunli who released 'Vanilla LOVE."

Onew stammered, standing up so fast both he and the chair fell over, "I can't meet her like this..."

The vampire laughed as he sipped his wine, "Not tangled up like that you can't..." there was something special about this boy...

Onew got up slowly, righting his chair, "I'm not dressed to met an idol..." he was so embarrassed, who was this guy? Why was he doing this...

Jonghyun leaned over, "You interest takes a lot to do that..."

It wasn't long before Hyunli and her manager arrived.

Hyunli giggled, " missed me that much..."

The vampire smirked, "Perhaps...I missed your manager more...I want you to meet someone. This is Onew...the one who wrote Vanilla LOVE. I wanted you to meet him. He is very talented and he deserves a real chance. I thought you could release a special version of that song, this time with him. I'll cover the costs..."

Onew stared at him, "What..."

Yunho sighed, "Can he even sing..."

Jonghyun smirked, "He has a voice like melted will make girls weak at the knees..."

Hyunli smiled at him, "Will you sing for me..."

Onew nodded, "Yes Noona..." he started to sing the original 'Vanilla LOVE'...

Hyunli listened for a while in raptured silence before she began singing along.

Onew couldn't believe it when she sang with him....

Yunho was amazed at the eye for talent Jonghyun had, there was something very different about the man. He sighed eying the boy, "I suppose he needs a manager..."

Jonghyun nodded, "With that won't be hard for him to get sponsers..." well Onew had to have more money coming in so he wouldn't protest if he gave Onew payment.
Tags: au, multi-chapter, onjong, shinee, vampires

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