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Color ch.9

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3
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Color ch8

"Uchi what..." NEWS' dressing room was in an uproar...

Yamapi collapsed in a chair, "He's...been...suspended...they dropped him from the drama with Ryo..."

Ryo sat mumbling in the corner, "It's my fault..." he was still slightly hung-over...the consequences of his actions were finally sinking in...

Koyama- the secondary person vying for leadership of the band was furious, "What happened..."

Yamapi sighed, "He was arrested for being intoxicated underage..."

Rory blinked, "How could this happen..."

Yamapi finally noticed her, "What are you doing here..."

Sakura turned to Ryo, " were with Hime-nii last night right..." Uchi was suspended? What was going on...she knew they drank on occasion but they were usually careful not to get caught...

Ryo glared at her, "Get out of don't belong here. You aren't a why don't you just leave..."

Sakura burst into tears, " so mean..." she ran out...why was he so cruel this time? Couldn't he understand that she could be upset too?  Of course she would worry about Hime-nii...for the longest time it had always been the four of them...if Ryo-nii was this was Yuu-nii taking it?

Kusano snapped, "Ryo...I can't understand you and Yoko-san. You are always so mean to Sakura...can't you understand she is worried? She sees you all as niisan. You can't take your anger out on her..."

"Shut up! How we treat Sakura is our business..."

Rory grabbed Kusano's shirt, "Don't..."

She was too late...

Kusano glared, "Of course it's my business...she is my girl after all..."

Rory sighed, "Now you've done it..."

Ryo snorted, "Your girl? Sakura belongs to no one...she is hardly a fit choice for a Johnny. Besides, you aren't allowed to date anyway..."

Kusano crossed his arms, "I don't understand you're so stubborn..."

Yamapi gasped, "You can't see anyone...don't you know that..."

Shige and Massu rolled their eyes...

Rory was so glad she wasn't dating Massu at the moment, "Ryo...go check on have to..."

Ryo snorted, "Have to? You think you have the right to tell me what to do? You're just a fangirl..."

Rory glared, "Sakura is my friend...Uchi is my brother is a Johnny...I have lots of reasons to care. Surely, with your grades you understand that your words hurt people."

Ryo snapped, "Leave me alone! I know whose fault the suspension is! Mine! Now back off..."

Rory snarled, " can blame yourself for that...but who is to blame for Sakura's pain..." she walked off, seriously...NEWS was full of children...

Sakura was behind the Jumisho crying....

That was something Rory had never seen...Sakura in tears...she sighed, "You know Ryo...he didn't mean what he said..."

Sakura sniffed, rubbing tears from her cheeks, "He's right...I have nothing to so with NEWS."

Rory snorted, "Really? You grew up with two members right? You spend almost as much time with them as I do. and Kusano are 'best friends' remember..." 'best friends' was a replacement for dating... "You didn't see Kusano defend you...he is worried..."

Sakura chuckled, "Worried about me? He shouldn't be...he should worry more about NEWS. Losing a second member is bad..."

"At least he wasn't fired..."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "I need to be alone..." she stumblingly made her way back to would have been better if she wasn't involved in her brother's world....
Sakura hadn't been to school in a week...

Uchi had transferred out...

Their group was getting smaller...

Kusano flopped on the ground, "Shit...she still won't answer..."

Rory sighed, "She must need some time to herself..."

Kusano pouted, "She's supposed to depend on me...lean on me...why is she shutting me out..."

Shige snorted, "Its a Kansai thing...we deal with our problems alone. We don't really lean on anyone..."

Massu glanced at Rory, "We all need people..."

Shige rolled his eyes, "It's not that simple...she is lost...something bad happened...and no one is explaining it to her. She has this really tiny world...Ryo, Uchi, herself and Yoko. Sure they yell and insult each other but insults are usually their way of showing affection." he caught Kusachii's eyes, "You are lucky she let you is almost contrary to her personality. She is gruff with you and Rory because she is shy. She hides in her books and crushes on people she can't have because it's easy. Fantasy is easy, reality is hard. When her niisans joined Johnnys she was left behind...that's when she started writing. She is actually good if you can believe it...Yoko's reaction to refuse to let them be associated wasn't because he was truly embarrassed by what she writes; it was more to allow her to gain popularity on her own. He wanted her to be Sakura-san; not Yoko's sister, the writer..."

Rory stared at him, "How do you know that..."

Shige laughed, "Because...Kansai are like that. We are very proud. We like to be our own person. We hate being in anyone's shadow. We hate being dependant on others because it makes us seem weak. Yet those ties that bind us together as Kansai are also what set us apart from everyone else."

Kusano pouted, "I still don't get it..." she wouldn't lean on him because she was afraid of being seen as weak? Yoko wanted her to find her own path? He wasn't cruel...he was just looking out for her? So why was Ryo so mean that day? Why wouldn't he go apologize? Was he trying to save her from the scandal? "So confusing..."

Rory stretched, "I guess I need to take a trip...someone needs to knock some sense into that girl..."

Shige snorted, "Good luck...Yoko and his sister was cut out of the same cloth. They are both stubborn...they are tauruses after all."
In the end, Rory hadn't gone alone...Kusano had stubbornly agreed to go...

Shige had been dragged because he was a class representative...he had bitched and moaned but had gone in the end.

Aya and Massu had come...

Yoko opened the door, "What are you all doing here..."

Rory smiled, "Isn't it obvious? We're here to see your sister...she's been skipping school and we're worried."

Yoko rolled his eyes, "Obviously, she wants nothing to do with you. Her phone is off, her door is locked...she only leaves her room when everyone is in bed. She takes her dinner to the roof, eats and paces. She washes her dishes and then disappears into her room. She ignores her manager and her publisher...I keep having to tell them she's ill..."

Rory poked him, "Someone is worried..."

Yoko growled, "I am not..."

Rory turned to Kusano, "You have your kit..."

Kusano blushed, "You want me to what...."

When the door was safely shut, Rory whispered in a conspiratorial tone, "I want you to pick the lock to your girlfriend's room..."

Yoko yelped, "Girlfriend? You mean...its true? Kusano-kun...are you nuts..."

Kusano stammered, "It has nothing to do with anyone if I see her..."

Rory pushed him upstairs, "Lets find her room. Come on guys..."

Yoko followed them, "I think this is a bad idea..."

"Oh're just jealous you didn't think of it..."

The others simply rolled their eyes...

Kusano spotted a door with painted green kanji, 'Sakura…’ he whispered, "Is this..."

Yoko nodded...

Rory pushed him, "Just do it..."

Kusano sighed, "Alright...alright..." he knelt and started to pick the lock...he hoped she didn't kill him for this...this is not the sort of impression he wanted to make to Sakura's niisan...

Rory waited for the click when the lock released and then swung the door open, "Sakura...everyone was worried about you..." she dragged Yoko and Kusano into the dark room...

Sakura was buried in her blankets, "Go away..." her curtains were closed, her computer off...her phone off...she just wanted to disappear...

Kusano broke away from Rory, "'re worrying me..."

Sakura curled up into a smaller ball, "Leave me alone..."

Rory dragged the blankets off her, "We won't. Get up right now..."

The guys all averted their eyes out of politeness...

Rory wrinkled her nose, "You've spent the last week sulking? That's it..." she grabbed Sakura and dragged her out of bed, "You stink..." she shoved her into the shower and turned on the water, "…and you're being ridiculous..."

Sakura tried to fight but Rory was actually stronger then she was...she sobbed, "Why can't you guys just leave me alone..."

"Because we care about you dammit. Or are you just too stubborn to realize that? We are all upset about Uchi but you can't hide in bed forever."

Sakura finally managed to pull away but ended up falling backwards in the bathtub, "So what? I should never have gotten involved in Johnnys. I was wrong...I should have stayed to myself...Yoko-nii and Ryo-nii were right...I had no right to involve myself with NEWS. That is Ryo-nii and Hime-nii's world...I should have stayed in my books."

Yoko sighed, "She doesn't understand anything...I was just trying to protect her..."

Kusano blinked, so Shige was actually right? How did that arrogant self-centered spoiled brat understand his girl better then he did?

Rory slapped her, "You need to grow up! Stop whining. It’s aren't weak so stop acting like a child. Everyone is worried; Massu, Notti, Shige, Aya and even Yoko. I bet Ryo is too...he just doesn't know how to show it."

Sakura pouted, "Yuu-nii doesn't care."

Yoko was about to protest when Rory beat him to it.

"Really? Who stayed up to make sure you ate? Who stayed up to make sure you came back from the roof? Who covered for you and told everyone you were ill? Your niisan. You both have horrible ways of showing you care but its the thought that counts."

Sakura looked up, her face stained with tears, "Yuu-nii..."

Yoko smiled, "Of course I look out for you...even if you are an aho..."

Rory shut off the water...

Yoko came over with a towel and wiped her face, "You are my cute little sister after all. Ryo is sorry...he did call to check on you...Uchi is at home and is contemplating his mistakes. He was upset when he heard you were worrying yourself sick. You're supposed to be genki..."

Sakura launched herself at Yoko, "Yuu-nii..."

Yoko ruffled her hair, "It's okay...I'm glad you have such good friends. Friends are important..." he was still worried about her, he didn't want her to get involved with scandals. It could hurt her...

Shige yawned, "Ah...ah...that was boring..."

Aya slapped him, " know you were worried..."

Kusano smiled, Yoko-san was a good brother...he was gruff but he was like Shige said looking out for her.

Rory grinned at Massu, her 'intervention' had worked. Did she have to mother everyone? 
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